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Safe holiday car travels with your dog

The holiday season means traveling by car to loved ones for many of us. If you are a dog owner, you wouldn’t think of celebrating the holidays without your pet. There are some important steps you need to take to make sure the journey is comfortable – and safe - for your dog, and you!

  • Bring a blanket to keep your dog comfortable and protect your car from any mess. If your dog is attached to a special toy or other item, bring it in the car to keep him occupied and content.
  • Don’t feed your dog for at least 3-4 hours before you depart to hold any motion sickness at bay.
  • Invest in a collapsible/travel water bowl so your dog can stay hydrated.
  • Plan to stop every 2 hours or so for bathroom breaks and some play time. Map out your route before you leave to plan accordingly.
  • Bring a leash to control your dog in busy parking lots. A ball or fetch toy of your dog’s choice is a good idea to maximize your break time.
  • If you need to stop overnight in a motel or hotel, plan ahead and make sure pets are welcome. Check out this great website for nationwide listings of lodgings that are ok with pets.
  • Bring a portable kennel to give your dog some comfort in his temporary surroundings – and out of consideration to your hosts.
  • It’s always a good idea to have a check up at the vet prior to a trip to make sure your dog is ok to travel. Also consider having your dog micro chipped by your vet, if he isn’t already, for identification purposes.

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  1. Danise Armstrong says:

    My daughter bought me a 5 1/2 week old Chiwienie puppy for my birthday this past Feb. “Izzy” was absolutely precious. We had a 15 year old dog at that time also. “Baby” was a mixed breed and just as swseet as she could be. Right off the bat, I decided I wanted to get used to riding in the car. We didn’t do that with Baby, the only time she got in a vehicle was to take her to the vet. So, she was petrified to get in the car because that meant she was going to the vet. So, we started taking Izzy with us anytime we went somewhere to get her accustome to riding in the car. The problem was, the passenger had to hold her because I didn’t want her running around the car freely. Plus, I began worrying about what would happen to her if we were ever in an accident. I thought about just putting her in the seatbelt, but she’s so short, she would not be able to see out the windows. So, I began searching on line for a puppy car seat. I immediately found a booster, car seat for dogs. It is perfect. It lets her sit up high so she can see out. It is lined with a real soft sheeps’ wool if she would like to take a nap, and it has a strap that attaches to her harness, plus you run the seatbelt in the car thru the whole seat to hold everything in place. She loves it!!! I take her with me to pick my granddaughter up from school and she is so cute in her carseat.I recommend this to anyone who loves their pet and wants them to ride in the vehicle with them. Go to It is totally worth it! thecar.

  2. Jane Moss says:

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  3. debbie says:

    when i travel i have to take one of my cats with me cause he has special needs and he loves it,and he loves riding on my lap he doesnt like to ride in his carrer and he loves going cammping i have a very strange cat but we love him very much .
    his playmates miss him when he is gone they all are happy to see him when he comes home.

    cats and puppys makes great gifts for the holidays you can find them free in the paper if you look.
    they can put a smile on anyone face if they love aminals.

  4. Terri Farrell says:

    Hello All,

    Our local newsspaper here (The San Gabriel Valley Tribune), in Southern California recently ran an article on (12/28/2010)about the damage from the recent rain storm damage done to our local animal shelter.

    The headline read – “Ceiling CAVES IN On Cats at
    San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.” to read the article about the shelter go to

    To donate to the SHELTER go directly to the website
    at …People interested in donating to the SGV Humane Society can do so via PayPal at the organization’s website: Checks and Cash donations can be mailed or brought to 851 East Grand Avenue, San Gabriel, CA 91776.

    The recent rain storms have left the shelter
    in a dire physical condition – the roof of their Sanctuary is so delapidated that the ceilings of
    two rooms have virtually collapsed. The animals
    are safe and very loved, but have had to be relocated to other areas of the shelter, which
    is distressing in and of itself for them.

    Their stray dog kennels are deteriorating beyond belief. Due to the gross neglect by the former management, the shelter was never improved or maintained. The NEW BOARD and MANAGEMENT(headed
    by PAT BRAYER)is struggling to make ends meet and
    to keep up with repairs. As a private shelter, they receive NO Government funding and rely on donations and volunteer services.

    Today, I personally donated $100 to the San Gabriel
    Valley Humae Society and managed to get a 15% discount on a shopping cart full of pet food I purchased at my local PETS MART. (They were also
    kind enough to donate blankets, and pet beds to
    the shelter).

    The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is a “no kill” shelter. Which means that they find homes for all
    the animals. They do a wonderful job placing the furry four legged bundles of love in good homes.

    As an animal lover, my goal is simply to get 2,500
    people to donate $10 each in order to raise a total $25,000.00 San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.

    So, Please go directly to their website and donate
    $10.00. For One Small Act of kindness will make a
    HUGE difference.

    Many thanks to all for your time and consideration
    in this matter. Love & PAWS UP to all. Terri and Katie (Terri’s dog who was adopted from a shelter).

  5. Mary Ellen says:

    This comment goes out to Debbie with the cat. It is so unsafe to have an animal on your lap at all in a car. An animal should always be in a crate or restrained away from the front seat. If there is an accident, your pet has no protection in the front seat. You may think it is fine, but please put the cat away from the driver and passenger in the front. You have no idea when the cat may jump and get under the drivers feet or hit the gear shift. Please always restrain your pet because in an accident, it is amazing how an animal can fly thru the car and have dire consequences. I know a lady that had her dogs in crates in the back of her van and had a rollover accident. The only thing that saved the dogs is the crates. They walked away shaken, but OK. Please for your safety and your pets safety, restrain you pet just as you do with children.

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