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Rodney Cutler

Face shapes and the cuts that work on you!

What is the best cut for my face shape? Boy I’d like a dollar for every time I’ve been asked that question in the salon! With all the make overs in the media I get lots of questions about whether or not my clients can wear the season’s latest and greatest haircuts with their face shape. A simple guide to the dos and don’ts;

The first point is that I believe most people can wear an assortment of haircuts and lengths. The most important thing to consider is, are you going to feel confident and comfortable with the haircut? Our job as the professional is to customize the look to suite your face shape, hair type, life style and make sure you can replicate the look at home and the upkeep is in your financial budget.

Round Shapes

These are interesting when it comes to the cut and there is a natural inkling to put a square hair cut on a round face. Example: 1- Length Bob: my concern with this look is that is actually draws attention to the roundness. My suggestion is to maintain some length under the jawline and create face framing layers that will soften and balance the face shape. Sweeping bangs also work nicely that blend in with the exterior layers.

Square Shape

We’re probably talking about a strong angular jawline and a square bold forehead. Sideways movement across the front is critical and don’t even think about going near blunt bangs. Long layers that connect from your cheekbone to the ends work best. Also, Curly hair is also a great option.

Oblong Shape

I am a big fan of short hair but be aware of the shag as it will elongate your face even more. So, maintain some width and fullness in the layers. Full bangs that sweep across the forehead also work especially, when dealing with longer hair. So, big voluminous glam hair is puts you on the right path!

Heart Shaped

This is the tricky one the difference between a really really bad hair day and feeling special. This is where we need a little hair behind the ear and neck that is visible from the front. The objective is to add a little bit of fullness so as to balance out the small chin. Avoid heavy blunt bangs as it will leave you top heavy and draw the eye to the chin. Feathered soft layers that connect from the bang area continuing through the cheeks to the nape this look is workable on most lengths and hair textures.

Oval Shape

You guessed it you’re the lucky one anything goes! In fact, even a center part works for you. So you have no excuses for having the wrong haircut but be sure you have a look that works with your natural texture.

I strongly recommend you choose your hair cut based off of your emotional connection to it and not your face shape and let us the professionals take care of customizing it to suite your aesthetics and if your hair dressers not doing that find a new one!


6 Responses to “Face shapes and the cuts that work on you!”

  1. Alexa says:

    funny he said no blunt bangs for the heart shaped yet katie holmes’s bangs are as blunt as they get….and masking a “small” chin? The heartshaped have huge chins! This article makes no sense.

  2. Rodney says:

    Hi Alexa,

    Thanks for your feed back just to clarify while Katie’s bangs are full they are texturized and add softness to her face shape. A heart shape face refers to the forehead over powering the chin, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOL.


  3. Lita says:

    Katie’s bangs look pretty feathery on the ends to me…not heavy blunt cut. Perhaps “narrow” would have been a better choice of words over “small” for chins. Regardless…nice article, good picture examples. Nicely done. LOVE the new cut Rodney Cutler put on Emma Watson.

  4. Rodney says:

    You go Lita!!! Yes I think you are right narrow would have been a preferred choice.


  5. Simona says:

    nice pictures,good examples!

  6. D S says:

    Where are the examples for triangular faces??? That’s me, I was looking forward to the advice! Also, the diamond shape. Please don’t tell me it’s because we have horrible face shapes, ha!!!!

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