Ahem…about my throat procedure

Thanks to everyone for all their kind words. I’m fine!!!! And happy to have an excuse to be quiet for a few days. My doctors feel I’ll be okay to chat it up again by week’s end. I feel guilty for all the lovely flowers and notes I have been getting – I was back in the kitchen cooking three hours after the procedure. Thanks again!


A word from Rachael’s doctor:

“On July 7th, Rachael Ray had a ambulatory procedure to remove a small benign cyst from her vocal cord,” said Dr. Gwen S. Korovin who performed the procedure. “The non-invasive procedure took less than an hour and required absolutely no stitches. The recovery process requires a short period of complete vocal rest. The successful procedure will now prevent Rachael from experiencing the vocal issues she has had in the past.”

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  1. Jack says:

    I underwent a similar proceedure for Lucoplatia(sp?)
    several months ago. I thought not speaking for two weeks would be rough. But with the help of my computer and my secratery it was no so bad. Going to get my daily coffey at dunkin donuts with prewritten notes was funny. I even pre recorded me calling my dogs in case I needed it.
    I read that Beta Keratine is good for this condition and since I began taking it my voice has become much better. Good Luck ! Jack

  2. jenifer says:

    I was sorry to hear about your surgery. My son and I have been very big fans of your show(s) since you started on the food network. hope all goes well with your recovery, best of luck!

    jenifer and andrew

  3. Jack says:

    Try Beta Keratine!!!! It worked for me.

  4. Janet says:

    I have had that same procedure twice! Please do not rush the talking, or it may not heal right. The hardest part is NOT to talk, speak or make any noises. I had 2 teens at home so that was a task for me! Take Care and get plenty of rest with it too. Although, you may feel great your body still needs the rest to heal.
    Speedy Recovery!

  5. Arnette says:

    Tell Rachael to stop cooking long enough to get some rest. The more rest she gets now, the less she’ll have to get later. Any procedure involves the whole body healing, not just the surgical site. We are praying for your continued health and successful healing.

  6. I’m thrilled you’re okay, but we will all miss your raspy voice! Hope it’s still A BIT raspy!

    Can’t wait to HEAR from you!

  7. Cathy says:

    Feel better soon we miss your smiley face:)

  8. YAY Rach! I’m so happy that everything went great. Enjoy your summer and the quiet!!! :o)

  9. Gram says:

    Gone the sexy, hoarse voice – but bringing a new, ever talkative Rach. Heal quickly.

  10. Hope all goes well, and Rachel rests. She may or may not read this email, but since being layed off of work, I have enjoyed her show and have used recipes she has used on her shows.

  11. Tish Morgan says:

    Hey Rachel,

    Praising the Lord that your surgery went well and recovery was so quick for you.

    Thank you for all you do for us. You specifically have inspired my 14 year old SON to become a chef. When we first started watching Food Network about 7 years ago, I would just have the TV on for “noise” and our son, TJ, then 7 years old, would sit and watch/listen to your shows. It was too cute.

    Praying for continued success for you personally, and in your career.

    Thanks again,
    Tish Morgan
    Astoria, OR

  12. Daniela Low says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I’m glad to hear you are doing well after the procedure to remove the cyst from your vocal cord. I’m a huge fan and would hate not being able to “visit” with you every now and again on TV. I hope you don’t feel this is out of place, but my husband is a leading voice care specialist in Canada and one of only three in North America who specializes in laryngeal (voice box) musculoskeletal tension. Aaron’s patients have included: Sting, Mick Jagger, Sharon Stone and Lionel Richey to name a few. Not because he’s my husband, but Aaron’s love for what he does has allowed him to truly help many. If this is of any interest to you, feel free to contact Aaron at: ajlow@cogeco.ca. All the best, always, Daniela

  13. MabelandMe says:

    Rachael –

    Thank you for letting us know how you are feeling! Your fans have been keeping you close in their hearts. It is a great thing you had the surgery and thank you to Dr Gwen for keeping you well.

    Stay Rested and get well. We all await to hear your chatty voice and see your smiling face again soon.

    Many ((( HUGS )))

  14. Teresa H. says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I’m glad your procedure went well & that you’re feeling good!
    I’ll keep you in my prayers:)

  15. Vidalina Miranda says:

    Happy to hear your well Rachael. God Bless.

  16. james says:

    Always thought her voice was sexy….opps should i have said that ?

  17. Vivian Wallace says:

    I had a growth on my vocal cord some years ago and the doctor burned it off. (30 years ago) After the procedure, my voice was only a whispher for several months but I continued to try and talk and slowly my voice came back. You will be fine but be patient. God Bless You.

  18. Debi says:

    Hi, Rach!

    We’re glad you are doing well, get plenty of rest! It will be nice to hear your regular voice again without all the strain.

    Take care,

    Debi & Bob

  19. Angelo Rosa says:

    To Rachael. You are a beautiful woman. I am glad of your decision to have the surgery now. You will be fine. Get your rest. You will be back to yourself shortly. Bless my Rachael.

  20. Shelly says:

    So glad that you are doing well. Love the show and you too.

  21. Laura K says:

    I am glad you had it taken care of Rachael! Looking forward to hearing your “new” voice.
    Love ya always!
    Laura K
    p.s. love all the new vegetarian recipes and ideas!

  22. Missy V says:

    Rachael, Don’t always get to watch your talk show-but your cooking shows have always been a hit at my house-my daughter and I went to a book signing 3 years ago in Berkeley & she has the greatest desire to be in the kitchen beacuse of you and your encouraging words to her. She is 15 now and we’ll always remember that experience seeing you. From our family to yours…a speedy recovery!
    ~The Vallejo Family
    Fairfield, California

  23. Annette E. says:

    Hey Rachael. I hope this makes your throat feel better & that you have swift & happy healing!
    Really enjoy you and your show. You make cooking so accessible using mostly very common ingredients.
    Oh I also enjoy and watch your tasty travels and vacations shows. Take care & God Bless!

  24. annette p says:

    get well soon. me and my husband watch your show on nbc and all your shows on the food newtwork. we have made alot of your food keep up the great work to. take this time to recover and get plenty of rest to.

  25. Debbie says:

    Get Well Soon, Beautiful Lady.

  26. Chev says:

    Love ya Rach,

    Speedy healing to ya

  27. Judi C says:

    Hey Ms. Rachael – Please take care of yourself and heal well. You are a shining light in an increasingly cynical and unpleasant industry. I enjoy your enthusiasm for life, and ESPECIALLY your love of all things canine! (I have 3 rescued German Shepherd mixes) Enjoy your downtime. We’ll wait.
    A fan in Seattle

  28. Becky M says:

    Prayers for a speedy recovery. Take advantage of the down time. Life is so hectic. Hope you are on the road to recovery.

  29. Kenny kenn says:

    Hey Rachel Listen i don’t know if u gonna get this email but i was ripped off trying to get ya pot set. I ordered from the silver, Gold and platinum page six items adding at about 20 dollars. I was charged Over 80 dollars worth of items that i never asked for and some things are doubled in order. Now how would my card be charged for these items i did not order and still not get the pots and pans, this is not fair….. Please help me. I wanted the set in blue and i’m charged extra money with no pots, i Know u can help me with this issue thanks ya fan

  30. Caroyn Reid says:

    I know you will do great. Can’t wait to hear your new voice. I watched your show on tv tonight and you sounded great. Must have been pre recorded? All th best.

  31. Mani says:

    Bravo to Dr. Gwen for getting Rach safely through this surgery. And Rachael, enjoy this time when you can put yourself first and relax! You of all people have earned this time to stop and breathe!

    You are a gift and I thank you for inspiring…

    xox, Mani

  32. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    i’m glad it went well.

  33. corky says:

    you are the best!!!!! you inspire so many people.I will miss the raspy voice, but glad everything went well.

  34. judy r says:


    relax and take it easy your fans will still be here forever you are just too special to us we’ll be siting by our tv sets to hear how you’re doing and to hear. from you how everything went.

    one of millions of your faithful fans
    love and speedy recovery

    judy from pennsylvania

  35. joann says:

    glad to hear that you are doing fine.get well soon

  36. Olivia says:

    Way to go girl!! Now aren’t you glad the stress of the surgery is now behind you!!! It is all up from this point on! I am happy you are feeling so well but girl – stay out of the kitchen and let your hubby pamper you!! This is the time when that should happen!! Love Ya!

  37. suzy wright says:

    Hey Rachael,
    I’m so glad all went well-I’ll send you some prayers for your speedy recovery. Love ya! Suzy and family

  38. Michelle says:

    Rachael,I’m so glad you are doing good. i was so worried when i heard you had surgery. and you so deserve all the flowers and notes you are recieving

  39. Gail says:

    Rachel .. Glad you are coming along well.
    I have been a fan of yours for many years
    and wanted you to know I am thinking of you
    Hugs, Gail

  40. michael says:

    i’m glad you are feeling better. you inspire me to experiment in the kitchen. and with me being ‘physically challenged’ it takes me 2-3 times longer to fix my meals. i dont mind though, i still enjoy the process and my food, usualy, tastes good. thanks rach

  41. Donna says:

    Hi Rach,
    I am sorry to hear that you did have to undergo the surgery!! I hope that you will heal quickly!! Rest up!! Get well soon!!

  42. Natalie Preston says:


    I’m so glad that your surgery went well!! I’ve enjoyed watching your show for a long time now, even since I moved to Iceland, I still get to watch you and I have been watching you every morning this summer while I eat breakfast!! Unfortunately the shows we get here in Iceland are a little behind the US, but I’m glad that I still get to see you on TV every morning and I’m always going to your website to print off recipes. Thanks for being so sweet and beautiful and talented!! I hope you feel 100% soon!
    Reykjavik, Iceland

  43. Marianne says:

    welcome back Rach , hope you r on road ro recovery soon….wiating for ur new season
    best of luck.

  44. Cathy says:

    Hi Rachael,

    I was wondering if you had your surgery as of yet, I opened your web page to find that you had. Happy to hear everything went well. I’ve read other messages and beleive me take everyone’s advise (REST,REST AND MORE REST). I’ve been watching all your shows from the beginning, really enjoy when you do shows with John. Take good care.

    Love ya
    Cathy A.

  45. Rose says:

    So how exited are you to hear how your voice will turn out when it is totally rested and healed!!! Any you feel guilty…?? Really? You give SO much and deserve every stem and note and prayer!!

    Love you Doll!

  46. CaJoh says:

    Dear Rachael,

    Shh don’t say anything…

    So glad that your procedure went well. You will be back to your talkative self in no time.

    Be Good and take care,

  47. alan keller says:

    I am glad all went well. Please take advantage of time off and get some rest! Ask any guy who had a vasectomy and worked the next day because they felt good:(
    I enjoy your show and love your positive outlook, it really makes my day as I wait for my liver transplant.

    The Keller Family

  48. Loretta N says:

    Hey Rach, sorry to hear about the throat. but gald to hear it was nothin to serious. I just love your attitude. You make being in the kitchen fun. I’m 47 and love to cook my family always tells me I should open my own restaurant and I say no thank you to much work I like to have fun and make up my own food. You are so much fun to watch even my granddaughter will watch the cooking shows with me she’s 7. Well take care and have a great summer.
    Loretta N.

  49. Claire Weis says:

    Hey Rachael Girl. I wish you a speedy recovery from your vocal procedure. Get some rest and you will feel better soon.
    Love you girl!

  50. Alexa Marks says:

    Get well soon Rachael! I love watching your show. Make sure you get all the rest you need! I know you like to talk but just save it untill you heal. LOL

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