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Back to Basics-Ice Cream

Today I saw a sight that made me very happy.  An ice cream truck that didn’t have the prepackaged Sponge Bob flat thing on a stick that I can’t even really call ice cream, or the blue and red “balls” that come in a cone (I have no idea what these things are that my children seem to relish), but I saw a truck with homeade ice cream being scooped out into homeade sugar cones.

On the side of the truck was this statement:

You probably can’t read it but it says :

“Welcome to the Van Leeuwen Artisan, the original gouremt ice cream truck.  We make our ice cream with fresh hormone free milk and cream from local farms, cane sugar and eggs.  Our flavors come from the finest small producers all over the world.


Ben Van Leeuwen”

I almost bought the whole truck.  I have recently started making my own ice cream and sugar cones and while it’s easy, it takes some time.  It’s so much easier to just buy it at the store or more spontaneously from a truck.  My kids light up when the old fashioned Good Humor truck pulls around the corner when we least expect it.  But I have to say, I cringe when I see what they get.  I do have a weakness for the other kind of ice cream truck that has the soft serve.  Note: I always get vanilla ice cream with a cherry (it’s red so I call it cherry but it doesn’t have a lick of cherry in it) hard shell.

However, if you can’t find the Leeuwen truck in your neighborhood (I think there’s only the one), then a nice alternative is at your grocery store. I have recently enjoyed seeing the Haagen Daz brand called “Five” with just five ingredients.  I love that.  You know exactly what you are getting and you can actually pronounce the ingredients.

In this case, the ingredients are: Milk, Cream, Sugar, Eggs and Ginger.  While not local or organic, this is a huge step in the right dietary direction.

I certainly don’t want to be the bad guy and take away the ice cream lady’s business or deny my children the happiness they get from that summer tradition of running down the streeet to greet the truck, but there is such a big difference between real ice cream and frozen corn syrup and chemicals that it has definitely made me rethink our behavior at home and limit the truck action to once in a while or when there’s a gang of kids and you just can’t say no.

To see how to make your own ice cream, read this previous post.

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  1. I completely agree about the chemicals in ice cream it is awful! One other brand in the grocery store however that does not do this is Breyer’s Ice Cream at least those ingredients sound like they come from a farm not a chemical factory!!!!So when buying this treat I stick to that brand and when it’s on sale I stock up at least in the summer time.

  2. Mary says:

    So cool! Wish all ice cream was made this way. By the way I have a girl friend whose last name is VanLeewen so I sent her a copy of this article. Hope she enjoys it!

  3. lolo says:

    hi ::

    can u write how to make ice cream in simple way ??

  4. Diane Sliger says:

    After reading with interest the blog concerning ice cream, I decided to answer this with a blog of my own. In order to make delicious homemade ice cream, you will need an ice cream maker, either electric or fitted with a hand crank. Inside it you will find a can with a paddle. It will not fit tightly into the ice cream maker’s barrel. Follow the machine maker’s recommendations, utilizing your own home recipe. My recipe includes fresh 2% milk, half and half, eggs, sugar which is cooked like a custard. After cooling, stir in a package of vanilla pudding, and an envelope of dream whip. Then, whatever flavor you desire. Pour the mixture into the can, insert the paddle, hook the paddle up to the electric motor or crank. Turn it on or crank it. Then, when mixture begins to thicken, you will need to add layers of cracked ice and rock salt in layers on the crack between the can and the inside of the barrel. There will be a sort of well there on all sides of the can. Remove the paddle, and electric motor, wrap the whole thing in news papers, and allow the whole thing to set for about 4 hours. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh homemade ice cream and it’s just as good as it sounds. Do not put in the home deep freezer. You won’t need to worry about left-overs, either.

  5. Mollieanne says:

    I would like Diane Sliger’s recipe for ice cream. I have an ice cream maker but the recipes aren’t anything like my mother used to make, what Diane says goes in hers sounds like what my mother used.

  6. Deborah says:

    philly style ice cream ( the usual supermarket Sealtest vanilla ice cream)
    has NO EGGS!

    I love dairy free ice cream and make it myself as well and sobettos in my ice cream maker ( I have a few ( worked as a pro chefand we love our toys!)
    FOOD shouldnt have a ton of ingredientss that you cant prononce and cant find on the shelf itself in a market
    then its a formula and far removed from food
    a life time of that is killer
    then it gets into the water supply as do all the drrugs people take and are over percribed that its gettting harder to filter out of our water systems
    and by the way all your bottled waters are TAP waters
    some have higer bacterial content when tested and sit in plastic get a filter if you must and stilck to tap im lucky I live in NYC brooklyn in picticular and we have the BEST tasting water
    Ive traveled tasted tap water that tasted of swimming pools or just horrible

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