Hall and Oates has my vote!

Did you know Hall and Oates, one of the biggest pop rock duos in history has not yet been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame???   That’s why we want you to leave me a comment here and this will act as our petition to get these guys into the Hall of Fame.  We’ll gather all of your kind words, and send this off to show just how much we support these guys.

So tell us why you love Hall and Oates and why you think they should join the likes of other excellent rockers.  You can leave comments or even just your name if you don’t have much time.  It all counts!

p.s. tune in for their performance on November 9th on the Rachael Ray show!  Watch the backastage video today!

2,185 Responses to “Hall and Oates has my vote!”

  1. brittany says:

    hi my name is Brittany Riegler and i am 18 years old and i love your show but i really loved the one with the cast of twilight and i tried so hared to get tickets to that show but we are so tight with money right now but my parents said that for one of my birthdays i was going to get to go to your show but that has not happened but i really wish i could have be there to see the cast of twilight.

  2. Pam says:

    Hall and Oates are the best!!! Been a fan since 1975. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are the one’s who are losing out.

  3. Emmanuelle says:

    Hello, I just want you to know that i’ve been a fan of Hall & Oates since i was only 11 years old, i’m now 39 !!! They are the best group ever.

    Montréal, Canada

  4. Jayne says:

    “She’s a Maneater”…They are two of the best/Those voices, the music, the groove—danced many a marathon with the help of this music……..
    Get them in there, NOW….

  5. Laura says:


    I’m amazed to hear that Hall & Oates have not been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, that’s a crime! They still sound as good as they did when they first
    started singing, they’ve always been one of my all time favorite groups!

    I just listened to Darryl Hall sing You Are Everything, he’s amazing! They deserve
    this more than anyone else I can think of! Get them in!

  6. Deborah says:

    How is it possible after all the success this talented duo has had. In fact this is so mind boggling I feel like there has to be some politics involved. I’ve heard the comment made that Hall&Oates music wont fit into any one genre of music and this is why no “Hall of fame” My question is shouldn’t the Hall of Fame induct talented and worthy people. Just because they might be a little R&B and Soul and Rock doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be recognized. Hall of Fame I hope yoour listening your prejudice in showing …..Shame shame shame

  7. DeborahPA says:

    My favorite group of all time! Yes, they should be inducted!!!

  8. kerry dean says:

    crazy about hall&oates. the “hall” of fame should get w/ it. time for a “change of season”. they have my vote.

  9. Gary Dean says:

    Rachel…every credit to you for starting this action to get Daryl and John where they belong! Whose best memories DON’T include several Hall and Oates songs?

    I’ve been a fan of Daryl’s Live From Daryl’s House since my singer told me about it. Whoever needs to hear this public pressure to get them into the HoFame had better be listenin’ up!

    Once again…good job Rachel! Gary (Brit-in-Texas).

  10. Tina Moody says:

    I do really find that hard to believe. They are a wonderful part of our past and present. Thanks for this chance to help to have their talent Recognized for what we already have known for years. Go Hall and Oates! I love you Rachael!
    LOL Tina

  11. Roger Plummer says:

    Why should Daryl Hall and John Oates be inducted into the R&RHOF? How about the fact they have sold more albums/cassettes/CDs than any duo in popular music history!

    But that only tells the ‘money’ side of the story. The ‘heart’ side is why Hall & Oates are so amazing and special. From “Sara Smile” in the 70s, to “One On One” in the 80s, to “So Close” (my favorite) in the 90s, to “Do It For Love” in the 2000s, Hall and Oates have been making music that just overflows with soul and emotion.

    And you can’t forget their dance music! If “Say It Isn’t So”, “I Can’t Go For That”, and “You Make My Dreams” doesn’t get your toes tapping, then you don’t have a pulse!

    Electronic, acoustic, recorded or live, Hall and Oates are fantastic singers, songwriters and musicians.

    How about a Blue Eyed Soul wing of the Hall of Fame with a statue of Daryl and John right at the entrance? INDUCT THEM NOW!!!

  12. Lauren P. says:

    I may have grown up in 1989 but I definitely know mt taste in music. Growing up and appreciating 80s music has expanded my horizon to a whole new world of entertainment. One of my favorite groups is Hall and Oates hands down. The beat and rhythm that flows from every song really gets me excited. With music as amazing and soulful as theirs, how could you not induct this awesome men? Induct Hall and Oates because they deserve every bit of it!!

  13. Raya says:

    I have been listening to Hall and Oats since 1970′s and will keep on listening. They deserve to be in the R & R Hall of Fame.

  14. mabelle says:

    Definitely, I would have thought they would already have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Count me in on this petition. xoxoxo

  15. Groi says:

    I’m from Norway, and the episode whit Hall and Oates was going on tv too day. And i like too vote sow Hall and Oates are coming on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Greeting from winter Norway.

  16. Cass says:

    I can’t believe it! Induct them now.

  17. Alice Small says:

    I can’t believe they are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! I’ve been listening to them since the 70′s. There is not one song I don’t like. I did get to see them in concert and they were great! Count me in! I absolutely love Hall & Oates!!!

    Levittown, PA

  18. Hehbabe says:

    I absolutely love Hall and Oates – their soulful music and enthusiasm to stretch their music career over decades just shows that we want them here forever! So much talent in those two! I’d cast a million votes if I could!!!

  19. Martha says:

    I’m sooo much a fan of these incredible artists! Love them!! I listen to them almost everyday. Try not to miss a concert. “You’re Outta Touch” is my ringtone, I workout to their CDs, to do housework, etc, and of course in the car they make my drive more enjoyable. Not to mention watching LFDH on the computer’s so fun.
    Why, why, oh why are the most soulful, passionate, multi-talented Hall&Oates NOT in the Rock’nRoll Hall of Fame?!?! There are too many “no talents” included. Daryl and Johns’ time came many years ago and is way overdue!!
    I’ve listened to their music since the 70′s and don’t intend to stop at 57. My youngest son at 21 is a big time fan as well. Induct H&O NOW!!!!

  20. Ate Sienna says:

    they should be inducted!!!! They’re an institution.

  21. Sweet Kiwi says:

    Hall & Oates definitely gets my vote! I have one of their Greatest Hits, double CDs that I listen to in my car and home all the time. I even played one of my favs by them (You Make My Dreams Come True)when taking my younger cousins to a Disney on Ice show. My way of introducing them to great artists and music before their time.

  22. Traci Mac says:

    Thank you, Rachael.You’re an angel for doing this for Daryl & John, they deserve this and so much more.Two beautiful,beautiful men with poet hearts that shine through their music- music that helped me through good, and not so good, times-THANKS for that!You’re already inducted into my (and all our) heart.

    Rhode Island

  23. Richelle says:

    Well it may seem outdated but the show aired today in New Zealand and I was thrilled to see the guys still rockin and hot. I can’t believe they are not in the Hall of Fame – I plan to get the CD pack also and update some of my music files as they bring back so many memories! Hey I love your shpw it solves so many dinner mysteries around our house. Greek sausage and butter beans are in the oven!

    Alaskan in New Zealand

  24. Please cast my vote!! Daryl and John SO deserve to be in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame it is ridiculous they are not already…Thank You for doing something about that! PS I love how you cook!!!

  25. Sandi says:

    Your kiss is on my list!!! LOVE Hall and Oates, love all their songs and not to give away my age but I still have their records!!!!!

    You have my vote!

  26. PAM says:



  27. Junah says:

    They should be INDUCTED!

  28. Annie L. Newman says:


    How wonderful that you decided to do this.

    Daryl Hall and John Oats have inspired me since the 70s. I love their music and their spirit. No words can express how much I feel I have received from their music.

    Rock on to you all!

  29. Ilene says:

    One of my favorite groups of all time. Have seen them in concert almost every time they’ve been in the Baltimore area. They have my vote to be inducted into the Music Hall of Fame. Rachael, thanks for making this happen, you have my support!

  30. Michele says:

    Definitely a travesty that these two should be left out of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Their music defines a generation and is the soundtrack of so many of our lives. Politics and nepotism has no place in honoring a group that has influenced so many and brought so much joy. Five concerts, 30 years later and I am still listening. Thanks, guys.

  31. Jeff says:

    Thanks for Rachael Ray’s support of this worthy cause hopefully this will make the difference and get Hall & Oats the much deserved spot in the RRHF that they so truly deserve.

  32. Sandy says:

    Truly one of the best groups in the last 30yrs, it’s a shame they have been past over by the RRHF all these years. They most denfinitly deserve to be in the RRHF and they have my vote. I have loved their music, like forever. Thanks Rachael for starting this campaign to get them in RRHF!

  33. Please enter hall & oates in the Rock & roll music hall of fame

  34. lucy says:

    Hall & Oates deserve their place in history forever! They are one of the most unique and lasting groups and have spanned the decades! Hope to see them in the RRHF in 2011!

  35. Hall & Oates has impacted my life from the 80′s until this day, these guys DESERVE to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They are incredible singers, songwriters and musicians. They have too often gone unrecognized for their creative work by the media but the fans speak and their music lives on forever.

  36. I have and do listen to Hall and Oates from the begininning of their muscial career and think this is one of the best achievements they could have to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and do want to see this happen for them.May they produce many many more years of music for the listeners and viewers to enjoy.Thank you,Cathy McPherson

  37. VALERIE says:


  38. Michael D. OK.C says:

    They not being in the hall of fame makes us all look stupid!!!! Git R Done Already!

  39. Lilly Fields says:

    Come on Hall of fame guys…Hall n Oats are an amazing duo. So talented. Darryl has to have the best most diverse vocal range ever. Just brilliant. As a duo they are still going strong, even though Darryl has been unwell the last few years. Their love of music is evident in the way their music comes across and connects with the audience. Their music and song writing ability over the years would be really super hard to beat. They deserve to be in the rock no roll hall of fame.
    Thanks Rachael for giving us the opportunity to express our appreciation for Darryl and John and for spearheading this campaign to get them recognised and into the hall of fame.

    Warm regards

  40. Dolly says:

    Hall & Oates rocks!!!

  41. Janice says:

    Oh My Golly Rachel! John Hall and Daryl Oates have been one of my faves ever since high school! To this day whenever their songs come on the radio I can’t help but dance to them. My 21 year old daughter even loves them now. There have been local bands trying to imitate their music, and they are pretty good. I’ll be a 70′s girl until I die! Get these guys inducted into the hall of fame already! They deserve it.

  42. marlene says:

    Yes I am a big John Hall fan…count me in

  43. Ruth Ruska says:

    It has always amazed me, in this world of ours how many great and talented people go unnoticed, I believe them to be very talented, creative and just downright good people. They should have made the hall of fame long ago. I love their music,the spirit and soul they put into it.
    Thank you for making me aware of the hall of fames’ oversight….God Bless you all
    Ruth Ruska

  44. Terri Hill says:

    Hall and Oates are among the best entertainers in the world. I absolutely love their music. Please add my name to your campaign to get them into the Hall of Fame. They are truly deserving.

  45. Bob Gutekunst says:

    Can not believe Hall and Oates not in Hall of Fame.
    Followed them from Temple in Philly, raised my kids
    on them. Many concerts at the Tower in Philly, and
    of course when they went Big time at the Spectrum.
    Again, I can not understand why not in the Hall of
    Fame. We may have to get a Private Eye, to check
    this out.
    Best music ever written and best ever sung.
    Please add my name for the induction into Hall of Fame.

  46. Harold says:

    Hall and Oates are of my favorite musical groups. I feel they should have a spot in the Hall of Fame, as a matter of fact Hall’s name is part of the name “Hall of Fame”

  47. Irene H. from Milford, CT says:

    I first started listening to Hall & Oates in the 70′s, when I was a teenager. My 28-year-old daughter, who is also a fan, took me to see them perform at Foxwoods recently as a combination late-birthday/mother’s day present. I am still mezmerized by their performance. They are in a nutshell: The heart and soul of all the good music that we grew up with. This is what the people want.

    God Bless!

  48. joe u says:

    HOF best duo ever and every1 knows there songs. HOF plzzzzzz

  49. greg says:

    what can you say great songs memorable melodies harmonies everything

  50. hank gastro says:

    Hall and Oates, if I’m listening to there songs I know I’m having a good day.

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