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Summer Dogs!

It’s been so hot in the Northeast, it reminded me that dog owners should be aware of their dog’s exposure to the sun and heat, just as you would pay attention to a child’s.

Dogs can get sunburned.  If you have a short haired dog or one that has a pink nose, they are especially prone to sunburn so do not leave them out in the sun too long!  Keep dogs in shady areas and always apply sunscreen.  Did you know they made sunscreen for dogs?  They do, and you can find these products and other pet care products such as insect repellent easily on

If your dog does get burned, you can see it, just as you would on a human.  The skin will appear pink and be sensitive to the touch.  If the snout gets dried and cracked, try this all-natural soothing balm made by Natural Dog

Another thing to consider is your dog’s hydration.  If they are panting like crazy, that’s the equivalent to our sweating bullets.  The dog needs to drink tons of water and again, get out of the heat!

We just don’t want anyone to forget their four legged friends during this crazy heatwave!

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  1. Jo Fischetti says:


    I live in Arizona and have a pit bull. Moto just loves the water and we really need to use sunscreen on him. He’s fair with lots of white on him and pink on his nose. What I find to be the most effective is plain old zinc oxide ointment. It seems to stay on the longest. You can buy it at any drugstore.

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