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My son’s favorite things – his “bs” – worn but loved

Five bucks to the first person who can guess what the scary item pictured above is. (Ok, I can’t really award five dollars but I would if I could – you get the point).

Give up? My son’s baby blankets. These ratty, gray, torn, permanently damp despite frequent washings and dryings, knotted, miserable-looking shreds of material started as a lovely baby gift. A beautiful, soft, crib blanket personalized with my son’s birth date and name. It was clear by the time he turned one that he was quite attached to this blanket – he had to sleep with it and carried it around like Linus all day long – so I ordered a back-up blanket. Same blanket, same color, just not personalized. I stashed said back-up in his closet and felt very smug and prepared in the event the blanket was left behind or could not be located in the house (which happened more times than I could count, and there was no sleep without this blanket).

My smart son sniffed out the back-up a few weeks later and then insisted on not one, but two blankets at all times – which by now he named “the bs.” Soon after that he managed to knot them together (as you can kind of see in the photo) – this coming from a now five year old who still can’t tie his shoes, managed to tie a knot at age one. Maybe all it takes is motivation.

So here we are, five years later, and my son’s attachment to the bs has not waned in the slightest. He wears them around his neck like a scarf, he says good bye to them and gingerly places them in front of the fireplace in our kitchen before he leaves for school (which he turns on himself – it’s a gas stove and he uses the remote) so they can be “cozy” while he’s gone, he swings them around like a lasso…entertainment with the bs is endless. Some family members have even suggested I wean him off the bs – they are shedding daily and we have pieces of the bs all over the house; this weekend I washed them in a lingerie bag with a dark load – major mistake – bs all over the clean laundry – but who am I to deprive him of this pleasure?

We’ll see how long the bs last – I think they may not be long for this world. I may have to frame the last, final remnant when it comes to be (pardon the pun). What is your child’s most treasured item?

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  1. Linda says:

    Hysterical! My son has a super soft blue monkey that he takes everywhere, even in the bathtub!

  2. pat says:

    Our football playing son went off to college (playling football) with his blanket. It was in considerably better shape due to dacron/cotton blend bomb proof fabric. He gave it up, but may still have it, when his wife put her foot down. Good luck.

  3. Loretta says:

    Plan B Mom,
    As soon as I saw the Pic, I knew exactly what that was a picture of. How Did I know??? I knew because we have the same looking remnants of our Daughter’s first Blankie which has been packed away and is now coming up to 23 years. We also had to buy a back up blankie, just in case. Great Minds think alike, I suppose. And yes, this was the most cherished childhood item. My daughter even named it… Bobby.
    When my daughter was about 2, on a hot day in the summer, she told her daycare teacher that we left Bobby in the car. The teacher was horrified and looked at me, asking if I had left a child alone in the car on such a hot day. After I explained, we had a laugh when I introduced her to Bobby.

  4. CAROL MURDOCK says:

    My daughter, at the age of 18, went away for the weekend. I decided to clean her room. I found stuffed on the side of her mattress her baby gogo(blanket). It was in tiny pieces. When she returned, she was furious and took the blanket and stuffed it right back between the mattress and her headboard. She may still have it today, (39).

  5. ERYN says:


  6. Stephanie says:

    I have a 19 month old son who is in love with a singing Elmo Christmas stalking!! He sings and moves his mouth to Jingle Bells!!! Its pretty funny. My mother had bought it for him last Christmas and he figured out how to press the button all by his self at 13 months! Needless to say he sleeps with it every night and when he wakes up…he lets me know that he is awake!! LOL

  7. Judy says:

    My 22 year old daughter still sleeps with her blankie, a light green crocheted baby blanket she latched onto when she was 4 months old.
    Then this past week end I was at my older daughter’s and her fiance’s home and come to find a small blue teddy bear on their bed. Yes it was her fiance’s bear and yes he still sleeps with it. Who am I to judge? We love the guy.

  8. Carol says:

    As a child I had a treasured stuffed toy “Amy Bunny”. She fell overboard from our boat one time and I called “Amy’s overboard” so loud 3 men dove from the dock to rescue her before my father could yell out “it’s a toy”. Years later, by then I was a tween, our black lab got to her and chewed her I gingerly picked up the pieces of my friend and put her in a brown paper lunch sack. I wrote on the sack in red marker “Do not throw away – This is Amy Bunny!!! My Mom still smiles when she recalls finding the bag hidden drawer of my headboard.

    I’m now 50 and sadly I have to admit that in my twenties I decided to throw the sack away. Your son will ween himself from the B’s, framing it for him is a great idea. I now wish I’d been as thoughtful about Amy.

  9. christy says:

    i was the same as your son until i was 17 and started college. my mom kept my receiving blanket and let me sleep with it in my bed. for a while there were 8 of them [1 for every day and 1 for laundry day]. when i was little, i literally brought it everywhere… in the car, to the store, and school. once it became clear to me that my friends didn’t carry around their blankies, i stopped bringing mine to school and hid it from my friends when they came to my house. over the years it has been shredded down to practically nothing, but i still have it 22 years later.

  10. Shanda says:

    I have a two year old daughter who has to have her blanket that she somehow named her “ehh”. Of course it has to go everywhere. We even waited by the dryer for 20 minutes until it was done. She tells me when her “ehh” is hungry and when it needs its diaper changed. She also tells it she loves it. I guess it runs in the family because i still have my blanket that i named my “keppy” and im 23.

  11. melanie says:

    My mom somehow talked me into giving my blankie to Santa Claus when she felt it was time for me to grow out of it. It worked. I cried about it for a while afterwards, but it helped feeling like I had done something for Santa. Years later I found the blanket on a shelf above the washing machine. I’d parted with the blanket years before, but Mom never could.

  12. daycaremom says:

    That blanket looks just like the one my 17 year old son still sleeps with! My suggestion is not to listen to anyone who tells you to put it away! It is the last piece of being a “baby” that is acceptable for an older child to hang on to. I love that my boy loves his blankie.

  13. jenny says:

    Really bad – I am 38 and have a “mimi”… well what is left of it. I sleep with it every night. I would die if my house burnt down and it was gone. I plan to be buried with it…. Crazy, but I assure you I am a normal married Mom of three who has not completly lost her mind.

  14. Traci Bender says:

    My oldest is now 17 and proudly shows off her black stuffed cat when we bring out the “baby box.”
    My oldest son who is 10-cuddles his orange bear named “Orangey” every night-holding him against his chest:)
    My baby is 8 and has his rudouph blanket covering himself head to toe-the problem is he is getting longer than the blanket.
    One day when they r all grown-ill be snuggling cat-orangey and blankie!!!!!!

  15. Daisy says:

    Wow!! I have a piece of bunny fur that was purchased for me by my father when I was a baby. I still have it, sleep with it UNDER my pillow (now that I am married) and I am 37!! Our 5 year old has to have her 2 Baby Lulu Morning Glory blankets to sleep with EVERY night. She won’t sleep without them. She doesn’t do anything with them any other time…just bedtime. Our 9 month old, Harrison (who is one of our triplets) has to have his teddy bear lovie to sleep with, too. He absolutely will not sleep without “Teddy” next to his face. My husband swears that this a genetic thing from me!! It’s cute, but I hope that they either outgrow this phase or put it under the pillow once they are living with somone else!! LOL

  16. Dixie says:

    My daughter Johannah has a “pink one”. It is a fleece blanket that was made by her cousin before she was born. She is 5 1/2 and she doesn’t leave the house without it. She takes it in the car on the way to school in the morning (she leaves it in the car until she gets out of school) but otherwise it is with her. Dixie

  17. nameless says:

    hello my 10 year old twins STILL have thier baby stuffed bunnies!lol i hope the get rid of thm soon because they SMELL and if wash them they “arnt the same” so now my 10 year olds have these ross little torn up bunnies.

  18. nameless says:

    just kidding i dont have twins

  19. Carla says:

    My now 13 yr old son had a “bankey”. It was the blanket that went in his crib that matched everything, when about 9 or 10 mos old & the ear infections began he always wanted it when I was rocking him so then it went in the crib with him too. He carried it until he was 5, and going to pre-school. By then my mother had sewn it so many times that it had trails of “stitches” through it. Piece by piece came apart and I kept every piece large enough to keep. His last piece (or so he thought), he gave up the summer before he started kindergarden, he gave it to my sister-in-law’s Chihuahua & was quite proud he gave up his blanket, although I could see some hesitation in his eyes. I cried I wanted to tell him there were more pieces at home but knew that would be a bad idea. Still now at 13 yrs old when he sees the pieces of blanket in his baby stuff he picks them up finds the “soft, cold spot” and puts it to his face and feels it with his fingers, it is soooo cute! And this from a kiddo that is taller than his mama, Mr. Athlete, and already shaves. lol

  20. stacey says:

    My 7 year old has a blanket he calls his “tickles” I have no idea where he got that name. After about 3 years he asked me to stop fixing the holes and that is when it started to get knotted. He stilluses it at bedtime and on long trips.

  21. Amy says:

    My daughter Pixie has her “Lamby Lamb”! She loves it more than anything sometimes I think even me! My husband bought it for her in the hospital gift shop, when she sees it her face lights up and when Mommy has to wash it-which is at least once a week, her world ends for an hour. It is really sweet, she sits and talk to it hold its ear or tail close to her mouth and makes a sucking noise. It really is her best friend!

  22. Chandi says:

    My now 12 yr.old daughter Has her “Blankie”,when she started school, she would cry for hours if she didn’t “sneak” it to school with her so I came up with a Locket type necklace that I put a small piece of “Blankie” in and she wore that for years to school.She still sleeps with “blankie” but no longer needs the necklace for school,so it hangs on her bedpost.Her “blankie” is blue and her older sister jokes that at her wedding it will be her “something old,and her something blue”……we’ll see.

  23. Iryssa says:

    My son is still attached to his soother (pacifier in Canadian). He’s 2, and though I’d always intended to get him off of it before now, it’s just never happened. First there was the weaning from nursing, then weaning off the bottle, then his little sister came, now he’s potty training…there just always seemed to be something to make it the wrong time. The dentist says his teeth are perfect, so I guess it’s near the bottom of my worry list. Anyway, 3 is my new deadline. Here’s hoping he’s like the kids I keep hearing about that give it up willingly around that age.

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