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Rach’s Book of Ten

Get Rach’s newest cookbook, featuring her favorite recipe collections in groups of ten. For more than a decade, Rachael Ray has wowed you with her flavorful dishes on TV. And she has written one incredible collection after collection of delicious 30-minute meals. Her latest cookbook includes her most-requested recipes from fans like you and her family faves. Rachael Ray’s Book of 10 is jam-packed with thirty top 10 lists of recipes in all your favorite categories. Leave it to Rachael to make a book that is easy to use and fun, too!

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18 Responses to “Rach’s Book of Ten”

  1. MabelandMe says:

    Hi LML – Happy Fall to you!!! Are there any tour dates yet? And is Rach planning on coming out west this year? We did not get our BOB books signed.

  2. jill says:

    i want to fine those exersise that you had on todays show with valerie bertanally and her trainer????

  3. It’s absolutely wonderful that Amazon already has Rachael’s new book discounted, however don’t know what the shipping on that would be, if you don’t spend the 25 dollars, I have bought from them before and as I recall the shipping really isn’t alot so hope this helps all the people out there who can’t afford the book otherwise.

  4. Terah says:

    Hi Rachael!! me and my mom love your show.. we watch it every morning!!!!! I love your cooking!! i’ve tried a couple recipes. I would love to be in the audience one day!!

  5. Rehanna says:

    This has absolutely nothing to do with this blog but I am extremely frustrated right now! I’m trying to buy a subscription and it’s not allowing me to! I live in Toronto. Why does the drop down menu list Canadian provinces if there isn’t a spot to put CANADA as the country to which the mag should be delivered? It keeps saying “invalid zip code and country” – WHAT? I’m trying to give this as a gift to my little sister who just LOVES it! Is there a RR employee out there reading this and wanna HELP? PLEASE and THANK YOU!

  6. Ginger Cartee says:

    hey rachael

    i love to watch you on tv i wish i can have your pots and pans hope to talk to u later i wish i can come to see you in person

  7. Madeline says:

    Hey Last Minute Lady,

    Any word on a book tour for Rach’s new book? Thanks!

  8. tamijo1 says:

    I am looking forward to your new book! I have BOB and really like it! My boyfriend is Bob and he gave me your pots for Christmas last year plus the subscription to your magazine! It is in his name so I often laugh the day it arrives! We love the things I have made so far and look forward to more in the future!

  9. Renee Brewer says:

    Hey Rachael!

    I love and watch your show almost everyday! I wish to someday see your show! Do you ever travel to Oregon?
    I ve tried a few of your recipes and you always make everything you do look so easy! It would be my ultimate wish to meet you in person! keep up the awesome shows!
    Renee Brewer
    Merlin Oregon

  10. ilovebradpaisleyandrachaelray says:

    hey rach!i heard you were sick.hope you feel better soon.luv you.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  11. ilknur sezer says:

    Dear Rachael Ray

    My name is ─░lknur Sezer.

    I live in turkey
    I’m watching with interest and much like your program.Are very practical and very good food cooking.

    Home decor and also organize a small portion of space I would watch with interest.

    I would be living in Amerika would love to join your program.

    I live in Turkey, but my biggest dream to see you and you can join your program.

    Because I would appreciate you I your fan. Very sweet and very sincere and very friendly must.

    I wanted to write my thoughts about you.

    I wish you continued success.Stay healthy and happy…

  12. Annie says:

    I am trying to ask a cooking question, but cant find where to clik on to submit the question. Can you help


  13. Robyn says:

    Have u tried cooking newfie recipes?(newfoundland, canada)

  14. Dana J says:

    I am guessing there will not be a Book of Ten book tour? Does anyone know??

  15. Maggie M says:

    Rachel: I made your Chicken Potpie from the Boot tonight….MAN WAS THAT GOOD!!! Just wanted to tell you that I love you. Your recipes are spot on and your instructions are easy to follow. Delicious and nutritious and EASY. Thank you!!

  16. Dear Rachael
    I live in Ipswich Queensland Australia, and your show is on ch W on paid TV and I try and never miss it, I think we are about 10 months behind, I laugh and cry with you, you must put a lot of psychologist out of work over there. I am only learning to fly this computer and the net, so this morning I tried joining your club and ordering or getting more information on that towel with the oven mitt in it, I don’t know if i was successful. I haven’t cooked any of your dishes but now I know how to find them, I will start, It’s only my husband and I. I do like your serving dishes, they are unique stylish, your rubbish bowls, I would like to know how to order them, or even if you send as far as “Aus”.
    Thank you for a great show, if I ever get to “NY” I hope to get to see your show, and the View another I don’t miss.

    Pamela Heffernan

  17. Lillian says:

    dairy,veg,meat barbecue

    Take a steak(i use thin) bast it with favorite bbq
    sauce lightly,use rolling pin to flatten it and roll it thin,cut slice potatoes,onion,green&red peppers,
    carrots ,salt ,pepper,mushrooms and roll up the meat
    tuck flap under and both ends also. put in tinfoil &
    throw on barbaque grill.When done you slice it get meat and vegs neat slice serve with bbq potatoes with cheese fill &/or beans.Mom is happy ,kids won’t know they got the daily allowed needed veg,dairy and

  18. Candida says:

    Hi Rachael. I have a few questions related to the kitchen area and my culinary concerns and daily food needs.
    1.- I recently moved and I would like to improved my ingredientes selection: What are the most spices needed in a kitchen besides salt and pepper.
    2.- Indespensable cookware.
    3.- If you seasoning your complete menu on the weekend,What acid you should not use. well no complete because rice, pasta, and meat could be done in minutes.
    4.- how to take care products inside refrigerator and outside.
    5.- Keep your kitchen clean: stove, counter, cookware, grill

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