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Tooth fairy, what do you charge these days?

Warning!  Don’t let any kids under the age of 15 read this post!!!  Adults only!!!

Okay now that I know I am writing for adult eyes only, I can be frank.  Today my 6-year old lost her second front tooth.  Very exciting moment in our house as it was hanging on by a thread and now with that tooth out of the way, she can “look like Kayleigh,” which are her words, not mine.  I promptly took the tooth and placed it in this little envelope with her name and the date and stuck it inside another envelope and told her to stick it under her pillow.  I got these cute envelopes from a store near my office but you can find some online at a place called (are you ready?) (see photo above).

No more front teeth!  A momentous moment in our home

There are other related envelope products online and you can even find a form so you can print your own.

More envelopes from

A company called Chasing Fireflies has a whole page of tooth fairy related items, mostly boxes, but even cute t-shirts for the toothless child to wear, or these upscale pewter tooth fairy boxes which are real keepsakes:

A pewter box from Chasing Fireflies

Magical Omaha offers you a whole elaborate letter that you can leave the child from the tooth fairy, explaining the magic of the stolen tooth and what it’s all about.

I love all of this stuff, I really do, especially the keepsake items that I can only hope to not lose and pass on to the next generation.  To me this marks a moment in time that I always want to remember and of course will only happen once (well, 26 times but once per tooth).

The burning question is…how much dough to leave???  I always got a quarter, as far as I can remember.  These days, I am hearing of kids getting 5 and 10 dollars, and one kid I know got $100 from her uncle as an extra pay day!  One child told me she gets more for the bigger teeth and less for the smaller ones, which I guess aren’t as painful to lose.

Whatever happened to the good old quarter?  What does your tooth fairy leave your child when they lose a tooth???

46 Responses to “Tooth fairy, what do you charge these days?”

  1. Lindsay says:

    well my daughter isnt old enough to lose a tooth yet but my nieces and nephew are and my mother in law and sister in law give them 5 dollars a tooth i think thats absolutly INSANE..

  2. Shelly says:

    i always give mine a dollar per tooth, extra for the molars

  3. Sarah says:

    These days I’d go with enough to buy the kid an ice cream or whatever would thrill the kid. 100.00 is just ridiculous..

  4. Clarissa says:

    Our tooth fairy left our daughter $5 for her first tooth. She gets $1 for the little teeth and $2 for the bigger ones now. Also she leaves her tooth in small glass of water on the kitchen window ledge for the tooth fairy to fly in and pick up quick since she has lots of other teeth to pick up also.

  5. Stephanie says:

    The toothfairy that visits our home leaves 1.00 for the child that lost the tooth.
    They are excited with that and sometimes instead if a dollar bill she will leave 4 quarters which to the younger crowd they get more excited over cause there is more than one!! haha

  6. Chelle says:

    Well, clearly, the toothfairy that visits your house is much higher-class than the one that visits my house. I didn’t even realize that there were different toothfairies organized by the socio-economic status of the lost teeth. Teeth lost in this house get anywhere from $.50 – $1.00, based on the change that happens to be in the toothfary’s change purse when the tooth is lost (she doesn’t always plan ahead).

    Having said that, I would guess it is safe to say that any respectable toothfairy would NEVER spend more on the envelope carrying the tooth than on the lost tooth itself.

  7. Bethany says:

    For the first tooth to go…we gave our daughter $15..but only because it was the first one. For all other teeth lost after that, we give her $5 each.
    I also got only a few coins for my teeth…but I guess that’s just “Toothfairy inflation”. lol
    We don’t go nuts on her allowance, so I see it as an extra way for her to add to her piggy bank and save for things that she really wants. :-)

  8. Carrie says:

    My daughter is 7 and is losing teeth left and right! Our tooth fairy leaves her $2 per tooth. She likes to go to wal-mart to buy something with her money, but you can’t hardly buy anything for less than $2!

  9. Renee says:

    my children are 24 and 25. when they lost teeth it was about 50 cents. I never put a lot of money under the pillow. I just wanted to give them the recognition of a tooth lost and not getting rich.

  10. Mistela says:

    I have yey to get to that point with my son… he’s 2 1/2. I can remember getting $20 for my last tooth as a child, but other than that it varied from a dollar to $5. I think the idea of giving unique coins posted above is a cool idea, I never thought of that before.

  11. Tinna says:

    My seven-year old daughter, Jayden, had friends that get $20.00 per tooth. I had to explain that the tooth fairy is just like Santa… she has helpers. All the helpers do not always go by the same pay rate. lol Anyway… it worked. We gave her $5 for her very first tooth. Now she gets $1 per tooth.

  12. Tanya says:

    I give my daughter a dollar, because you just can’t buy thing’s these days with a quarter! She gets so excited and can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy left for her.

  13. Keri Smith says:

    the tooth fairy at our house leaves $2 bills, it is fun and you don’t see them around that often so it helps them to beleive that it is tooth fairy money…

  14. Noelle says:

    I didn’t want to “break the bank” over teeth but still wanted to make it a special occasion. So my daughter leaves her tooth in a fancy ring box (one of my old ones) and wakes up to find a Sacagawea dollar where the ring normally goes. Crazy, I know, but I take time to shine the coin first. It’s ok, I actually laugh at myself over this idiosyncrasy. ;) However, when all is said and done, the smile is worth the extra moment. She ends up with $1 per tooth, but she feels like its a million because its something unique for her.

  15. PATTI says:

    Well my kids are all grown now…but as a grandmother of 7 (ages 5-12) I usually go to the bank and ask for 1/2 dollars, Susan B. Anthony dollars, etc… and stock up on coins. I make sure my kids leave that for them…it’s exciting for them. Its not a common coin they see everyday…and they treasure it in keepsake box.
    $100.00 that’s nuts…

  16. Karen K says:

    I would give a nickel, dime, and quarter for each tooth. They were excited to get three coins to help them forget their loss! I wasn’t encouraging them to knock their teeth out to get rich quick.

  17. Shana says:

    I leave my daughter 1.50-2.00. It think that is enough. I think the 5, 10 and more is going overboard. I use quaters.

  18. Nicole says:

    Normally in our house you get $1 per tooth, that way they can actually purchase something with it (usually ends up being candy, but my son has bought hot wheels with his too).

    Now, there was one time I did leave my daughter $10 from the tooth fairy. The teeth were NOT loose and her brother yanked a toy from her mouth and out came two teeth! So, since those were not ready and way more painful (I can’t even imagine having a not-loose tooth ripped out!) the tooth fairy compensated her for her pain and suffering lol.

  19. Jennifer says:

    My almost 6y.o daughter has lost a few of her front teeth in the past few months. The first lost tooth, the toothfairy paid out $10. After that, we do $1 for the small teeth and will do $2 for the molars.

    We try to mix it up. We have given her 4 quarters (1 representing each state we have visited), the next time we gave her a Kennedy dollar coin, and the 4th time, we did 2 50 cent pieces. So she has all of these saved in her piggy bank.

  20. Kathleen says:

    My husband thought that due to inflation over the years he would start by giving our oldest, who is now seven, $20.00 dollars a tooth. We still have another daughter who hasn’t started to loose teeth yet, but the oldest one got to the point where she would be so excited about loosing teeth she would come home and yell cha ching! I lost another tooth.

  21. Doris says:

    What’s with you people giving so much money for a lost tooth. 2 quarters should be it. And why do they have to spend it right away. Why don’t you get your child a money jar that has batteries in the lid and every time a coin is put in the jar, the lid adds it to the total in the jar. I’m not a kid but I have a money jar on our coffee table and I only collect pennies. When the jar is full, it is $20 and then I cash it in and go out to lunch. Right now the jar is half full. Your kid can go to Walmart and buy a bunch of stuff for $20.

  22. Renea says:

    I always gave my daughter 20.00 per tooth.

  23. Brittany says:

    I think the ONLY way that a child should get more than a dollar for a lost tooth, is if the tooth fairy took her wallet out in the dark and grabbed the wrong bill!! 10, 20, and more dollars PER tooth is just crazy.

  24. evelyn says:

    I don’t have any kids yet but when i lost my first tooth i got $10 from then on it varied from $1-$5. But the licky one in our family was my brother. when he lost one of his teeth the tooth fairy forgot to take the tooth with her. So my brother put the tooth again and the tooth fairy paid twice for the same tooth. Balieve me the tooth fairy never made the same mistake again. I will never forget the look that my mom gave him when he showed her the money and the tooth. So don’t forget to take the tooth with you.

  25. silvia says:

    there is a lot of $$$$ in this story!
    it makes people forget the magic of being a kid.
    to my kids it always has been a $1.00

  26. Twilina says:

    I like to leave my son a one dollar bill and sometimes a one dollar gold coin. The gold coins are less common and feel more special.

  27. Rachel says:

    I got $.25 for each tooth when I was young (I’m 30). I got $1 once and I was overjoyed. We always saved our money and took it to the bank.

    Giving kids money for things that fall out is silly. I know it feels good to see them excited, but spending quality time with them has much more value in the long run than a piece of candy quickly-consumed or a toy quickly-broken. Also, it gives them unrealistic financial expectations. Do you want your children playing the lottery when they get older and blaming their money woes on everyone but themselves…or not appreciating the value of hard work because you give away money like it’s air?

    Teaching values is still a critical role for
    parents – let’s not teach them poorly, ok?

  28. Michelle says:

    As I was growing up, the toothfairy always left me $1.00 and someimtes $2.00 for my teeth. And from time to time, she would leave me a special note telling me to take care of my teeth and don’t forget to brush and floss daily.
    So now I have a son… As he was losing his teeth I remembered the notes that were left for me and decided to leave notes for my son too along with $1.00 and occasionally I added little hand made coupons for toys, t-shirts, or a movie. Which he would redeem at our local wal-mart.
    My son really enjoyed the coupons, but even more was when he would take them to wal-mart and pick something out. What made it all special for me was the look on the cashiers face, It was priceless.

  29. Natalie says:

    My son had a rare “extra” baby tooth that had to be pulled by the dentist because it was pushing out his top front tooth prematurely. Because this was traumatic (both for him and for the dentist fee), he got $5 per tooth. Most of the time, a dollar or two is all we expect from our tooth fairy. Sometimes when she forgets, she’s a little more generous on the second night. :)

  30. Evette says:

    I think $20 or even more for a tooth is crazy! I mean add that up.. I would not even if I were rich, spend what would end up being a few thousand dollars because I have 3 kids!
    My oldest daughter got $5 for her first tooth only because that is all the tooth fairy had on hand. After that she gets whatever change or small bill I have on hand. I mean a few months ago she lost 3 teeth within a short span. $60 for lost teeth is just a bit silly.
    So pretty much my kids get a dollar.Maybe $2.I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled. What do I get for that?LOL

  31. craftyGAgal says:

    Oh my gosh, with the way the economy is, I might let someone pull out a tooth- in the back, for $20…joking but come one. I have twin boys who are 7 so we have already lost a few and I would be still making payments to the “Tooth Fairy” to cover that cost. I leave a dollar or 2 maybe, or change, whatever we have …unless like one posted said we forgot and then they may bet a tad (.25) more. I have too, like another poster, left money and forgot to take the tooth, but I told my son he could not get paid twice and that the T.F. would be by to get her tooth she paid for.
    I loved reading the comments though..

  32. Ruthmarie says:

    WOW has things changed but I can honestly say that living in Canada has inflated the tooth fairy. When you have a coin for a one dollar and a two dollar bill it gets very expensive. We gave our kids 5 dollars for the first tooth and then after that we decided to give something they could use. Instead they will get a new toothbrush and some lip balm. It is more expensive but the dollar store really helps.
    I don’t think I have ever heard of someone getting 100 dollars for one tooth.

  33. tara says:

    i can’t believe anyone would give a child $100 for a tooth…i even think $20 is a little much. the more you give them, the more they are going to expect. i feel like the excitement of losing a tooth is lost and it is all about the money. i gave my son $5 for his first tooth (that is what was in my wallet at the time).

  34. marcie says:

    When I was little the tooth fairy would leave me .50 cent peices. I plan on leaving my kids silver dollars or sacagewea dollars, probably one or two per tooth.

  35. Ondreana says:

    I have 5 children and it is not the money that we go crazy for it is the lost of the tooth and they are growing up and that is one of the steps. But in our house it is a $1 per tooth and I have to remember to call her and let her know she needs to come. That is cause she has so many children in the world.

  36. Leslie Houk says:

    Both my kids, 11 and 6 get a gold plated “$1.00″ piece. The “golden dollar coins” come only from the tooth fairy and I keep a supply hidden for short notice where the kids never see them. They are special and the kids never see these $1.00 coins except from the tooth fairy. It was a tradition that was started by grandma and I have continued. The golden coins make it exciting and very special for my kids.

  37. Jaclyn says:

    I usually give my child anywhere from $1-$5. One night I forgot to leave money since I work night shift. When I called her to get ready for school, she came to me crying. I asked what was the matter and she said the Toothfairy did not leave her anything. She made me feel so guilty that I decided to go and purchase a Nintendo DS game. She was so excited the next evening, but since I have two smaller children, I hope they do not remember this and also expect more than money for their teeth.

  38. Tracy says:

    $5.00 is way too much per tooth. Multiply that by 24 teeth…that’s one rich mouthful. I have been giving $2.00 per tooth and my oldest son was quite happy with that. My youngest hasn’t started losing any yet but I will do the same for him.
    I laughed when I read the one post about getting the bills out of the wallet in the dark..I remember when I was younger I woke up to a $50 bill..(In canada they are red) …and at the time the $2.00 bills were very similar…my Dad grabbed the wrong one out of his wallet… I was sooo happy when I woke up to that and my Dad was trying so hard to tell me that the tooth fairy made a BIG mistake..

  39. Alysa says:

    i got my daughter a new bike when she lost her first set of teeth than with each tooth she lost i got her a barbie.

  40. Shannon says:

    Our Kids, we have 3, get $5.00 for the first tooth and 3 for each after that, however I did break dow and give our oldest son $5.00 for the last tooth he lost; since he had to have it pulled.

  41. Lori says:

    $5.00 for the first tooth and $1 for the others. But there is a catch in our house, the tooth fairy gives nothing for a tooth with a cavity…why would she?

  42. rachel says:

    My kids found out about the tooth fairy at the age of four they are always trying to lose teeth by eating apples
    everytime they lodse teeth the tooth fairy gives them fifty cents to the big kids and two dollars to the little ones

  43. Kelly says:

    My son has only lost two teeth at this point. For the first one (since it is more special) he received $5 and a really cool new toothbrush and toothpaste (ones that he had never seen before). Then for the second, $1. I just can’t believe that kids are getting $20 or more for a tooth.

  44. Amanda says:

    I’m 28 and I remember getting 50 cents and I think $1.00 for molars. My question to the parents who are giving there kids $20 – why are you giving them so much? Losing a tooth is not a job. They will grow up thinking they can get money for just about anything. It is just a nice incentive for kids to believe in the tooth fairy as in anything else like the Easter bunny and Santa Clause. When kids are that young 50 cents/$1 should make them feel rich and if they don’t that young there is an issue. When the time comes my child would not be getting paid $20 for something that happens naturally.

  45. Kristan says:

    I always gave my children a quarter dated the year they were born. They keep them forever.

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