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Help – my dog was sprayed by a skunk!

Dear Pet Lovers:

My dog Lucy was sprayed by a skunk and she absolutely stinks. What do you recommend to remedy this situation? I remember hearing something about a tomato juice bath?

Lucy’s Mom

Dear LM:

Hurry up as time is of the essence and you need to act fast when your dog is sprayed by a skunk. Before you do anything you should inspect your dog for any cuts and take a look at her eyes to see if they are red and watery, which could mean she was sprayed by in the eyes and should get to the vet. Your dog won’t be blinded but it is very painful.

Tomato juice is a time-honored way of covering the smell up, but it doesn’t necessarily get rid of it. The hydrogen peroxide solution beloshould do the trick, but do it outside and be extra careful to not get any in your dog’s eyes, nose and mouth as it is a harsh solution.

Directions to de-skunk your dog:

1) Put on latex gloves, go outside and mix together in a large open bucket or bowl (the solution will foam up and should never have a top):

  • 1 quart 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • 1/4 cup Baking Soda
  • 1 teaspoon liquid soap  (Dawn Dishwashing Detergent is often recommended, but any dish soap will work)

2.) Thoroughly wet your dog with warm water and then the solution while it is still bubbling. Knead it well into her coat and be careful to keep the formula out of her eyes, nose and mouth; you can use a sponge to carefully wipe it onto her face.

3.) Let the solution stand for 10 minutes before rinsing. Follow the bath with a thorough rinse. Be sure to protect her eyes when rinsing her head. Chances are you will not get all of the smell off of your dog’s face and will have to live with that as it wears off.

4.) Discard excess solution.

8 Responses to “Help – my dog was sprayed by a skunk!”

  1. Penny Lofton says:

    You won’t believe this but it works! Our Bichon was sprayed by a skunk last July 4th and we tried everything… the tomato juice turned her pink! The only thing that worked was FDS (Feminine Deoderant Spray). Now we always keep it handy!

  2. Jolene Hall says:

    There is a product that most vets carry that is called “Skunk Off”. It is GREAT. The recipe already given will work in a pinch but Skunk Off is something I always keep on hand since I live in the country in Idaho and we have skunks around….and I have a dog!!
    Hope this helps you. Good Luck.

  3. Tina Taylor says:

    I live in the country and my 2 dogs get sprayed all the time. Fabreeze works really well and its safe. I use it on my dogs all the time.

  4. at all the hunting dude chefs says bath in tomatoe sauce then buttermilk them lemmon juice in that order and it will work every time and we speak from first hand .nice work with the blog i follow yall on twitter thats how i got here.

  5. Annette says:

    I feed my 3 shelties Racheal Ray Nutrish and even tho I don’t use any flea treatment my dogs have no fleas. Anyone else notice this?

  6. Annemarie Kearney says:

    Hi, My name is Annemarie and I have the two dogs one named Precious and the other named William. I can never get William get to eat all of his food. I live on Welfare and even though Chef Racheal’s food for a much smaller bag is so much more expensive, William is eating his whole meal after 3 years of being my little boy, and when I mean little he is all of 5 pound soaking wet. Precious on the other hand will eat anything but I feel she will benifit from this new dog food. I hope I can afford to keep them both on the new plan. On the topic of having William fixed that is something I will never be able to afford. If I afford rent and power how can I get William fixed on a income that leaves me with nothing before the end of the month and I’m one person with 2 pets. I do think of them as if they were my children!

  7. I have a 7 year old Golden and my husband has a black & white border collie, I don’t know , but every time he saw a skunk he must havee thought it was Pepper.
    No Joke ,this happened 23 times , haven’t been skunked for 3 years now but I keep the solution on hand ,just in case.

  8. Debi says:

    We had an American Eskimo that had gotten sprayed and believe it or not the vet told us to use Summers Eve the Vinegar in the solution helps get rid of the smell and doesn’t turn your dogs color like tomato juice( although if you have a non white dog tomato juice does work well) you can also use white vin egar but then you have to contend with the vinegar smell.

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