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Shopping Cart Surprises

As a rule I try to leave my kids at home or in the grocery store child care while food shopping. This makes for quicker shopping and less requests for items off my list (I live by the list). My oldest has aged out of the child care and due to a variety of other circumstances, I had my 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son with me for a big grocery shop earlier this week. I had to stock up on a lot of staples and needed to prepare for packing lunches for upcoming day camps – soooooo I needed to hit the chip, snack, and cookie aisles otherwise known as the danger zones.

I am all for the kids helping out while we are shopping and they get a kick out of weighing apples, picking out oranges, etc. All is good in the produce aisle – things get dicey in the candy and “snack food” aisles; the cereal aisle is most likely the biggest threat. I let my daughter talk me into one of those multi-packs of sugar cereals this week as a special treat (we don’t have sugar cereals typically – honey nut cheerios is as sweet as we get, although I know supposedly “healthy” cereals can have as much if not more sugar than the “sugar” cereals). I have fond memories of these 10 adorable shrink-wrapped mini boxes of forbidden cereals, and I even recall the cardboard box serving as a cereal bowl – milk was poured into it and all.

So, I took a walk down memory lane and weakened. My daughter picked out the multi-pack and the kids excitedly all got to pick their cereals the next morning. Disaster struck as two out of three ended up not being pleased with their choices (Coco Puffs may sound like a good idea, yet my daughter would have preferred her standing favorite – Kix), while my son coveted his sister’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Two out of three kids in tears at 7:30 am, during summer vacation. Needless to say, no more cereal multi-packs.

Anyway, during this same cereal shopping trip, my son, who thinks he is quite tricky, would continue to try and sneak items into my cart – 6 packs of Gatorade, cheetos, pop tarts and the like. I managed to catch him in the act each time, or so I thought, until I was unloading the cart in the check out line and he outsmarted me with a pack of juicy fruit gum and one packet of Kool Aid. Not a box, but a single packet that makes one pitcher, which means unbeknownst to me he managed to open a box of Kool Aid and filch one packet. I was impressed – he may have a future as a klepto.

What is the funniest item your child has snuck into your cart? Did you keep it?

2 Responses to “Shopping Cart Surprises”

  1. Holly says:

    When my daughter was little she somehow put one of those bag sealer’s in the car. Which I ended up keeping for years till my middle child dropped it off the frig. I try to make the kids eat before we leave for the grocery, but since I had my third child whom is nursed every 3 hours, it has really just been a challenge all together even with hubby’s help at times.

  2. Krsytal says:

    When my son was 4 years old(now 7) we went to the store to pick up an entire 2 weeks worth of groceries. We were in the check out line before i even noticed that he had placed a whole box of the little single peanuts packages in the cart. I asked him why he put those in there? He said Cup Cake(his pet rat) had been very good and deserved a treat. we didnt keep those but we did go to the pet store and pick her out a rat treat. he was very proud and couldnt believe i let him acctually go pick her out a treat. This also made him have a better understanding of a phrase i say all the time “If you ask you shall recieve” Gotta love the kids :)

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