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Rach’s Book Tour

Make sure you catch Rach on Book Tour!  Get all the info you need on her book, including how to order and 30 new videos of her cooking recipes from Look + Cook PLUS her tour dates  here

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  1. guillermo says:

    hello Rachel Ray my mom and me loves your siteweb, your tv show is fantastic, we both are from Mexico, but everyday we watch all yours tv show, your great, wonderful. we love your dog because we have one dog and it`s so beautiful like yours. hugs and kisses

  2. kyanna says:

    hey Rachel , me & my step mom really want to make a delicious dinner for Thanksgiving but we don’
    t know what to make , were thinking of chicken since my step mom doesn’t like turkey but we would like to know if maybe you can give us a type of recipes or help us out with a Thanksgiving dinner extravaganza,

  3. Peggy says:

    Hey Rachael,

    I was wondering if there was somewhere online that I could look at those family pictures that you showed on the show. They were wonderful!


  4. Wendy says:

    I am a HUGE fan and watch ALL of your shows as well as make many of your meals. They are fantastic. Thank you so much for making cooking less intimidating for those of us that used to feel that way.
    Always a fan!!!
    PS I can’t seem to find the recent sweet potato recipe you made on November 12th. Maybe I am not calling it the right name. It had croutons on top.
    Thanks Rachael!!

  5. Susan says:

    I love all your shows from the time you were only on the food network.YOu are an inspiration to me,if you only knew how much.With your book tour would ever come to the Washington Dc area I live at the beach here and dont get to NY that much but would love love to meet you and get a book signed I have your other cookbooks and cookware they fit the stoneware in my convection oven I live in a small studio apt by the ocean and dont have a oven so the little one works great thanks for all you do you make us smile ty

  6. Amanda says:

    Hey Rachel I watched your show on the cooking channel on cooking 5 meals in a day. I want to find the one for meatloaf that you had on the show on 11/13/2010.
    Where can I find it? Love your shows

  7. MARILYN says:

    Rachel you had a recipe for Deviled Potato and Egg Salad and it call for 1 cup of chicken stock. Is this a mistake because I made it and it was like a soup instead of salad?

  8. Deb says:

    Rachel, Watched your show Mon.Nov29th. The segment Terrified of Turkey,I believe the gentleman’s fear was for real but the photo you showed him was a turkey buzzard VULTURE!!! Not even a wild turkey which does look totally differant than a domestic turkey. That picture would scare almost anyone!!

  9. Shelley says:

    Rachel, I love your recipe’s and your show. My husband does to, but I have to keep him in check :). Our absolutely favorite recipe is your Chicken and White Bean soup with Kale. I can’t get enough of it! Looking forward to meeting you on your book tour!

  10. Carolyn says:

    Dear Rachel, Love your show and try so many of recipes. I was guarded re: Whole wheat pasta with brussels sprouts but had leftover sprouts from Thanksgiving dinner….Yummo! The recipe is so very good. Thanks so much. I enjoy sharing recipes and cooking with my grandchildren. My husband is so gratefull. Happy Holidays

  11. Lisa Patterson says:

    Rach, you mention smell-a-vision every once in awhile on your show. I get your magazine and am waiting for the scratch and sniff. If they do it with perfume can’t they do it with food? I’ll be waiting to smell your food girlfriend. I believe your magazine could be the first. Lisa Patterson

  12. debbie says:

    hey rach,

    i love your show and i like what you did for our for our animals that need our help they have feelings to
    they are just like kids to some of us

  13. Lorena says:

    My cousin’s daughter is probably your biggest fan ever.Her name is Aubrey. She got to meet you in Dallas on your book tour. You asked her if she would like to take a picture with you. You will never know how happy that made her. She has shown that picture to absolutely everyone. For Christmas, her aunt did a pencil drawing of that photo and framed it for Aubrey. Aubrey was surprised and started crying when she saw the drawing that had been done of that photo. I can’t thank you enough for being so nice to Aubrey

  14. varninda says:

    Hi Rach, I love your cooking program so much i used to see them during the time i leave in Malaysia. Now i am in US and i still continue to watch your program.
    It never make me bored, i love to see your smile.

    I am a good cook too. I love cooking different country food . I enjoy cooking and happy to see people love eating my cooking food. I hope to have a chance one like you that was my dream in life.

    Finally not last hope to get reply from you or others

  15. Sandra says:

    I just stumbled on your website via Twitter and so far I am impressed..Website looks phenomenal!!!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely recipes over the years!

  16. Tammy says:

    Hi Rach, my husband just bought me your latest cookbook Look + Cook for X-mas and I can’t wait to start using it! We’re remodeling our kitchen and we can’t wait to try some of your recipes! We have a little 6 year-old boy named Cameron who loves to watch your show with us and thinks you’re so pretty and loves it when you say “Sha-sha”. We live in NH and want to know when you’ll be in the New England area for your book signing tour. We’d love to meet you, especially our son Cameron!

  17. Al Swindle says:

    Saw your new dress on video this morning.
    You are a fine looking lady!! You need more dresses like that.

  18. Michael Fox says:


    We made you Muffaletta Stuffed Pizza Rustica and it was the star of the Super Bowl spread. We used Mortadella, Sopresetta, and Capicola for meats…Terrific!


  19. Jaunita Kerr says:

    Rachel thank you for being to nice to granddaughter Aubrei Kerr at Dallas. She loves your show and tapes it everyday to watch after work. She also make you recipies. She love you and your show. She lets everyone know about your show. Thanks again.

  20. Meagan says:

    Do you ever come to Canada on your tours? Also, wondering why we can’t shop from the Rachel Ray site:(

  21. Debbiestarnez says:

    Hey Rachael Ray . Your daytime show and can help me i no halt cook but .the pizza .will not be thenkyou DebbieStarnrs

  22. Debbiestarnes says:

    Hey ray I love to your daytime. Show so can you help for.the pizza

  23. think the best of you rachael been long time since ive seen any of whats happenin lately just wanted to say found you again and im tickled plum grinnin keep up the beautiful glow that comes from you and let the light shine!!

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