North Shore Animal League

Yesterday was an exciting and emotional day for me.  I was given the Lewyt Humanitarian Award by the North Shore Animal League for my animal advocacy work and for the donations we have been able to make from the proceeds I have generated from the sales of my dog food, Rachael Ray Nutrish.  I’m pleased to say that we have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars (a growing number) in proceeds that I will continue to give to rescue and rehab organizations and people, such as NSAL.  The sad part of the lunch was listening to the statistics around puppy mills and seeing the videos of how these poor dogs are treated.  Recently  the NSAL was able to bust up an operation and they found pups whose hair was so matted and knotted that their skin wasn’t getting any air to breath. I cried and so did my buddy, Beth Ostrosky, Howard Stern’s wife, who I now call Beth O’Stern.   Beth is very active with the League and ran a marathon to raise funds for them last year.  We were one of her sponsors.

How cute are these pups they brought to lunch?  If you are interested in learning more about the NSAL, check out their site here.

I’m thankful for the folks at Dad’s, the company who makes Nutrish, because they have also been a strong supporter of the League and other advocacy programs and they helped me to put out a product that I could feel good about.  Many of their ingredients are locally sourced and there are no fillers or by-products.  Real meat is the first ingredient.  My team visited their labs this year and found them so spotless that they are qualified to manufacture human food!  If you are interested in a sample, go here.

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  1. Janis says:

    My boyfriend and I have 7 dogs and 7 cats, all rescued. I was struck by a recent email from a woman that runs a program that inmates train dogs. This shy dog just did not take to living in a dorm full of men, so I said I would take her……..well, what a shy girl she was! She took to me in about an hour or two, however it took over 2 weeks for her to accept my boyfriend as a friend. I found a home for her with my good friend Rose and her two little girls who had just lost their dog about 6 months ago to cancer. Today she is still shy, but playing around in her new large fenced in back yard in her forever home! Congratulations to all who work with animals and rescue them! It makes the world a better place to be sure! On another note, I love Rachael Ray, watch the show everyday, subscribe to the magazine, I think my boyfriend is sick of the show, but I never tire of Rachael Ray! Have a good day! Janis Baltimore, Ohio

  2. Debi says:

    Such a big heart — that deserves to be rewarded. God bless you Rachael and all you do for animals and humans!! And congrats on your fabulous Gracie Tribute honor last night! Again so well deserved.


  3. Penny says:

    I have what was called the “naughty” dog. My son and I fell in love at first sight and have had him for over 6 years now and he is the best dog we could have ever asked for, Lucky is a Golden Retriever. Just two weeks ago, 10 days before his 7th birthday we were told he has cancer, I cannot put into words how sad we are. We decided to try and prove the Dr’s wrong. I showed my husband the sample that had just came of Nutrish and we decided that this may help make his last months, weeks, or days the best they can be, or even make him stay longer.
    We will think about adopting another after he is gone but our time right now is for him.
    Thank you for all you do for all of our pets.

  4. Amberle says:

    I have two beautiful dogs, Molly (white lab) & Koda (black lab) and they are both rescue dogs. They were rescued and adopted/fostered by caring foter families through adoption agencies (long story there!) and they found our way into our home & hearts…We LOVE them…Molly and Koda are the best things that have ever happened to me.

    Molly is a Dudley (meaning she has a chocolate lab’s eyes & nose) and was probably abused before being in her foster home. She was timid around men/boys and little children, but has overcome that. she’s SO SO SO SWEET.

    Koda was fostered by a police sargaent in the K-9 unit, and is a very smart, obedient dog. He’s a rebel though…he loves to go swimming in the creek by our house from 2am-7am (when he’s supposed to come in from going pee and go to bed!).

    Thank you for your support for ENDING puppy mills and for loving animals, Rach! LOVE YOU!

    <3, Amberle, Molly & Koda

  5. Michelle says:

    Rachael,i admire you so much for all the charity work you do.your an amazing person on the inside and out.

  6. ElizabethSJones says:

    If ever a person deserved this award, you do, Rach. You are such a loving and caring person, and you give so much of yourself in so many ways.

    My two doggies LOVE Nutrish, and I feel so good buying it, and Isaboo’s Treats, for them because I know the profits go to a worthwhile cause. My little boy is an adopted rescue terrier, and my little girl is a three-legged Corgi who is a cancer survivor. God bless you, Rach, for being an advocate and benefactor to God’s creatures who need someone to help take care of them.

  7. Brittani says:

    Wow, Rachael! I’m proud of you! :)

  8. Laura says:

    Hi Rachel,

    I am new to this website. I just watched the show that aired or re aired yesterday with Beth on it, and I was just touch. I am a dog lover myself I have a 2 year old Siberian Husky and a 1 year old Boxer, if you can believe it or not is her daughter, and they are like my own childeren. Well, I was just watching the news this morning, it is actually FOX6 news in Birmingham, AL, and I was just listening to this story about this place in Anniston who are going to have to most likely have to close their doors because of the lack of donation, and uthenize almost 300 animals in their shelter, and it broke my heart. Athena, my husky had 4 puppies when she was almost a year old, and one we gave away to someone around Anniston, and it scares me to think, “What if this person couldn’t take care of her and had to take her to this shelter and now she’s going to have to be uthenized?”, and also, what about all of those poor other dogs?” I don’t know, and I know you probably can’t save 300 dogs, but they really need help to stay open and save these little puppies and these dogs and cats lives, they just look so cute and they really deserve a chance at life. After I saw the show yesterday, I really saw that you both were very passionate dog and animal lovers. Like I said I don’t know if their is anything that you can do, but their is no harm in trying to get the word out, for someone to try to help, any donations or anything would be great. I will send you the like to the address and email address, if you don’t mind.

    Thank you so much,
    Laura K Alford,


  9. Kim says:


    I have watched you from the first episode on Food Network. I can not thank you enough for all that you do and inspiration you have given me. When I read the post about the award you received from NSAL I cried. We to like the many other posts on this page have a rescue dog from the daschund rescue – she was abused, came to us with barely any hair, a broken rib that healed wrong and a “bad eye” which we later found out was from a massive blow to her head :( Hanna is now blind in both eyes. But that does not stop her especially when she hears me go for Isaboo’s treats both our dogs love them! Thank you for your committment to animals and again, for all that you do.

    Thank you Rachael, for helping my fellow rescue brothers and sisters. I may not have found my forever home with my brother PJ without your generosity and support …. Hanna oxoxo (P.S. PJ thanks you too!!)

  10. M.E. Roach says:

    Rach, I want you to change can openers! The kind I’ve seen you use on tv leaves a sharp edge. There are others that don’t. It’s important ’cause a few years ago, my sweet old cat came home one morning with a forked tongue! The vet said it was probably caused by licking a yummy smelling can lid. He said some mean nasty people even bait sharp lids on purpose to harm animals! He said that some animals don’t survive that awful cut. Please, Rach! Love ya! m.e. roach

  11. Leslie says:

    I want to thank you Rachael for all you
    do for shelter animals. I volunteer at
    the Humane Society in St. Louis and
    walk dogs. In the last year HSMO has
    had a lot of puppy mill rescues and I
    have seen and worked with these dogs
    and it is horrendous how these
    animals are treated.They are usually
    so matted they have to be shaved to
    nothing. One dog was so matted he
    couldn’t even move his legs. They have
    eye conditions,skin conditions bad teeth
    and are scared and shy. Most have not
    even touched the ground. They have spent
    their lives in a wire cage.Amazingly
    though they are very loving and with
    a lot of love and patience you earn
    their trust. Fortunately, there are
    a lot of caring people out there and
    they get adopted pretty quickly once
    they become available. I myself since
    volunteering there have walked 2 dogs
    home. Gordon, a German Shepherd Chow
    mix and Daphne a black Lab mix. I love
    them to pieces. I know this is lengthy
    but we are trying to get the word out
    there about puppy mills. Thanks for
    listening and to everyone who give shelter dogs forever homes.


  12. Jennifer says:


    I just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful recipes and for your show. Like Laura I’m new too.
    Thank you for caring about your fans. While hoping they have a nice experience watching you on your show, and trying all your recipes, and for your website.

    Yours truley,


  13. Paula says:

    Hi Rach, I have rescued 2 Saint Bernards, and they proved to be the most loving big mushes you can ever imagine. They live on Rach’s 30 minute meals, I mean the human ones, and are perfect. I enjoy your down to earth attitude. I am a business owner and very involved in my career, but at the end of a busy day, my girl gives me a look, I smile from ear to ear. I lost my other Saint last Jan from Hip Dysplesia at 11 years old. She died a true Saint. Paula

  14. CONGRATULATIONS RACHAEL! My husband and daughter are great fans of yours (they do all of the cooking!). Thank you for being such a passionate advocate for animal welfare and making such a difference. I too, have this same passion, having worked for a local pet food and supply company (Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet) for the past 9 years. I organized a fundraiser for our company that is in it’s second year called Pins for Pets…bowl for the fix. It was created to increase spay and neuter efforts in Minnesota. Check out our website if you have a moment. You are a great role model! Thank you!
    Dana Andresen, Director of Operations, Chuck & Don’s Pet Food Outlet, Minnesota

  15. Judy Tagg says:

    I live in an area in the corner of South Eastern California, we have the highest unemployment rate in the state. We have one Humane Society and a few special people who do tons of rescue work out of there own pocket. They coop with our local shelter and now have started monthly adoptions of rescue animals that are all spayed, neutered and have had shots. All monies is flowed back through our shelter. We would love to be on your list of reciepiants as we live off of donations. So if you would keep us in mind or need any other info please let me know.
    Judy Tagg

  16. polly wilson says:

    im looking 4 a treet that my dog can eat he his had sugery and cant have just any treet i was hopeing you had some that was make of vegs that didnt cost so much my babys body makes stones the stones that he gets is(urate) so he cant have just any old ones they have to be made out of apples, oats, carrpts,&tomatos does any one have anything in mind that has all that but dont cost so much?

  17. Nelie Harmon says:

    Dear Miss Rachael,God Bless you for all that you do for all the sweet animals and for all the people,you are a wonderful lady.Watch your show daily and also get your wonderful magazine,love it.Also congrulations on your award last night,you certainly deserve that.Just had to tell you how much you do helps so much. We have a horse ‘Bart’ a min. donkey “BLACKJACK’,his mom died when he was four days old,raised on a bottle,sweet but so spoiled,ha’ha’.We also have ten geese,seven ducks,14 hens and roosters,a precious dog, “baxter”.As you can tell we are also animal lovers,our dog was a rescue dog,got him from a very mean family,he is in a good home now,also spoiled,wouldn’t have it any other way. I could just rattle on forever,but I will stop now. I think the world or you Miss Rachael,you do so much,thank you for all that you do. Sincerely,a big fan of your’s ,Nelie Harmon

  18. Lauren says:

    I have watched you from the first time on foodnetwork. I am so happy for you getting the reward. You deserve it. It does show when people do care about animals alot. Keep up the great work. :)

  19. Winter says:

    I can see Rachel being given an award for dogs but not pets. Pets indicate a variety of animals not just dogs and I have never seen Rachel even show a glimmer of concern for other animals that are popular as pets.
    I love my dogs but I also love my kitties and smaller critters.
    Come one North Shore, step up to the plate and honor someone who truly is an advocate for all animals,not just the dog lovers.

  20. Dan says:

    Is there a “lite” dogfood?

  21. Miktha says:

    Thank You Rachael…
    Hope this is not the last award.
    Keep doing the good things!

  22. Jenny says:

    I use Nutrish for my pitbull and my parents do as well. I am really happy to hear that it is making a difference for animals waiting to be rescued! Rachael you are truly an inspriation and it is amazing to see you help animals in need!

  23. james says:

    Way to go Rach !!!XOXOX

  24. Mary says:

    Nutrish is the ONLY food my 16month old cocka-poo(Sparky) will eat! I am very proud to say that! Rachael you are a hero for all you have done for animals and people! I would love to have you come out with a cat food also!

  25. Monika says:

    Congratulations. So very well deserved. God bless and protect you in all that you do. Such a loving and giving heart you have. Much continued success…

  26. MabelandMe says:

    What an honor… what a lady… and I just read more congrats your way… Another 2 year renewal for the Rachael Ray Show!!! That is GREAT!! And the Congrats and Honors just keep coming your way, Rach!!


  27. ilovebradpaisley says:

    hi rachael.i am your BIGGEST fan ever.i love your talk show.i’m so glad it’s been renewed.i have 2 dogs,shelby,6 years,and holiday(we call her holly),and she’ll be 7 months old on wednesday.shelby was born on thanksgiving in 2002,and she’s a yellow lab.holly’s real name is holiday because she was born close to christmas.my mom works at the school i go to,and her best friend there has 5 kids(only 3 go there).one day a puppy followed one of the kids home,and they kept it(they still have it).it was lazy and they couldn’t figure out why until it had puppies.they have no clue what kind of dog it is.well,they let us have 1 for free and we went to go see which one we wanted,and we immediately picked her.we had a very hard time picking out a name for her(i wanted daisy peach after the princesses on mario lol)and we finally picked out holly.i didn’t get to name her daisy peach,but her middle name is peach.i am the BIGGEST fan of you,mario,AND brad paisley.congrats on the emmy nominations.oh,and i know this kind of sounds pathetic,but can you PLEASE have brad paisley on sometime?i love you and him.

  28. Debra says:

    Again, from Facebook, congratulations on your award. I am a “critter” person. Like Ellie Mae Clampett, lol! If only I could afford it like she could. I knew of the NSAL years ago and not sure if I joined or not. Cannot afford it right now but support the reason for the cause anyway. Do not know where you get the energy to do what you do, but keep it up!

  29. kalara says:

    Congratulation Rach

  30. KAMELiiA says:


  31. Denise says:

    Rachael Ray will probably never see this but-
    I wanted to say that my dog Gretchen is VERY picky she LOVES your dog food, and your treats! If I open anything in the kitchen that looks like a zip top bag she starts a waggin her tail thinking its a burger bite for her! Thank you for a quality product that I feel good giving to our “3rd child”!!!

  32. Gail says:

    I just bought the moppine towels. Why are the oven mitts on opposite corners (diagonal)? Wouldn’t it be easier to handle pots if they were not on the diagonal of the towel?

  33. Dear Rachael,

    Congratulations on a much deserved honor. The animals are so fortunate to have you on their side. Since I know that you are a fan of pit bulls, I wanted to share this remarkable story of a pit bull named Fandango that was rescued in Georgia and provided with a dog wheelchair in New Hampshire thanks to the fundraising efforts of children in Oklahoma. A press release with additional details is available online at the following link:


  34. Pam says:

    I applaud you for all your animal rescue work! I have a rescued retired Greyhound who is wonderful. Greyhounds makes excellent pets. I think most people don’t understand the plight of racing Greys. If you ever get a chance..please check them out! THanks…Pam and Spot!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Hello Rachel,
    I just wanted to say congratulations!!!I am so glad that you got that award,it was well deserved!! I am a big time animal lover,and glad to see that someone is on their side.God bless you!!!

  36. Paulina T says:

    Rachael te escribo desde Chile para felicitarte por tu excelente programa!! desde hace un año puedo verlo en Discovery Home and Healt y me encanta! Te cuento que soy estudiante de Nutrición por lo que me uno a tu noble causa, ya que no solo en USA existe el problema de la obesidad, y en nuestro país nos importa de sobremanera la nutricion y los estilos de vida saludable.Me encanta tu concepto de “comida saludable, pero rica”. Espero algún día tenerte por nuestro País, para que conozcas nuestras recetas tipicas, ya que nos caracterizamos por demostrar nuestro cariño a través de ellas.
    Muchos saludos para ti.
    P.S: Sorry but my english is bad!!, espero que alguien te pueda traducir mi saludo.

  37. terri says:

    hi rachel, i watch your show every chance i get. i have 4 dogs. you can best believe i love them so much. they are my babies. they all have different personalities. they can be so funny at times. i even have a little cemetary by my house in my yard where we have past dogs buried. there is also a little parakeet buried there also. i walked outside of my work place and it was laying against the building.i couldn’t just throw it in trash. so i picked it up brung it home and we buried it where we have oscar and kassie buried. thanks for all you do. best wishes to you. terri

  38. Dteph says:

    Dear Racg!
    Love you and yur show!
    Love what you do 4 homeless pets!

    Just 1 question…how does “iron oxide” help the animals you want to feed?

    Rust…tasty tasty rust…..

  39. Burak says:

    Rachael , You are the cutest angel I have ever seen.You always do true things and you will keep doing it .And we always watch you , we will keep wathching you. God Bless you.

  40. Janet Graham says:

    Hey Rachel,
    I watch you all the time down under here in New Zealand. You are really inspirational in all that you do. You keep me going at the gym as I watch you on the treadmill or bike.
    With the wonder of the internet i can keep up to date as we are just a little behind the times on TV.
    Best wishes to you and your loved ones
    Janet Down Under Kiwi

  41. garry says:

    rachel thank you for your dog food i just bought 2 mini dachsunds and they were so picky on what they would eat.i bought the best food money could buy and nothing they would not eat.i came across your food at the market and figured what the heck i tried everything else.to my amazement and relief my two dogs wolfed it down.your food is good quality and very affordable.thank you so much
    and my 2 pups thank you Doc and Moxie

  42. Dear Rachel: Thanks for all of the good work you do for pets and their rescue organizations. I volunteer with Golden State Greyhound Adoption (www.goldengreyhounds.com). Since 2002, we have rescued and placed over 800 greyhounds in their forever homes in Northern California. In order to help defray the costs – we have an Annual Picnic and Silent Auction which will be in October this year. We would absolutely LOVE to have an item (really anything) donated for our Silent Auction. 100% of our donations goes to the hounds and we have no administrative costs. If you would could provide me with a contact person within your organization, I would be glad to provide the details along with our 501(c)3 information.

    Again – Thanks very much for your consideration.

    Renae – Hound Mom to Ice, Fiesta and Turbo

  43. sylvia says:

    dear racheal,
    I love ur recipies, your dog, and all the things that you do. I however am writing to you on another matter. I am sure you already know, but thought someone should tell you through one of those third party situations, I was told I had been given a free set of your pans, which I think by the way are awesome. But, in order to get these items I was required to sign up for credit cards and all sorts of other things before I could recieve said gift. I love your show attempt to watch it daily and have purchased your cook books. I just thought you should know. I love your work. Keep it going so many people will learn if they just take the time love your show
    sincerely sylvia owen of adel Ia

  44. Tsiab says:

    Dear Rachael,

    I recall watching your show with my little sisters whenever we came back from school. It brings back a lot of good memories now that I’m off to college and away from them. You’ve accomplished so much! That award was deserving, and I was touched after reading this heart-felt entry.

    My boyfriend and I recently adopted our 4 and a half month old puppy, and before that we did a lot of research. We found out a lot of the pet stores in our area got the puppies from puppy mills, and refused to get one from there.

    We adopted our little Cocker spaniel, Owen from a local neighbor who wasn’t able to take care of him. Afterwards, I admit I’d fallen in love with all dogs. I never thought I was going to be a dog lover! Owen is precious and priceless, so are the dogs at these puppy mills. I want to make a difference and help out as well now. You’re such an inspiration!


    Tsiab http://www.brickfish.com/Tsiab

    We’re currrently entered in Brickfish: Rachael Ray’s Nutrish: Recipe for Puppy Love as well. I love your charity,and think it is just the perfect gift.It’ll help so many dogs out there in need.

    I’d like to ask for everyone’s support. it only takes a second to help and vote. Please check it out and support by voting and spreading it out there…it would mean a lot to us everyone.

    Thank you so much! You! Feel Free to Join in too! There’s Plenty of room for the Brickfish Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Recipe For Puppy Love Campaign.

    Link to Vote: http://www.brickfish.com/Pages/PhotosAlbums/PhotoView.aspx?picid=914515_56073336&=ecc_all_PPIMEMAIL_PPIMEMAIL&isep=1&pbapi=632008&pbvi=60210292

  45. JOEY MUGICA says:

    hi rachel! how are you! my name is Joey Mugica and I am the color QUEEN, an emerging artist, writer and entertainer in South Florida. I am experimenting with new forms, fusing fashion , art and photography. I seek to spread COLOR and HOPE through my art form which is essentially transformational. I give photographs a re-birth in COLOR as an original work of art. I have developed a cult following on facebook which grows daily. I have taken over 20,000 photographs since February and have created over 10,000 digital images. I have developed a “digital salon” if you will where my friends bring their photos and I, the color QUEEN, transform them into vivid and bright colors. My main mission as an artis is to bring HOPE through the form. As I give an individuals photo a re-birth, it has served as an inspiration and reminder to me that it is never too late to let go of our old ways, to change our state of mind so that our state of living changes, to find LOVE, hope and to COLOR the world through my art. The world is starving of it…HOPE. I am reaching out to you because I know how much you love animals, especially dogs. I have a little cairn terrier, just like TOTO from OZ, and his name is JODA. I have also included in my digital salon a series of colorful PET photo shoots, where I the color QUEEN photo graph the little PUPS (“even doggies are SUPERSTARS”) in color QUEEN world, and then create them into their very own work of art. I’d the opportunity to partner up with you on some kind of public charity initiative, where all the colorful people of the world could bring their pets to be photographed by the color QUEEN. i’d be willing to donate proceeds to your charity in exhchange for the gift i have been given. the greatest gift of all which is to have found love, through my art andthrough the love i have been fortunate enough to enjoy w/my legion of supporters on facebook. i invite you to check out some of my stuff :) it’s pretty cool and colorful! http://www.thecolorqueen.com. peace and love, and thanks for being such an inspiration rachel and for giving back with doggies! i love you … the color QUEEN

  46. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    oh yeah.holly is very white and she looked like a little polar bear when we got her.now she has a few black spots and now she kind of looks like a panda bear.

  47. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    hi rachael.i know this has NOThING to do with dogs,but last night i had a dream about you!me and my family were on vacation in new york and we were on our way back from shopping.you and john came up to our car and told us your car broke down and asked us for a ride home.and we talked about brad paisley and dogs until we got to your house.hope you enjoy this!

  48. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    hi rachael.i wanted to know if you have to be a certain age to a certain age to join club rr.i tried to join but it didn’t work out.it might be my computer because it sucks.

  49. Laura S says:

    Get Well Soon, Beautiful Lady.

  50. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    hi rachael.i just heard you had throat surgery.i am so glad it went well.oh yeah,and i turn 13 on july 24.

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