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More cheers for dogs! New study shows teens benefit from dog ownership too.

Pet Lovers has already blogged about how dog owners are happier and now a new study out of the University of Virginia shows that teens who have dogs benefit too – they get more weekly exercise than teens without pets.

The researchers were surprised by their findings as they predicted that dog-walking responsibilities would be taken on by the parents, not kids. The researchers found that the teen subjects in the study got 15 more minutes of exercise per week than non-pet owning kids. Also, the researchers said they could not be certain having a dog makes families active, or if more active families tend to be dog owners, as dogs naturally fit into their lifestyles.

If you are a dog owner with a teen in the house, who takes on more dog walking duties, you or your teen?

5 Responses to “More cheers for dogs! New study shows teens benefit from dog ownership too.”

  1. lulugal says:

    I guess I am the luckiest one….yes, my BOSS walks the dog for me! Hope is a 6 month old Labradoodle, and is training to be a therapy dog. She is simply the cutest dog around. Strangers ask to take her picture. So when I am tired, I ask my boss to walk her. They both benefit.

  2. greytgal says:

    We don’t walk ours as we have a fenced yard. They really don’t like to walk but RUN since they are greyhounds and whippets. Believe me you don’t want to be holding the leash if a rabbit crosses their path especially if it is icy out – been there done that!

  3. pat yeomans says:

    Grandma’s getting plenty of exercise because, we just adopted a rescue dog. He is potty training so I walk him six times a day.

  4. Kelly says:

    I agree completely with this! I’m 19 and pretty active and now even more. I’ve been taking my dog Bella for walks daily if not taking her to the local dog park! Having that special bond with my dog has made such a difference in my life!

  5. Wendy says:

    My soon to be 13 year old will grab one of our rescue dogs or cats whenever she’s upset or needs to vent. Both she and her brother have learned from a very early age how to take care of animals. Having responsibility for another life teaches so much!

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