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Dear Joel McHale… I want my can!

So, it was my dear friend Deanne who called to tell me the news. For one of the very first times in my life since the 5th grade spelling B, I had won something!

The Soup had nominated our crazy Halloween Ewok segment for a 2010 Soup Award (their version of the Oscars) for “Most Traumatic Today Show Moment.” The competition was stiff, but Joel McHale announced us as the winners! Woo Hoo!

Problem is, I never received the award, a really nifty can. I have nothing to show for one of the proudest moments in my life, no Award Can to collect my tears of joy. And that segment wouldn’t have been half as traumatic, or a tenth as full decorating tips without me there. See for yourself (yes, that is me with the weird, straight mermaid hair).

It’s really hard to do Halloween segments when Ewoks are bumping Mummy Dogs off your head, and trying to steal your Boo-tinis. Not to mention doing unmentionable things to Al Roker’s leg… At risk of sounding Ms. Piggy, I think I deserve that award.

So please, I need all of your help in telling Joel McHale and the entire crew at The Soup, THAT I REALLY WANT MY CAN!!!

And yes, if you are wondering, I have prepared an acceptance speech. Both in English and in Spanish. Video to come, once I receive my award.

Feel free to lend your support on The Soup’s own message boards (where I have created the helpful “Ewok Victim Seeks Can Reparations” thread, as a place to leave your comments), or post below for Rach and I to read. I know I’m crafty, but it would be sad to have to make my own Award Can. Sniff.

Folks at The Soup, feel free to send my 2010 The Soup Awards, Award Can to:

Evette Rios

900 Broadway

Suite 1001

New York, NY 10003


2 Responses to “Dear Joel McHale… I want my can!”

  1. Rick says:

    At the very least Evette ought to share The Can with Al Roker….. For readers who haven’t seen the award show, it is worth the $1.99 Itunes will charge you. Just go to Itunes, open the Itunes store and search for thesoup. The 2010 awards are the first thing that pops up. Definately worth the two bucks.

    I will be interested to seed how Evette and the Today crew top the now infameous Ewok episode next year

  2. Debby says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, she deserves the soup can!!!!!!! Drunk Ewoks and now no award? What the hey?

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