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Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday?

My neighbor called me one day last week to ask if I wanted to go to the park down the street for a puppy party. A puppy party? A woman around the corner was having a doggie get together in honor of her dog’s first birthday and all the neighborhood dogs were invited. Her kids hand wrote invitations and delivered them to neighborhood dog owners. At the party itself, there were “games” for the dogs (i.e., balls and frisbees being thrown), popsicles for the kids and doggie goodie bags for the canine party guests with a bag of mini treats, a kong toy, and one big doggie treat, complete with a “chocolate” dip (not real of course) and a bow. Totally cute.

Then I was talking to a friend last week who has a geriatric dog like mine, and she told me how she was just hoping he made it to his 100th birthday later this summer (which she is considering his 14th birhday if you consider one human year equal to seven dog years) for which her family was planning a huge doggie bash.

Now I feel incredibly guilty as we don’t even know exactly when our dog’s birthday is (we know it’s in early July so we designated the fourth of July his birthday) much less ever having a formal celebration. I got to wondering about how many people DO celebrate their dog’s birthday – do you? My dog is thirteen, I think we need to have a belated celebration this week!

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  1. bettebloo says:

    I have never been a birthday party person and, thus, my pets have never celebrated their birthdays. BUT, I have officially changed my position. My Bichon-Poodle mix, who was only 12 pounds and every inch a puppy in spirit was taken very ill two weeks ago. We had to put her to sleep and it was shocking for the children in her life who thought (wrongly) that she was a puppy. She was actually 12.

    We have a new puppy and will be celebrating her 1-year birthday and every year after that so that the children are less shocked by what shouldn’t have been as shocking as it was.

    Celebrating birthdays are a good way to mark time. And marking time isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


  2. My dog’s very special for me and has a special place in our family, he’s almost like my own sibling, and so its a common practice to celebrate my dogs birthday every year. I don’t usually bring him a cake or champaign but I feed him lots of Tandoori chicken and meat balls(cause a dogs gotta eat what a dog’s gotta eat).

  3. Sandra says:

    Our Dogs name is Bear, he’s 10 1/2 months old, he is loved by the whole family but my youngest son is his owner and boy does Bear love his daddy. He will be one in August and we have gotten a few things for him, his chew bones, his tugawar toys, and some treats. He will go up to the dog park and run and play on his day. He is very loving and caring, he is awesome. We love him just like one of the kids. For being so young he is so smart. We love you Bear, Love Mom. Kisses and Hugs :-}

  4. Pam Stiffler says:

    Of course we celebrate, but in our family they actually have 2…”they” meaning the canine portion of our zoo, our terriorist terriors Jack & Teddy, brothers fom birth, roomates since they were about 2.
    Their 2 birthdates stem from the actual day being the birthdate of my hubby’s X, whom he still hates SO badly, my daughter, the source of the dogs (long story!) & I decided to change the “official” date by enough that the X never came up (whew!). The Three Dog Bakery in our neighborhood closed so birthday cakes aren’t involved any more, but special treats and a resounding rendition of “Happy Birthday” from my Grandson & I, are handed out liberally. I’d never miss the b-day of our fuzzy puppies. (p.s. the cats, Panther & Stripe, also litter-mates, have a flexible one too, but they started as ferrel so nobody really knows the date)

  5. Jodi says:

    I have 4 Shih Tzus and yes, we celebrate all of their birthdays! We don’t have parties but each of them gets a birthday present on their day!

  6. petlover says:

    We totally celebrate the birthday’s of our babies. They are our children and we would never not celebrate a child’s birthday so we don’t think we can ignore thiers either.

  7. Shawna says:

    I do know when our dogs birthdays are (Bocephus Nov 17 and Mizer Nov 1,10 yrs apart) but I have never had a party for them. We usually get them a big bone and maybe a little extra something in their dog food bowls! :)

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  9. Nicole says:

    I had a party for my German Shepherd on her third birthday. She is part of our family so we treat her like one. The party was fairly small. We invited neighborhood friends and their dogs to come and celebrate. It was definitely a memorable day. I made a doggie cake for the pets and a batch of brownies for the owners. I went out to the garage to make some adjustments for not more than a minute. When I came back, my dog was eating the brownies on the counter! She left a single brownie on the plate. And because brownies had chocolate, we had to get her to throw up. She wasn’t able to eat any of her doggie cake with her friends, but I think she still had fun. It was unfortunate that we were to busy to plan her a party this year but hopefully we’ll have better luck next year! :)

  10. Joan says:

    I just have a comment about the Nutrish Healthy Weight and Just 6 dog food. We have been feeding this to our dog Henry, a terrier mix, and Princess, a Cocker Spaniel. They are definitely having excessive bowel movements from this food. We usually feed them Purina One and have no problems. I thought Nutrish would be good for them, but plan on returning to a Purina product.

  11. Barb says:

    I DO celebrate my dogs birthday because she is my “daughter” she has just celebrated her 2nd birthday on July 5th and we have her pictures taken at Petco every year for her birthday then she gets to pick out a new bone and we have some doggie ice-cream.

  12. Di says:

    My Bear is 8 today and yes we do celebrate his birthday. We do a treasure(treat) hunt, make a vegie cake for him and his friends and they love it.
    Love you rascally wascals xox

  13. Shannon says:

    I just wanted to say how grateful I am that our Walmart finally started carrying Nutrish! I have watched the Rachael Ray show for years and see her dog food talked about all the time. Both of our dogs have allergies of different kinds, so finding food that is affordable and works has been really hard. I usually make two trips to two stores for their food because I haven’t been able to find/try Nutrish. I randomly decided to check at Walmart the other day and they had it! They only had 1 bag in stock so I grabbed it. Such a great deal! So nice to save a buck wherever our family can these days. So far so good for both dogs too! Thanks Rachael!!

  14. Nadine says:

    I actually was popping on your the website to find a Doggie Birthday Cake recipe for my furry child Abby’s birthday tomorrow. We (my husband, myself and our baby girl (two legged)) are going to have a party for Abby tomorrow night. I will be home with her tomorrow so I am going to designate it as “Abby’s Big Day” so I am going to take her to a neighbor’s pool, to the park and then a doggie playdate with my in laws dog. You can tell she is just alittle loved right?? lol!

  15. Ursula says:

    we never have a party we do give them cake on are brithdays

  16. Pamela Dimartino says:

    We have papers on my lab max so we know his birthday. And we celebrate it each year. He wears a party left over hat we sing happy birthday and he gets carrot cake. Why i put candels on i don’t know , but it does help id his bd yr pictures
    He gets a little piece of our cake from our birthday too.

  17. Sara says:

    We don’t celebrate our dog’s birthday, he is a rescued stray and we don’t know exactly when his birthday is.

    We do celebrate his Gotcha Day … the anniversary of the day we adopted him.

  18. Micki says:

    I am the proud Mommy of miss Tara 6 on Aug 5th and
    miss Maggie 2 on 19 April. Do we celebrate birthday yes we do.

    The get there special meal and a doggie Cake with PAWS doggie
    Ice cream. They are my Fur babies in ways

  19. phoebe says:

    I am honord to say I celabrate all five of my corgi’s b-days

  20. Heather says:

    We absolutely celebrate our beloved mix breed pit bull Gypsy’s birthday, but it is a family affair only. The kids and I give her extra special attention that day as well as a few extra treats and a new toy or two. We used to make her wear a party hat, but as she approaches her 13th birthday, we’ve allowed her to preserve her dignity and go without…. I am lucky that Gypsy and I have the same birthday so it’s easy to remember. I highly recommend the good old pound mutt as a pet, as well as the lovely disposition of the pit bull breed. They do not get a fair chance. Gypsy has the best disposition, especially with dogs, cats and young children, of any dog I’ve ever had.

  21. chas says:

    We always celebrate our dogs birthday. He’s a 5 year old chocolate lab named coco. I make him a meatloaf birthday cake with ketchup icing and yes I do the whole candle and sing happy bIirthday thing!

  22. Delilah Johnson says:

    yes Rachel I do celebrate My Dogs Birthdays For Jaylah Is Going to be 4 on sept 21st and Nazareth Will be 1 November 28th, Nazareth Is Having a Party this November for his first Birthday, He is currently 8 months old and he weighs 118lbs, Our Jaylah is a rescue dog who was going to be put down and we took her in almost 4 yrs ago she was a little puppy and she is The Pup of a full blooded Rottweiler and a doberman /Lab mix so she is Our Rotten Dober~Lab we call her and the name Jaylah comes from my hubby and I for his name is Jay and My mane is Delilah so when we put it together we get Jaylah, she is a great dog and then we have our Nazareth who is a full blooded German Rottweiler and the night he was born I helped deliver the puppies and I docked the tails on them, Nazareth got his name because my oldest grandaughter wanted to name him Jesus and I really didn’t want to name him that so my grandaughter said “Well Grama then we can name him Nazareth Like Jesus Of Nazareth ya Know?” Plus I have always been a big fan of the Group Nazareth Especially the CD “Hair of the Dog.. And Nazareth Is 8 months old and He is a beast already and is very very good with our grandkids for we have 11 grandkids and the two youngest grandaughters actually ride him like a pony, he will actually lay down and they strattle Naz and get on him then he rises up and let’s them ride him.. It is all in hgow you raise a dog and my dogs are here to protect. for we live in the country and My hubby has worked all his life at a wire company and he has 12 hr shifts he works at night every other week so I am alone out here in the Boonies so I do Not fear at night for they are right here with me and very protective of me, Yes Yes Yes My dogs get a birthday party and they get a cake and they get presents and they are cute for they are Black & Gold in color just like our Famous Pittsburgh STEELERS, they even have Pittsburgh Steeler Shirts they wear for all the games, Dogs are like children they should not be on a chain or caged they are a part of the family, and we love them as we do our children,

  23. Dee says:

    Yes we celebrate our Goldens birthday. He is now seven years old and he has had a birthday party every year. His birthday is July third and not to mention he does not like the fireworks display but all in all he has a good birthday each year. He’s a great big part of my life and our family for that matter so why not HE IS FAMILY I even tell people I have a seven year old son and they can’t believe I refer to the dog as my son but then again I have heard much weirder things than that

  24. I Said Sit says:

    We just had a puppy party this past weekend! Two of our graduating dogs turned 1 year old!

  25. Angel Gouvisis says:

    We do celebrate our doggies bday’s. However we make it more of a family event not a crazy everyone is invited event. :)

  26. Yes we do. I will buy him a birthday cake every year and we’ll sing a birthday song for him. In fact, he joins in the singing with his howling! He sings for our birthdays too. His favourite cake is cheesecake (from Hilton’s Singapore)

  27. BeaglemixMom says:

    We also celebrate our dog’s birthdays – we don’t have children so they are our children. The two we have now are both rescue dogs, so we don’t know the exact date of birth, we only know they both were born in early September – so September 1st is the date we use for both, one will be 3 and the other 1 this year.

    The last pair of dogs we had (sadly lost them both within 9 months of each other – hence the two new “rescues”) were beautiful Goldens, they were siblings but from different litter (same Mom & Dad) and were two years & two weeks apart. We used the weekend in between the two “real” birthdays for the celebration. We got both from my brother, he owned the Mommy dog. The first year we had the male (the younger of the two – and one of a litter of 10 puppies) we contacted the folks who got the other puppies from this litter, and decided to surprise the Grandparents (my brother & his wife, and Mommy dog too) with a birthday party for the puppies. I think 8 out of 10 puppies (and their parents) showed up for the party – my brother only knew about us visiting (with our two dogs) and when the others showed up he & his wife laughed so hard – we surprised them alright – LOL! They have a large yard, with a pond out back, those puppies has such a blast – they chased, they swam, they all kissed Momma. We didn’t do any cake or goody bags – they just had some good wholesome “family” time and they were all very tired after the party – so I guess you could say it was a success – LOL!

    Normally the “doggie birthday parties” are much more low key then the one above – but I just had to share that one – it was an absolute riot to see all those one year siblings reuniting again. Great fun!

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