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Rach to appear on QVC in August-get show times here

Don’t miss Rachael Ray on QVC on August 2nd where she will be talking about her favorite products and debuting new ones.  Check here for the show times when she will be on air:

QVC show times for Rachael Ray

18 Responses to “Rach to appear on QVC in August-get show times here”

  1. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    i love you rachael!

  2. ilovebradpaisleyadrachaelray says:

    can’t wait ’til august 2!

  3. Margaret Stickney says:

    I was watching your show on Monday 7/20/2009. And you made a comment about how sexy a cooking man is. You are so right!! I have a wonderful man in my life now. He didn’t cook when we first started our life together, but started with smoking food about a year after we got together. Now I don’t even think I could cook anymore. We enjoy cooking together on the weekends. I think you should have a show
    or two on ordinary (non show businessmen) who cook. I want to nominate my man. It would be such an assume show. I would love to hear from you on how you feel about this.

  4. I love your show Rachael! Esp. when you show extraordinary people saving extraordinary amounts of money!

  5. james says:

    Wow !!! Just in time for my birthday !!!

  6. margarita says:

    Rachael i LOVE YOUR SHOW!!! i would like for you to make more mexican recepies…yeah a little spicy..well hope you can do these for us hispanic people who love your show..thanks

  7. cerennur says:

    14 years old and I love you Rachael, I am türkish.Sometimes my father would cook recipes that my father said Where do you find My favorite track and I’d say that eating food from the program, but I do not use alcohol kulanıyor make sure that food is only for sharpness I would Want to use alcohol in food mordancy here 21 years, but they do not sell to the gold.love you and Rachael PROGRAM i love you so much What Mexico does not have tomatoes, I make it:)

  8. cerennur says:

    ı love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  9. Kathy says:

    I love you Rachael Ray.

  10. Helena says:

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that your show is so great! I love it and you are so funny! But I think (BECAUSE I’m living in sweden) the shows they’re sending here are not the newest you’ve made. So in todays show where you met Gabrielle Union! And I loved her cookie recepie, but now I can’t find it here :/ Wich made me so sad! I would love to make those cookies! I love baking!

  11. jessie says:

    your sample of Nutrish came in the mail yesterday. I opened the package and gave some of it to my finicky yorkies, thinking how they wouldn’t be interested, I was shocked when both of them started eating every piece and it sure smelled good too, thanks so much for such a great product

  12. Carlos Ramon Orue Gimenez says:

    Quiero tener contacto vía e-maíl, con RACHAEL RAY. Me comunico por este medio para obtener la dirección de correo de ella. He visto anoche su programa en el canal de TV Home&hea; y me impresiono bastante bien la alta calidad de su programación como el contenido del mismo. Resido en la ciudad de Villeta, República del Paraguay (América del Sur), me gusta mucho lo que hace RACHAEL, Y QUIERO POR FAVOR CONTACTO CON ELLA. Mi Ingles es muy malo por eso escribo en español. Aguardo comunicación en mi dirección de e-maíl, que esta en mi remitente.

  13. Suzette says:

    I LOVE YOU RACHAEL!!,I have been watching you since you started your 30 minute meals in 02, since then I became your biggest fan!, you are great!

  14. Denise says:

    Need some help,
    I have a drug and alcohol program for men and women and we are always teaching them how to cook so they can start living life and enjoying another passion in life, so since it is the bountiful season full of fresh fruits, I need a simple recipie for pie crust….. we can never get it right… either to mushy on the bottom or awful tasting.
    Can you help….we would love to start making some good old fashioned chicken pot pies too and hope to use the crust recipie.
    thanks so much hope its delllish

  15. kathy says:

    I love u Rachael Ray, have since the 1st time I saw one of your shows, and I’m hoping our dogs will love nutrish. I am very upset. I requested a sample of the dog food as soon as the commercials started about them and to this day I still have not gotten it.
    What should i do now? Should I assume u ran out of samples and ask for a coupon? or should I wait longer? Also can u tell me how i can find out easily which stores in my area carry the nutrish. I am not healthy enough to just go looking in each store till i find it.
    Thanks a bunch doll, you are a cutie!!!
    a sweetie, inside and out *smooches*

  16. Debbie says:

    Rach; I have watched the make overs of Moms that do not take time for themselves. How about a segment on Grandmothers that are still young at heart but have gotten lost in the modern times?
    I will volunteer to be candidate… I have no fashion sense and seem to always be behind the times. Show me how to modernize.

  17. marina oconnor says:

    rachael hope your doing ok. my daughter and i love watching you.infact she is looing into going to cooking school, she started cooking when she was 11 after her dad and i divorced. she is a great kid full of life and i think you need that to cook it helps bring the people toghter and when you love what you do the food taste great! she has some of your cook books and i hope some day we can make it to your show. thanks for being someone my daughter can look up to.

  18. Michelle says:

    Rahael, I have been watching you on food network for a long time and just found your talk show. I love you. You are sos don to earth.

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