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Watch Rach’s Public Service Announcement regarding the fight to end hunger!

7 Responses to “Watch Rach’s Public Service Announcement regarding the fight to end hunger!”

  1. ruth Saumders says:

    We brought the Angel Food Program to our local community. It is an amaxing program. visit to see what it is all about. in addition I have started a program here in jacksonville, FL called SHARE. I hear of someone in need of food and I fill a box with enough food for a family of 4 for 2 weeks or more and I give them addresses/phone numbers for local food pantries etc.
    SHARE expects people to pass it forward when able. That is all.

  2. What a great program and available services. We have a similar program here in Broward County Florida call The Pantry of Broward. We are a food pantry and resource center focused on helping senior citizens and grandparents raising their grandchildren.

    We provide a 55 pound box of food to each client per month, plus in working with our case manager we help them take advantage of all the programs available to them like food stamps,housing assistance, free eye exams etc.

    Love to see if there is something we could do together, as the more people working to stop hunger, the better chance we have of making a difference.

  3. virginia says:

    Dear Rachel, i have a hugh basil plant, more than i can use. How would i store it?.

  4. Melissa says:

    How do I start a mobile/school food pantry with healthy foods and prepare a hot meal on the weekend for our local children?

    I am a SIFE member of the NWA Community College in Bentonville, ARKANSAS. I am a Board Member of the NWA Riding Club in this same area. I would like to combine the knowledge I am receiving from school while helping those in our non profit equine club by providing more resources for their families to reduce their food insecurities WHILE AT THE SAME TIME promoting them excercising with their animals and being active.

  5. Deb says:

    I am a teacher in a low income school. I get so angry as I see the amount of food that goes in the garbage each day – not the food the kids throw away but the left over lunch food that is thrown away. The servings are the same for Kindergarteners or 6th graders and we have so many kids who are still hungry after lunch – I tried to get the food that was being thrown away for our kids who may not get much at home or are still just hungry – our cafeteria ladies were told that if they gave that food to kids they were puttin their jobs in jeopardy – so the food is thrown away instead of being given to hungry kids – it is appalling that perfectly good food is thrown away instead of being fed to hungry kids – my blood pressure goes up every time I think about it!!!

  6. tammy says:

    This is a seasonal thing but in some cities in North Carolina, neighborhoods have started neighborhood gardens that help everyone. People are taught how to grow vegetables and all the food is shared among them.

  7. michelle says:

    where do you get the black bean and corn recipe that is part of the Heather Us Recipes thanks

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