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Keeping Pests out of Your Garden

Have you ever taken the time to plant flowers and vegetables only to have them ravaged by spiders, bugs, rabbits, or other unwanted visitors? Here are some ways to keep pests out of your garden:

Animals: Keep four legged visitors away by scattering mothballs or used coffee grounds around your beds. You can plant some Fritillaria, ornamental garlic or even onion bulbs - the odor will repel most animals, especially rodents. Red, black and Cayenne pepper can be used to repel various animals, including raccoons, rabbits and dogs. Keep rabbits away by dusting plants with talcum powder.

Insects: In a spray bottle, mix 4 tablespoons dish soap with 1 gallon of water and spray on plants. You can also try sprinkling some pre-sifted flour mixed with some black pepper on and around your plants to discourage insects.

Ants: To get rid of anthills, pour boiling water, soapy water, salted water, or 350 mL of water mixed with 30 mL of boric acid onto them.

Slugs and snails: Sprinkling salt will do these critters in. The best time to find them is at night. Discourage slugs from attacking your plants by taking a sandpaper disk, cutting one side to make a collar and slipping around base of plant – this prevents the slugs from crossing over to the plant. To repel slugs and snails, plant some delphinium, foxglove, primrose or garlic.

Mosquitoes: Discourage mosquitoes by making sure you don’t have any standing water in your yard – turn over all buckets, urns, empty pots, etc. If you do have standing water, pour in a little dish soap to kill mosquito eggs and larva.

Here is a list of plants that deter specific insects from

Marigold Aphids, Mexican bean beetle, nematodes and other insects.
Henbit Deters most insects.
Horseraddish Plant near potatoes to deter potatoe bug.
Geranium Deters most insects
Garlic Works against blight. Deters Japanese Beetle and other insects.
Thyme Deters cabbage worm
Sage Deters cabbage moth and carrot fly
Rue Deters Japanese Beetle and discourages houseflies
Rosemary Deters Bean Beetle Carrot fly and Cabbage moth.
Aster Deters most insects.
Basil Repels flies and mosquitoes
Borage Deters Tomato worm.
Tansy Deters Japanese Beetle, striped cucumber beetle, squash bugs and ants
Raddish Deters Cucumber Beetle.
Calendula Deters Most insects
Chrysanthemum Deters Most insects
Nasturtium Aphids, squash bugs and striped pumpkin beetles
Onion Family Deters Most insects.
Mint Deters cabbage moth and ants.
Celery Cabbage moth
Tomato Deters Asparagus beetle

5 Responses to “Keeping Pests out of Your Garden”

  1. barbara says:

    I would NOT reccommend using moth balls in your garden..moth balls are toxic and can cause death if eaten by pets or children..furthermore the chemicals bond to the soil in your garden and thats not anything you want your veggies growing in … moth balls are not supposed to be used in a ventilated area..recently someone put mothballs in my nieces business attic to ward off squirrels.(old wives tale).instead the toxicity was carried thru the entire buildings attic and air and made the buildings “sick” . all a/c ducts and ceiling tiles had to be removed and her business was shut down for some time..Use moth balls only in a closed container to ward off moths..other uses are not advised..goggle it – you will see how harmful they are..

  2. Gloria says:

    What should I use to keep the pesky squirrels out of the garden? I tried the mothballs–but that did not work! They get into everything, even the grape jelly for the birds.

  3. Michelle Witter says:

    What about miles they are imposible to get rid of what is the best suggestion to get rid of them, and i don’t mind killing them.
    Michelle in North Carolina

  4. Michelle Witter says:

    I meant moles!!! Not miles dahh

  5. Lynne karhan says:

    I have had such a severe problem with ants this year – I will definately try the boiling water. I have tried traps, Sevin, and even gasoline down the holes! I don’t reccomend the gasoline by the way – heh.

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