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Quick tip for dogs with digestive issues

If you have a dog chances are you have run into digestive issues at one time or another with your pet. Everyone seems to have a different solution. My mother-in-law feeds her miniature schnauzer with chronic stomach issues cooked rice with ground turkey. My aunt gives her poodle cottage cheese mixed in with her regular food. When my yellow lab seems to be under the weather stomach-wise, I have to say I tend to not feed him at all for a bit while his stomach settles.

My friend whose puppy, an Australian Labradoodle, seems to battle with his stomach regularly, heard from her vet to try a little canned pumpkin (plain canned pumpkin, not canned pumpkin pie of course!) mixed in with his food with each meal – about a tablespoon. She has been feeding her dog pumpkin for a few weeks now and it seems to be doing the trick. Of course, always check in with your vet before trying home remedies!

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  1. Courtney says:

    I’ve been using real pumpkin in my dog’s food since he was a puppy! He love it, and I think it makes a huge difference in settling his stomach and keeping him “regular”. I’ve also mixed it in food whenever he needed to take an antibiotic to kill the after-taste.

  2. Darlene says:

    My dogs had so much trouble with commercial dog food that I fed them raw for several years (no problems with that). Then when I had to have surgery a few years back and my friend was taking care of them she kept trying different commercial foods until she got some with no grain. One dog can’t handle any grain at all and the other one does okay, but not great. Many dogs cannot handle grain in their feed. My vet also feeds the grain-free food like I am feeding now.

  3. Tracy says:

    My doberman has growling upset stomach quite often and I eat plain yogurt every morning to settle my stomach so I started giving him 2-3 tablespoons in the morning if upset tummy. He just loves it! Usually 1/2 hour later his tummy will be OK. My pointer is pretty fussy eater but he loves his yogurt too! I use vegetarian canned food (1 TBLSP) in with the dry kibbles. I am going to try the pumpkin though…heard lots about it.

  4. Leah says:

    I have a pitbull mix puppy and she had a big problem with car sickness. She would get really dizzy and not be able to keep anything down for the rest of the day. A friend told me that she gives her pups some ginger snaps when they have an upset stomach. Gingerale helps us when we have an upset stomach so gingersnaps for the dog makes sense. Ever since I have been giving her 2 or 3 of the cookies about 15-20 mins before getting in the car and she hasn’t had an upset stomach even once! I wouldn’t recommend using them daily but they totally cured the car sickness!

  5. donna mulios says:

    Has any one heard of probiotics from their veterinaian many of our clients that had some mild stomach issues once you have cleared your pet of the chance they do not have parasites . In my opinion it works quite well.
    keep smiling.

  6. suzanne kerbo says:

    I would like to know if it is possible to get free samples of your dog food? I just adopted a dog last week and we are trying to find a dry food that she might like. so far nothing suits her. Would like to try your brand, but I don”t want to buy a large bag
    in case she does”t like it.

    Thank you

    Suzanne kerbo

  7. Sal-Leigh says:

    Dear Rachel,
    I was more than thrilled to learn that you too were also a pitbull lover and advocate. This is mainly because the general public need to realize that the breed gets the bad rap they do not because they are the breed they are but because the majority of irresponsible owners have no business having a dog (of any breed) especially the “dominate” breeds. My main goal in life, if I never accomplish anything else, is to change the way we look at this very misunderstood canine! I have been rescuing and taking in dogs of all types reguardless of breed or problem issues and I am proud to say that 90% of those dogs have been placed in new loving homes! I could definately use your help in getting my message out to those who are part of the problem. I believe in any situation you are either part of the problem or part of the solution and I feel I am part of the solution in this situation. I would be humbled if you would just take the time to respond to my concerns and possibly contribute to the cause. Rachel, I am not looking to obtain any money from you, I just would like to know I have your support making the public aware that they are no “bad dogs” only bad owners! Thank you for your time!

  8. Sal-Leigh says:

    I wanted to correct my email address. The one listed with my last post is incorrect and this is the correct one.

  9. wheezie says:

    sal-leigh, I agree with u,in my home province,the capital city has band the dog now 21 yrs.,and now pro-pitbull asking them to reverse the by-law.

  10. Franciene Pytko says:

    Hi Rach,

    I have bull terriers (breed and show). I have “Mom” and two of her pups now 2 and 3 years old. And a frenchie. Love the bull breeds.
    Authored a dog cookbook years ago for BT rescue.
    Cannot seem to be able to insert cover photo of cookbook, not a techie, just a dog person.
    Would love to collaborate with you on an updated, really creative dog cookbook. Great recipes!
    Love your shows, all, TiVo them so I never miss an episode.
    Hugs to Isaboo from my four girls and me!

  11. Evelyn says:

    My pit bull had really bad skin allergies, tried many different foods. I had to give him bendrly to ease the scratching. He loves Rachel’s chicken mix dog food. He is no longer scratching except the normal dog scratch. No more drugs, just a happy dog and owner.

  12. Saun says:

    I have a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier he is my best in show. I give him plain yogurt when his tummy is upset.I think I’m going to try the pumpkin also.

  13. dawn says:

    my pugg/chihuahua mix has gotten sick from the day i got him!they say he may need surgery in which i cannot afford!i started 1 week ago making his food after 2 years of havin him and he is doing wonderful!i tried dry food from the vet and the sickness happened all day!today i got up early and read thru your pages and im tryin your food!any suggestions on my mix of dog???

  14. Lori Campbell says:

    Dear Rachel, I am so grateful for finding your new limited ingredient recipe “just 6″. My 3 year old Rottweiler has had digestive issues since he was a puppy. I have tried almost every brand with no luck, since he is also very picky. After a round with his sensitive stomach problem that lasted 2 weeks, I found the “just 6″ formula with lamb and brown rice. I started him on it immediately. First of all, he absolutely Loves the Taste! and his digestive system is the Best it’s ever been in his life! Thanks again so Much!! Lori Campbell

  15. Pat McCarey says:

    My comment deals with G/I issues of my Bichon. My Bailey was in and out of the Hospital due to upset tummy. My vet gave me a Hills formula called I/D and I mix it with equal parts boiled chicken and rice as the Vet Recommended. This has worked wonders and he now he is frisky as a puppy, even though he is 9 years old. Obviously he had issues for quite some time with his G/I Track.

  16. Beth McCorkle says:

    Hey Rachel – I wanted to thank you for making a no-nonsense dog food. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Griffin is 7 years old and has had major digestive issues his entire life. I fed him your dog food and it was magical…the stomach issues went away. My vet suggested I add 10mg of Pepcid AC which may have helped too but I truly believe it was the great product you have given us. I know Griffin would like to giveyou big ole likc as he seems the happiest he’s ever been and I also thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my baby feel so much better. I love you, Griffin loves your dog food and we always love your recipes.Sincerely one happy momma in Wilmington,NC.

  17. Tessa says:

    WhenI have reccommended this to a few friends that have had issues with their own pups and they all have thanked me after it works. i first got my Yorkipoo she had a little bug or just stressed form leaving her mommy and pups. I paid mucho bucks at the vet to find out why she kept vomiting and having very loose stools. After all the tests and miles of paper towel/carpet cleaner, I tried the canned pumpkin. Within an hour my little one had stopped having her pooping problem and she clearly felt a lot better.

  18. Kathy says:

    For a whole year I battled vomiting, gas, dry skin, hair loss, sores, bleeding, scratching (with subsequent infections), and weight loss suffered by my 6 year old Boston Terrier. I had resigned myself to the fact that he would not live a long life – he was so sad and truly miserable all the time. I then tried what I believe will be the dog food he will eat for the rest of his life – JUST 6. He is fed nothing but your formula and also gets the Just 6 treats. Goody now has a beautiful coat, is a healthy weight and there’s no more vomiting or gas. He is one happy dog! Our 6 year old chocolate lab is thriving on this also. However it came to be, we’re so grateful for your products and we believe we have many years left now to love our Goody. I’m very pleased that my purchases help other animals in need, also. Thank you, Rachel, and your wonderful team. For others with pet skin problems, think grass/pollen allergies as well as food allergies. I use a soap-free shampoo from my vet, dilute it to make it last longer, and add a small amount of Tea Tree oil and olive oil too. Tea Tree oil smells bad but it is great for skin irritations; the olive oil helps to tone it down, and is helpful with the dry skin issues from frequent bathing.

  19. Lisa says:

    My family adopted a Shiba Inu little more than a year ago, when we got him he came with a bag of food that the gal swore he LOVED but he vomitted for a week. We started using Natural Balance food and have had no problems with it. The breed has sensitive tummies to begin with. Occassionally he picks up things outside that he is not supposed to and gets sick to his tummy when that happens, we cook him up plain white rice with some bland chicken. I will use chicken broth to cook the rice in to add some flavor and for the salt factor. In about 2 or 3 days he is fine. Occassionally, when we have rice and chicken for dinner and he is not sick we still give it to him.

  20. Bonnie says:

    Hi Rachael,
    I have a boxer/pitt 8 months old and when she was 4 months she had bleeding in her stool and the vet said she had colitis. He gave her some medication and put her on hills science diet and she is doing great. But hills is rather expensive, looks like the Just 6 would work as well from what I have read, so I will give it a try and the snacks. She misses the snacks.

  21. Kai says:

    I have a schnauzer as well, she has a very tempermental stomach, and at some point I decided to find a long term solution. She eats Honest Kitchen – Force. It worked wonders. Apparently it also helps heal cancer dogs.. Really great stuff. Completely dehydrated food.

  22. Shannon says:

    Hey Rachael,
    I just wanted to say how happy I am that our local Walmart started carrying Nutrish! I have two dogs who both have allergies of different types. I have been looking for years to find something affordable and good, and that’s almost unheard of. Our pitbull mix has a really sensitive stomach, and our pug has skin allergies. I randomly decided to check at Walmart and they had one bag of Nutrish left. I bought it and feel so much better about what I’m feeding them and so far so good with the dogs! I also really appreciate any way to save a buck during these tough times so I was very happy with the price! Thank you!!

  23. carrie says:

    hey i stared useing the rachray dog food.. and my dog are doing better on it then the other food we where useding i have 3 pug. & a boxer who real love the food….. we trail all over the country and it is very hard to find your food so can you help me out and tell my where i can get some of the rachray dog food other then wal-mart …so i can keep them on it…. thinks again all my dogs….

  24. carrie says:

    i just hope you can real help me out too…
    i real dont wont to try to buy some other dog food for them when they are doing so very good on your dog food…. a new mumber of the woulds greats dry dog food thinks again rachray….

  25. Bonnie says:

    Hi I wrote a few weeks ago about my dog with the sensitive stomach,well I tried your Nutrish chicken and veggies, my dog loved it, the small bag was empty in just 2 1/2 days!! but it has cause her stools to by very soft. I can’t find the just 6 anywhere. I live in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan can you let me know where I might be able to buy the Just 6? and in a large bag?

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