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Adopting a Rescue Dog

How cute is this guy, Gavin? Very jaunty in his plaid jacket, I’d say. He is a rescue dog recently adopted by my friend and her family, and from the sounds of it, it was a lot of work! Adopting a rescue dog is one of the best things you can do for a dog – rescue dogs are often older dogs (over six months of age) who have been given up or removed from an abusive or neglected household or the streets. I was surprised when I was speaking to this friend to learn that rescue dog adoption is no easy feat(!) and quite an exhaustive process.

I was under the false assumption that adopting a rescue dog was like gong to the pound or SPCA where you can walk out with a dog the same day. Was I ever wrong. My friend, who is a married, stay-at-home mother of two school-aged children (and an attorney by profession) and owns her single family home, was rejected by one organization because she didn’t have a fenced-in yard.

Next, she was allowed to bring home a rescued dog on a trial basis, during which her children became quite attached, only to be rejected and have the dog taken away. The organization thought since it was to be her daughter’s (she is eight) dog, there was a likelihood that the dog might be eventually neglected, despite the fact that my friend, the mother, insisted she would be ultimately accountable for the dog.

I personally think that this stringent process is testament to these rescue dog shelters and the importance they place on finding the right homes for these animals. Obviously adopting a dog is not something that should be done on a whim, as is evidenced by this screening process.

Here are a few tips on adopting a rescue dog and where to start:

1. is a good place to start the process to learn about local and national rescue groups, what breeds they have, contact information, etc. You can even plug in the breed of dog in which you are interested and your zip code, and it has an online catalog with photos of adoptable dogs. You can spend hours on this site, trust me. It also lists what to look for in a shelter (what are the conditions? what is the return policy?) and what to do when you are picking out your dog at the shelter (i.e., how to test the dog’s temperament).  

2. Typical screening questions from rescue groups include:

  • Why do you want this breed?
  • Do you have enough time and energy for a Border Collie (or a Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador Retriever, or a…)?
  • Do you have a fenced yard? If not, do you plan to walk the dog a mile or more every day?
  • Will the dog live indoors or outside?
  • Do you have kids? How old?
  • Do you have other pets?
  • Do you plan to visit the veterinarian at least once a year?
  • etc.
  • 3. Be prepared. Many rescue groups require a comprehensive application be filled out, references checked, and a home visit  before you can even see the dogs. They aim to match specific breeds of dogs with specific home situations (ie, a high energy dog wouldn’t be matched with someone who is at work all day).

    4. Remember, it’s all worth it. You are saving a dog, but you are also getting a great dog. Rescue dogs are frequently pure-breeds that are often already house-broken and trained - for a fraction of the cost of going to a breeder.

    If you have adopted a rescue dog, share your stories here!

    33 Responses to “Adopting a Rescue Dog”

    1. Melanie says:

      I have 3 dogs & 2 cats. All are from shelters. Some are from Indianapolis when I lived there. Some are from Florida as I have lived here for 5 years. They are the best dogs ever! The Shepherd Mix is way too smart as she unlocks the sliding glass door, opens it and goes outside to bark at the gardners. When I am gone, I need to put a chair in front of the door so she won’t scare them. The Basset Mix sings and the mini poodle does nothing special, but she is a sweet dog. I am an artist. Recently, I painted a dog out of my imagination. He is very funny and cute. He made me so happy when I looked at the painting. After a lot of thought and research, I have now turned that painting into a 9″ plush toy. He is a very good likeness of the painting. I am donating $1.00/toy to a local animal shelter. Hope you take a look at my website, look at HOOPER and you will be able to see the painting and the toy. Thank you for reading this and thank you for all you do for animals.

    2. elina says:

      I have a wonderful shitzu nanmned coco channel who is a home and hospice dog 3 years old. I was going to petsmart and under the table for sad sac animal rescue was this 6 year old shitzu named ramsey, he was odd looking and the foster parents stated they are running out of room and he has to go somewhere. Well long story short went home got coco they met. I did all the paperwork, within a few days had him beauty fide, balls cut, teeth pulled, new collar and toys, he is settling in wonderfully. That following week one of the home and hospice people we deal with passed away had two cats 18 and 16, well guess what theyy now have a home me as well, so I have a townhouse of four legged peopple and I could not be happier

    3. chris says:

      We adopted our shitzu when a man dropped her off at the apartment building that my mom lives. He said that she followed him home and he couldn’t keep her and wanted his mom to take her but she couldn’t. My mom called to tell me about her and I said no at first because as a young child I had ben bitten by a dog and wasn’t very fond of them. Luckily my family made me call my mother back and she brought her over the next day. I wasn’t sure at first because I knew that she had belonged to somebody and I looked very hard for her owner but nobody ever claomed her. I love her like one of my kids now! I joke that she is the best behaved!zi just can’t imagine life without her and I can’t believe the no one looked for her. I think that she was meant to be with our family because she was never scared or skiddish she just came in and it was like she was always in our family!

    4. Kathy says:

      We rescued a Chow Chow, Chewbacca (Chuey)six yrs. ago. He was afraid of everything. Today he is the most beautiful red Chow, calm and easy going. He watches out for everyone without being aggressive. My two grandchildren, Colton-7 and Kellyn – 3, have grown up around Chuey. They use him as their pillow. He is the cutest dog. We have since brought into out home a Shih Tzu, Kobby (4 yrs.), he is the prince and has never known a bad day. He is my buddy and the sweetest dog who is by my side always. August 1st we rescued a Labradoodle from a breeder. She is 3 yrs. old, chocolate brown and very curly. Her name is Hershey. She was used for breeding and had not lived outside of a kennel. Hershey is learning to be a pampered dog. She has two dog buddies and they have their own doggie door and a big yard to run in. She loves the dog park. It will take time for her to be socialized and more comfortable around everyone but she is doing so much better. We are so blessed to have these dogs in our home. We are retired and our children are adults. We have a very busy home with people coming and going and I know Hershey will become the beautiful and loved dog she is meant to be.

    5. Judi says:

      We adopted Trixie, a Beagle/Min Pin mix a couple of months ago from the SPCA. She is about a year old and was running at large when they picked her up. She spent the whole summer at the shelter, and we still can’t figure out why someone didn’t snatch her up. She is the most awesome dog who looks like a tiny Beagle with Min Pin markings. Wonderfully behaved and loves everyone in our family of 4 plus two cats and two house rabbits. I highly recommend going to the shelter because they are the most at risk and you can find some fantastic companion animals there. Trixie has settled in like she has always been a part of our family. And, she LOVES Nutrish. She has eaten it from the beginning and I also use it as bait to train her. It works perfectly. Thanks, Rachel!

    6. Allison says:

      Adopting a dog is one of the BEST decisions my husband and I ever made. We adopted our pit bull mix from Animal Control in Brooklyn, NYC. He is the biggest mush on the planet, loves other dogs and is the best running partner I could have asked for. To those thinking of adopting I will say this…I read somewhere that undoubtedly in the first 48 hours you will think “what have I done! this is awful” – don’t worry, this will pass. Once you and your new family member get a schedule and get to know each other you’ll be hooked for life!

    7. Mary says:

      I have adopted six animals now, four dogs and two cats. I could not be happier. If you want to go to the shelter in your area, the price and problems are low. If you want to get say, a Bichon, you’ll have to go through the exhaustive process.
      My one dog Madra is a chow chow mix, he’s about 11 or 12 now (unsure) and while he’s getting on in years, he is still my beloved baby. Our four kids think of him as a sibling, and I think of him as the best animal I have ever had, hands down, He is nothing short of an angel. He was $64 dollars, plus a licence, and we took him to the vet after adoption. Shelters will not give an animal who can reproduce, so that vet bill was a check up. He has been a total joy to us.
      My other two dogs are Bichons, although neither is according to DNA ($50.00 – look online). One is a poodle mix, one is a Poodle Maltese mix. Who cares? They’re lovely, sweet, and all three make my life a joy. If only my kids were “housebroken” so easily, came when I called them, and showed Mama the love when she comes in! They ask for no expensive clothes, shampoo that costs the GNP of a third world nation, don’t talk back, keep secrets, and are always glad to spend time with us. S
      adly, my two cats are gone, and we are facing the kids going away – two next year alone, so we will go from three dogs to one as their time comes. I would not trade one moment of thier lives with us for anything.

    8. Marketta plank says:

      Dear rachal i have a two year cocker
      Spaniel that i got free from an
      Owner who didnt feed him right
      Or take care of him at all he is
      My baby and spoiled i believe sometimes
      You might rescue dog with out going to a shelter love your show marketta plank

    9. My husband and I run a pit bull rescue in Tennessee. We take in hard to place dogs with behavioral issues or who just are hard to place due to age, color, or breed. The reason that rescues are so demanding when it comes to their animals is the fact fact that the dogs in our care often come from very difficult situations. They are starved, abandoned, left tied to die to a tree or dog house. We invest not only financial resources but also time, love and attention into these animals. We want to make sure that where ever we place them they have found a forever home. Our rescue offers a safety line for prospective owners, as do many rescues. If a dog adopted through us is ever in need of us again we are there. We would rather retrieve an animal than have it end up in a kill shelter or with someone who may not take care of it the way it needs to be taken care of. Your life changes, you have to move and cannot take the dog, or for whatever reason you can no longer keep the dog (life changes in the oddest ways in a heartbeat). We want the dog to come back to us. We are committed to these animals until the day they die, hopefully from old age. We offer socialization of the dogs that are former New Life Rescues for owners, we offer puppy day care during the day for former rescues, we even offer continued obedience training for the dogs. We want to know that you are happy with your selection and that the dog is in a fabulous home. I have had to turn down people in the past due to various reasons for adoption. I try very hard to do it nicely, but at times you can tell that someone has just not thought through how a dog will change their lives. These animals have been through so much before they come to us, we just want to make sure that their prospective owners understand that when you adopt a dog or cat, you are making a commitment to that animal to care for it, get vet care when needed, shelter and food for that animal, as well as love it and show it compassion. It isn’t like getting a new phone. When the next hottest item comes out you cannot upgrade your dog. I know it may seam like a lot to go through but all the time and trouble is so worth it. I had a lady tell me once that adopting one of our animals was tougher than adopting her son. I replied to her that if she starves, beats, or abandons her son that there are several government agencies that will step in. If she does those things to our animal who will help it? Who will step up and save it from a horrible life, or cruel death? We are most of these animals last chance at a happily every after. We have to be tough because they have no legal rights and no voice. We are their guardians until the perfect forever home can be found. That is why it is so hard to adopt from a rescue. We take our jobs very seriously, after all how many stories have you seen recently about a dog being beaten, set on fire, or starved to death. It is a national epidemic. It is our job to make sure our wards are cared for and that the person in question is in a position to give them what they need. We actually don’t adopt to families with a fenced yard unless it is privacy fenced. Simply for the fact that many people who have fenced yards will turn an animal out in the area and treat them more as a resident dog than a companion animal. We deal mostly with Pits, who are notorious for jumping fences when they are left out of doors for extended periods of time. The animals we place are companions. They are meant to be family members, not yard ornaments.

      I’m sorry if my post upsets anyone, I am simply trying to explain why rescues are so strict on the homes we allow our dogs to go to. I figured a rescuers comment might make it easier to understand the thoughts behind our actions.

    10. Lisa says:

      I have two Maltese Shin Tzu’s (Bebe and Mimi) a.k.a “the bee’s”. I was browsing the shelters for a new addition and found a small male. He was located in Redding California and I’m in Sacramento. So, I left work early one day and went and got him. His name is Petey. He is the freaking happiest mut ever. My girls would NOT speak to me for a couple of days after he came home, but now their all buddies. Three years later, my daughter came over and said Mom I’ve got you a surprise? and she pulled out a lil brown ball of fur. He is Westie Terrier and Papillon mix – oddest looking lil guy and it took us a while to figure out what to call him, but we settled on Reggy. Then one day I was surfing the local shelters and plugged in for a small breed, and I was looking, looking and then there he was. A Havanese mix approx 8 years old with a severe under bite. Well, I closed the web page and a month went past and thought lets see if he is still there (thinking he wouldn’t) and there he was. Closed the page and another month goes by and I check it out again. Again, he was still there. I sent his picture to my boyfriend and he called and asked why are you sending me a picture of this dog. I explained he’s been at the shelter for 3 months plus and he needs a home. Sooooooo, long story short. We went and got Emerson the next Saturday. Again, my doggies, were really bent out of shape with me, but after 24 hours they treated him like he’s been there forever. He’s older and he can be cranky, but He is loving living with us – and after many teeth having to be pulled, a new hair cut and new collar and jacket – he has adapted quite nicely to being spoiled. LOVE HIMMMMMMMM to bits. He thinks I’m the moon and the sun. I encourage everyone who is even thinking about getting a puppy/dog – to please check your local shelters. They need love too.

    11. Debby Moore says:

      I rescued a yorkie / pom mix over 15 years ago. Ziggy Stardust passed away this past summer( he was 17) and I really wasn’t ready for another dog at all ( I have 2 chi/rat terriers at home now,we call them the girls) I went to a huge garage sale in my hometowns civic center, and my daughter pointed out a shivering very small almost hairless little dog with Huge eyes. She looked soo sad. I agonized and agonized over her. I keep my kids at this garage sale a lot longer than we planned, I just couldn’t leave. Finally I went over and put in an application to adopt her, I actually figured I wouldn’t get approved because I didn’t live in that town, and I was told you had to be a “platinum” adopter to be able to adopt this little dog. I knew nothing about her. As the days and interviews and virtual home visits dragged on, I am thinking: is all of this worth it? Well, I was approved, I don’t know who was more frightened me or this poor little dog. I had never spent any time with her! Well, we fell in love, she is the most perfect dog for my family and me. She absolutely, loves my 2 year old granddaughter, daughter and my husband. My little spoiled chi/rat terriers have accepted her, and she is the sweetest thing ever. Come to find out she is a full blooded havenese, was registered and abused by a breeder. Because of her very small size( 4 pounds) she was apparently in demand as a breeder female. When she was taken from the breeder, she looked like a little sheepdog, her hair was so matted she couldn’t see, and her teeth were rotten because of having calcium leached out by having so many litters. Although she looks like a puppy, she is 4 years old! She has become the joy of our lives. I was so attached to my Ziggy Stardust( he had hair like David Bowie) that I really thought I needed more time to grieve and because I stay so busy, I really wasn’t ready. Boy, did this little bundle “Havana” or as my granddaughter calls her “Havie” change my mind. ( her name on her papers was Pixie, but I wanted her to have a fresh and new start) She is doing great, she has gained a little weight she actually barks now ( no one had ever heard her bark or make a sound ) She isn’t afraid any more. She is a great traveler, and appreciates every thing we do. Get out there and adopt an older dog, the are great pets and companions. I tell every one she adopted me!

    12. Austin Maynard says:

      Shelter pets are good pets. My dog Homer was on doggie death row. Three years later he is the best dog in the world to me. Yes we disagree and yes i argue with him but at the end of the day we love each other. There is nothing wrong with a shelter dog. They just have seen more than a regular dog has and that makes them better. Like the pedigree commercial says If they were human we would call them experienced.

    13. judy says:

      10 years ago my daughter brought home an abuse little tea cup poodle…we already had harley a toy poodle ..we did not want another dog …but we took her in…her name was katie..10 years later whe was the joy of everyone..for a small little girl she brought more joy to sooo many lives…on sept 15th ..she became ill and in one half hour she was gone…we think she had a massive heart attack..this was a shock to all that loved days and nights are so long without her it is hard to get though the days…we miss her so much and harley he is 16 is starting to show signs of missing her and her companionship we are very worried about harley…the reason i’m writing is i would like to rescue a tea cup poodle in honor of katie this is how we got her..put it is very hard to find one ..if any one knows of a rescue please write back we live in ohio..i cannot begin to expresshow we feel it is heart is so empty.thanks and please let me know ..we have allergies this is why i also would like to have a poodle ..i wish i could save them all

    14. BarbG says:

      To adopt a homeless animal in your area, go to and put in you zip code. You will see all the animals that need you!!!

    15. Vicki says:

      Hi Rachel, There is a newly formed rescue for dogs called Because of Mandy and they are trying to rescue some dogs from MO. They are working on a transport that will save many dogs in Mo. so they are trying to raise funds to help defray transport costs. You can find this site on Facebook under Because of Mandy. We live in Calumet Michigan in the Upper Peninsula, almost at the tip of the peninsula. Alot of people don’t even know that there is an Upper Peninsula to Michigan, but we are the “Yooper’s” of the U.P.
      If there is anything that you can do to help this rescue out, I know that these “Children with Fur” would appreciate anything that you can do for them.
      Thank you so much!

    16. Mona says: is a website that lists dogs that are about to be euthanized at shelters across the country – many have only a few days left to live! If you are looking to adopt a dog, please visit their website, and tell your friends!

    17. Julie says:

      We adopted a puppy from a shelter this year. Her name is Abby she is a beagle husky mix. She has added so much joy to our lives. Abby is now 10 months old. She is smart and funny. She rings a bell to go outside, she know a lot of tricks. She also knows a lot of words so we have to watch what we say. I can’t say let’s go get ice cream because she will run to the door and wait. She makes us laugh everyday.

    18. Kirsten says:

      My husband and I adopted a Gladiator Doberman in April from the shelter. He is the sweetest, and biggest (weighing in at 130lbs) baby we have ever had. He’s an older dog, the vet figures about 6, since the shelter found him on the street and didn’t know how old. He loves to play, even though some days it is hard due to his hip problems (had a broken hip and leg as a young dog) and is the best “pillow”. We absolutely love him to pieces and will definately go back to the shelter for the next one.

    19. Steph says:

      Adopting a rescue dog is a process! I have two of my own, a beagle mix and a shepard mix. After adopting the two of them, my family ended up becoming a foster home for dogs. After three years, we currently are on foster dogs #46 and #47, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    20. Crystal says:

      I have 2 dogs…both male. my Full Breed Yellow Lab is my rescue baby. He was almost 2 when we found him and he just turned 9 on Dec. 1st, 2010. He had already been thru 2 owners before he met me. If 1st owner was an FBI agent and was training him in bomb stiffing school but the school said he was too immature, and he is. His 2nd owner got locked up for reasons unknown and he was constantly chained to trees and open garages, neglected with food and water and I saw every bone in his body. He had asphalt stuck to his fur and he was scared of his own shadow, he had lymes disease and something else wrong and a broken fang. I felt soo bad for him I had to take him home. My female at the time (about the same age and a rescue as well and she was just a pup) showed Jake who was boss, then they were best friends until my female (Zoe) was diagnosed with cancer and we had to let her go. I have spoiled my canines over the years because if I didn’t, who would? Now I have Jake and we have a 4 year old chocolate lab/coon hound mix who is quite aggressive and thinks he is the dominent male. These are my kids and I love them sooo much and I miss my Zoe everyday and I would love to have another dog, not to replace her but to help fill a void in my heart. She was a yellow lab/husky/sheppard mix and she was and always willbe my ‘baby girl’ and my husbands ‘queenie’. Fir those ppl who abuse and neglect animals, you all suck!!! I wish those things you do to animals would be bestowed upon you!!!

    21. Carolyn says:

      I was told that Lacey is a Katrina rescue pup. I had always had Bostons, and when the last one died, I thought I couldn’t go through that again. My granddaughter, eight at the time, thought I should have a companion, so she went to petfinders, typed in Boston, and located Cagney and Lacey–two little Boston/Dachs sisters. I picked Lacey, who has Boston markings, but looks like a small rat terrier–runs like a greyhound–full out and joyful. She’s 16 pounds of energy and love, and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I wish I could have taken both dogs, and hope her sister Cagney found a good home. After the application process, Lacey at about 7 months old, came in a big truck on the long trip from TN to CT, slept for a day and a half, and was “home” from then on. She’s a great friend and companion–lots of spunk–sense of humor, and the light of my life (only slightly behind the g’kids!). It’s the best chance I ever took.

    22. debbie says:

      I just lost my dog due to her getting hit bye a car
      we found her still alive and she had two broken legs
      we tooken her emergency vet.
      i couldnt beleve the price that they wanted to save her life it was so high that i had to put her to sleep.
      Iam not sure if i should adopt another dog I dont even know where to start looking for one and without paying a high price for a pet
      I sure do miss her alot

    23. Donna says:

      We adopted a 4 yr old Jack Russell who was ending the end of her time in the shelter. I was told she didn’t play well with children and other animals. The shelter made sure someone would be home with her and there were no other animals in the house. Lilly is an Alpha dog and see herself as the big dog and since adopting her, she does like kids but is very selective. There are signs of abuse in her past by some of her behavior but we have work thru those problems and know what the triggers are. Lilly is my baby and is great company for me. The vet said her name should have been changed to Lucky but I feel like I’m the lucky one.

    24. Heidi says:

      I live on the East Coast of Canada, in Nova Scotia. 3 years ago, I adopted a 12 week old American Pit Bull Terrier from Ontario. Ontario is a Province which has Breed Specific Legislation, so all Pit Bulls or dogs that are similar in appearance to Pit Bulls are destroyed. Rescuing Jackson was the best decision I’ve ever made. He’s an exceptional dog…he has a wonderful, warm personality, he is full of fun…he gets along excellent with other dogs and children. He has given new life to my 11 year old female Boxer…they are best buddies :) Pit Bulls are not the scary monsters that the media make them out to be. As well, most times the dogs who are blamed for maulings and attacks aren’t Pit Bulls at all, but dogs who fit the description of what a Pit Bull looks like. Like any other dog, they will be the best at what you want them to be. Mine is a sook, sleeps in bed with me every night, snuggles up on the couch with me and my other dog. My life has been enriched because of him. I wish more people would give these wonderful dogs loving homes.

    25. I became a dog warden in my town about 3 1/2 years ago. I never gave it much thought that we only had 1 animal shelter in the entire county. Well, in the first 2 years I picked up 100 dogs. Out of that number, 49 dogs were never claimed. Our local animal shelter would only take 10 of them. Unfortunately, I had to euthanize 4. I didn’t have the heart to euthanize the other 35 dogs. So I travelled all over the northeast U.S. to find homes for them. I use my vacations days to do this. The shelter charges $25 a day for the dogs. So it is cheaper to euthanize.

      That is when I decided to start a nonprofit organzation to building an educational and rehabilitation center for pets and wildlife. I am also a licensed wildlife rehabber. There is nowhere to bring sick, injured or orphaned wildlife in my area of NY. It has been a struggle in this economy to try to raise money. There are so many worthy causes out there. But I can’t bear the thought of euhanizing all these dogs. We have only raised $12,500 in one year. It will take a lot of money to build the facility. It will take over $10,000 just to hire an architect to do the drawings. There is a town that might be willing to lease us the land if we can assure them we can get the money. So we just keep on going hoping for a miracle for these poor dogs. If people had to make the life and death decisions I have to make on a weekly basis, they would understand why this facility is so dreadly needed.

      Please don’t shop for a dog, adopt one.

    26. Janet says:

      I have adopted two dogs both from the SPCA of Texas. The first one a pure bred chihuahua who was 7 years old was adopted almost five years ago, we filled out the paper work and were able to take her home that afternoon. This is when I fell in love, she was heartworm positive, had a collar tight around her neck to the point her neck was completely raw. She was the best thing to ever happen to my husband and I. Everyone kept telling me that chihuahuas are bad with small kids, we have never had a problem.

      May of last year we decided to adopt again. So, we took our older dog and ourselves to the SPCA and that is where we found our second chihuahua mix. He was only 8 months old, but was in such poor health and traumatized we weren’t sure he was going to make it. We took him home that day and almost instantly he knew he had a good home. Adopting was the best decision we ever made and I would NEVER buy from the pet store

    27. Val says:

      Growing up we had a black lab. she was in line to be euthanize, she was a year old, and had been released to the SPCA because she was “destructive” and “dug holes.” We had the room for her, and the attention to give her, she was never destructive and never dug holes in our large back yard. She was protective of all us kids, social with other dogs, and even adopted her own baby cat (who was meant to be mine but our dog had other plans). When all of us kids grew up and had kids of our own, she was protective and gentle to them too, and still would not be separated from her cat (although we had 4 cats her’s was the only she shared food with, and would get depressed if her cat was not around). 15 years later she passed away (she was still protective with her cat till the day she died). The cat? she passed away a year later of cancer at the age of 13, and often seemed lonely without her momma dog. we were very thankful to of have rescued our wonderful dog — we originally went in looking for the neighbors dog.

      currently I have a very hyper mischievous Australian shepherded and boxer mix (7 months old), who requires loads of attention just like my 3 year old. we got her from an animal rescue who was able to prevent her from going to the pound. she drives me crazy, but is wonderful and kind and im thankful for her every day! ♥

    28. lakishs chsmbers says:

      I am very interested in thatbueatiful pup. Me n me 6 ye old needs SN addition 2 our family. Thank u dot listening.

    29. Carol says:

      Just wondering if Hilda, the Cocker Spaniel, 7 years old, was adopted. I was interested, but received no response to the email I sent.

    30. Jen says:

      I started fostering for a local rescue group last year. So far I have only fostered pit bulls (they hold a special place in my heart!). Fostering has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. It even led me to adopting my most recent foster who has turned out to be my best friend. I think she adopted me first :) She is one of THE most well behaved, loveable, sweet dogs (and yes, she is a pit bull!) that I have ever known.

      I highly recommend to those who would like to have a pet around, but aren’t able to make a long term commitment (due to finances or whatever) to foster rescue animals. It’s the best of both worlds, you get the companionship of an animal, and you have helped save that animal’s life! Rescue groups are always looking for foster homes to be able to help out more animals.

    31. Cindy says:

      My Grandmother is 88yrs old. Her dog of 15yr had died and she was going into a depression.. We found a dog on Petfinders, at the local pound, He is a dog that had been surrendered (found at a foreclosed home) his name is Grady! Granted Grady is not the prettiest dog in the world. But, By FAR the best. He was scheduled the day we found him to be put down. They had kept him for months trying to find him a home but no luck because of his looks. Grady has been the best dog ever! He helped my grandmother out of her depression. And she was so happy. Back in June of last year she fell in the bathroom. She had hit her emergency button but, passed out. When the guy called and asked if she was ok. All he could hear was Grady barking. He knew by the tone of his barks, Something was wrong, The Life Alert sent the police, and ambulance workers. Grady would not let anyone not even the neighboro who unlocked the door in, BUT the ambulance workers.Until he was safe then he would only allow the neighboro in. My grandmother was too weak to ever return home by herself. she now lives in a asst. living, enjoys it and I have grady. Grady comes atleast 2times a month to visit her and the other residents. He does a little pet therapy, He is known as the smiling dog because where most dogs show there teeth in anger he shows his in happiness.. He also is known as the life saver dog. As my grandmother tells EVERYONE who meets him, “I saved Grady’s life, and he returned the favor by saving mine” As long as I can remember, my family has either took in strays or bought a dog. I will NEVER buy another dog. Except a pound puppy. Grady has been a gift from god to our family! We feel blessed to have him in our lives! Cindy

    32. Lisa says:

      I have also adopted a rescue dog at Peaceable Kingdom in Allentown,Pa. He was 2 when I got him on Aug 3,2010. His name is Bandit. Since then he has gone through puppy training. He still has alot of issues. The main issue is he has seperation anxiety. He cannot be left alone. If I have to go away he def has to be crated.The other day I tied him to the tree cause I had to go in the garage to look for something,he couldn’t see me,he actually chewed through his thick leash!He is def a mommas boy! This summer we are def looking into a fence for our yard. Also, he doesn’t like bikes,kids running. I love him dearly. He is a part of our family.

    33. Joyce says:

      All of my animals have been rescues. They truly are the best. I was without a dog for 2 years. It was the longest 2 years of my life. I so love dogs. Two months ago I finally got to adopt a dog again. Emmy, a 4 year old Cavalier, is definately the perfect dog for us. Everything just fell into place as far as finding her and getting her to us. She is in her forever home now. She has won everyone over that she meets.

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