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Help, I Need to Pick a Photo of Baloo!

Ok, so I have a tough decision to make and I need your help! A few weeks ago I brought Baloo in for an out of the box fundraiser. As a fundraiser for Animal Haven, one of my favorite shelters in downtown Manhattan, uber talented Pet photographer, or “petographer” as she calls herself, Ixiana Hernandez, donated her time and expertise to photograph dogs in a makeshift studio at the shelter. The cost was only $30 for this pro photo session, and the photos turned out AMAZING, problem is now I want to pick 1 photo out of all the ones she took, to get blown up as wall art!

Take a look at Ixiana’s handy work, and let me know which one I should pick!

I would LOVE to get your advice!:

And, in case you want to replicate this photo session at home, here are petographer, Ixiana Hernandez’s tips for how to take the best photos of your doggies at home!

Ixiana & The Loo

1. “I always tell people to wear out their pups a little, take them for a long walk and play with them before we attempt to photograph them, it gets rid of some of their nervous energy and makes them more willing to cooperate.”

2. “Keep them in a contained space while taking a photo, for example a couch or chair.  Limiting their mobility a little helps, specially for young dogs ( puppies!).”

3. “Have your pets favorite treat  or squeaky toy handy.  Its easier to keep their attention that way.  Reward them with a treat if they sit or stay ( keeps them motivated ) and use the squeaker (or make an unusual noise )to get an alert or attentive expression.  People usually know words that provoke certain expressions on their pets, sounds that make them tilt their heads etc, use them.”


4. “And finally use all available lighting.  Avoiding the flash  in your snap shot camera is best.  Using natural sun light can be very flattering, just avoid harsh lighting ( usually happens outside in the middle of the day)  its too bright and not flattering.”

27 Responses to “Help, I Need to Pick a Photo of Baloo!”

  1. Linda/JakeVangellow says:

    How PRECIOUS!! Evette, like yourself, I/we have a very photogenic little guy!! His name is Jake! I have loved Rachel, ever since she used to do the travel channel-? Ahe has GROWN so much & I love what she does for the animal’s to. I thoroughly BELIEVE in a ADOPTION/SPAYING! I hope you get this comment. Linda/Phil/Jake Vangellow

  2. Rick says:

    Why does Baloo, a well know follically challanged canine, look like she has hair. Proves what a really talanted petographer can do.

  3. Debby says:

    Baloo looks so full of spirit and understanding. It was so great to see a picture in the paper this morning of a puppy being rescued from a collapsed house in Chile. The things you and Ixiana are doing, keeping animals and particularly rescue animals in the news, I think have a huge impact on how we all see treatment of animals!

  4. Beverly says:

    Difficult to choose! So glad you are supporting Animal Haven. It does really important work.

  5. Balouha says:

    What a difficult choice!! Pets are so precious yet often so impossible to photograph. I like #5 the best, but I am partial to ‘head shots’. My rescue dog has recently come to live with me and Barclay poses many challenges. We have to find that bonding experience, but he definitely makes life full and interesting.

  6. Chris says:

    I am impressed at how what is apparently a really funny loking dog can be made to look so great.

  7. Karen says:

    From south of London, I am addicted to Rachael Ray and like it even more when the put Evette on (Telly, website or Magazine). Her dog, however, looks a bit like a rat.

  8. Georgia says:

    Oooo Evette, I love your little baby. Your pictures make me think of my little baby gone over a year now and tears come to my eyes.

  9. Jason says:

    That dog is ridiculous cute, and I’m a cat person. I like munber 8 best because it makes the little beast look so noble; though number 3 would be good as a Shepard Fairey/Obama ‘Hope’ poster.

  10. MIldred Hayes says:

    I like all of them I can see why it is hard to choose1 I am especially fond of # 8

  11. Darlene C. says:

    It was so hard to pick a favorite picture. Baloo is absolutely adorable! I have a beautiful Chihuahua & she & Baloo could be siblings.

  12. Kathie H. says:

    In addition to the wonderful suggestions, may I add…….keep your camera ready at all times. When trying to get a “full-attention” shot of one of our dogs, I had the camera and my hubby had the toy. He stood right above me as I kneeled in front of the dog. He made the toy squeak, she perked her ears, I got a wonderful series of shots. We’ve rescued many dogs in 40+ years of marriage. Best Wishes – enjoyed the precious pix !!

  13. J says:

    I like #8 because it’s not a head shot. It would be good if you could get him with his nose lowered or head cocked to one side. But that’s not the easiest with animals. What a cute dog. Adoption and Rescue rock!

  14. debbie heim says:

    so neat! i love to take photo’s of my little chihuahua!

  15. Paula says:

    adorable dog, good luck with the new member of the family. Any tips for me photgraphing my 200 lb Saint Bernard Beauti-full?

  16. TRACY says:

    I like number 6 photo! Its just a kissable side :)

  17. Maggie says:

    #9 would be my pick. I love the full shot with his attention directly out at the camera.
    What a cute face.

  18. Jennifer says:

    I like number 4. He is so cute. All are done well.

  19. smiley says:

    I love watching Ray’s 30 minutes meals..Living on a Caribbean Island can sometimes be hard to get some of the ingredients and I was thinking maybe or if possible she could do a couple of Caribbean meals..We Caribbean people love to cook as well..

  20. Fayette says:

    I recently purchased the Rachael Ray Nylon Tools 2-pc. Lazy Spoon and Ladle Set. I love ‘em! My wife don’t like ‘em! She’s left handed and the spoon cradle is upside down when she needs to set it on the rim of the pan. Are there any plans to make a left handed set of the spoons????? Thanks

  21. betsy diver says:

    I like #8 because he’s “in action” poised for a puppy parade! God bless you, Rachael, just saw your bio on “E” although I had seen some on chefography , FN before. love to see upstate girl make good. I just moved back to Columbia County after 4o years away… Hudson. Would you ever consider opening a restaurant/bistro? Seems like the new demographics of Hudson would be a great place to try it out! I know you’re not a chef but has anyone ever heard of the school of hard knocks? Come on…

  22. ready says:

    hiya sorry this is very unrelated i watched an episode of yours where they were using lasers to get rid of spider veins…. i am 22 and my feet are full of spider viens… it is soo gross that i feel like crying when i see my feet and i try to avoid looking at them as much as i can.
    i have just volunteered as a nurse in cambodia and i found it so tough because they take their shoes off everywhere and i spend long times with my feet covered in blankets even though it was 45 degrees celcius…

    i dont have money to have the treatment yet but it is being saved for i was just wondering how to pick a good laser clinic, i live in aus and have heard some bad stories…. any tips advice
    thanks ready

  23. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a good fundraiser. Star, my alaskan husky/ shepherd mix, desperately needs a $3,000 surgery that I can’t afford, but I would like to try to raise the money for her. She is 1 1/2 yrs old, but suffers from juvenille cataracts. she is rapidly going blind, but this can be fixed with cataract surgery as the rest of her eyes are completely functional. The poor girl has already had a rough start. She lost her Mom at 5 weeks old, and then broke her rear femur at 6 wks. Due to her age & rate of growth at the time, nothing could be done except to let nature heal it & she will be somewhat crippled for the rest of her life. I can’t just watch her go blind too! Do you know of any groups that may help to raise the money for the surgery? She is very timid and shy around strangers, so adoptng her out is not a feasable option. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  24. gaylia says:

    if you are blowing the pic up you want a full view of his face—not him looking up or turned away so you cant see the full face and next you will need to consider just head shot or full body view….thats why i picked the full body with dog looking straight at ya

  25. Samantha says:

    Such adorable pictures!I couldn’t decide to fast!I picked # 8!Rach you are such an inspiration to me!!I love watching your shows and you just have the right attitude!Keep smiling your a Beautiful lady!!I love what you are helping with it is really awsome!!love you from New Port Richey,Florida!! ((hugs))

  26. Angela says:

    I pick Number 8. A true model!

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