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Dogs and the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)

Yes, there is a canineĀ flu, but not to worry, most dogs aren’t at risk or in need of the vaccine. There are a few “hot spots” around the country (including the Miami, Denver and Northern Virginia regions) where there have been outbreaks of canine influenza (CIV) over the past five years. Symptoms of this respiratory virus include runny nose, coughing, mild fever, loss of appetite and lethargy. It can last for 1 – 3 weeks, after which most dogs are fine, with the exception of the very old or those with other health conditions (just like humans). This flu is very contagious among dogs, yet cannot infect humans. It is estimated that up to 20% of dogs remain asymptomatic once infected.

The American Veterinary Medical Association is not recommending vaccinating all dogs so your dog is probably in the clear, but talk to your vet about the vaccine if he is in regular contact with lots of dogs, has a weakened health state, or is traveling to one of these “hot spots.” For more information, talk to your vet or visit the American Veterinary Medical Association website.

10 Responses to “Dogs and the Canine Influenza Virus (CIV)”

  1. roberta johnson says:

    i have a eight yr old american eskimo and he has
    allegies. i give him 10mg of allergies pills and
    he tears all the time twice a week he gets angel’s eyes , 1/2 teaspoon. He is on puritaneone or Rachele’s Ray dog food, it all natural without other
    things in the food. I bath with oatmeal,white , flea and tick shampoos.
    Should he gota shot for the flu?
    He is very special dog.
    roberta johnson

  2. kari says:

    dear rachel

    i like your dog too

  3. Hi Rachael,

    I just moved out to Denver from MI last year and I brought my 12yr old Snoopy (Auzzie/Lab mix,rescued) out here this last April.

    When I went for a walk with one of my friends up in the foothill trails, we noticed a warning sign posted on the path…….I learned that along our foothills in the footpath parks…there is an outbreak of the PLAGUE! Yes, the original black plague is attacking the prairie dogs and there are warnings about walking your dog in the area!

    I was a little scared about it because I had wanted to take Snoopy on the trails but now I just keep him close to me and away from any kritters running around us.

    I just wanted to relay this information to anyone traveling out in our neck of the woods………Be sure to READ UP on park warnings before taking your pet out into the wild. :)

    Rachael……I was also wondering if you could do a segment on dog chewies….maybe find us a good recipe for GREENIES???? Snoopy like to chew his treat and biscuits are usually gone in one bite. LOL

    Thanks for all the love!!!


  4. samantha says:

    You saved my dogs life.We just discovered after three years of vetting that he has a chicken allergy and is a picky on top of it.We switched to beef nutrish and he not only loves it ,but he no longer has loose stools.Yeh!!Sullivan the great dane says,THANK YOU!!!!

  5. Plan B Mom says:

    Roberta – The safest thing to do is check with your vet – they will let you know if your dog should get the flu shot. Good luck!

  6. Greytgal1 says:

    They have been saying the flu started with greyhounds. Since I own 2 retired racing greyhounds I keep a close eye on them and keep them up on their shots, especially the Bordatella.

    Another place that seems to be a place for this flu to spread is dog shows. If you go to one make sure you wipe the soles of your shoes with a disinfectant and wash your hands before you go home to your pet. That way you have less chance of spreading the flu. The greyhound kennels that had the flu did this and kept the flu under control.

    I have a friend whose dog got sick after being at a dog show. Vet said that is where the dog pick up the illness since dogs come from all over the country for a show it is easy for an illness to spread. Thank goodness it wasn’t the flu but dog was ill for some time with a bad tummy.

  7. Mindy Boomershine says:

    I love you and your show, my dog only eats your food and your treats. If you make it then it must be good. I dont have kids so he is my son, I love you Rach I hope to someday come to your show!!!!!

  8. Texas Vet says:

    Thank you for not hyping up the canine influenza like the media has! Yes there is a canine influenza out there but its not as wide spread or rampant as the media makes it to be. Basically if your dog gets a kennel cough vaccine (bordatella) he should get a CIV vaccine. Any dog traveling, kenneling, or showing should seriously consider adding canine influenza to their vaccine schedule otherwise it can be skipped. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and Rachel thanks for promoting pitbulls, they are a wonderful breed with a bad rap!

  9. Dee says:

    I just made a little Shitz Shu a very happy dog. Yesterday, 12/31/09 I adopted her from the SPCA, she now starts the New Tear with a new life and a Forever home. Sally, is a sweet 3 y/o getting used to her new home and family and all her kitty brothers and sisters. Happy New year!!

  10. Melanie says:

    Hi Rachael, I love my dog as much as you do and I feed her only the best food. She is pekingnese. I admire you for adopting a pit bull. these dogs need special care and attention. When i got lola a year ago, i thought how boring my life was before i had her. she is a cutie! i wish i could send you a picture of her

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