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Farewell old friend

Look at that handsome devil – doesn’t he look wise? He was our dear, sweet, more-intelligent-than-many- humans-in-my-life cat to whom our family had to say goodbye a few weeks ago at the age of 18. We thought he would live forever but in the blink of an eye, he was gone.

My husband and I were never “cat people.” My then-boyfriend, now-husband, feigned cat allergies when we were in our early twenties living in Seattle on a whim – but when our apartment wouldn’t allow dogs, I wore him down into adopting a kitten. His friend at work from a town outside the city had taken in a pregnant stray and he had some kittens to give away. We got in the car one rainy Saturday morning in February and Doobie entered our life (it’s not what you are thinking - a Doobie Brothers concert was our first date. Honestly.).

Doobie was a bad ass outdoor cat who came to his name and was smart enough to come inside every night to sleep on our bed. He lived in two states, traveled across the country, saw two other cats come and go at different times (both not half as smart or enjoyable as he was), lived with us in apartments, houses, in the country, in the city. He suffered the arrival of our rambunctious lab as a puppy and showed him who was boss, yet they became best friends. He saw the arrival of three babies, and many baby pictures of our kids include Doobie – sharing my lap with an infant, or standing guard on the floor next to a just-sitting baby. When my kids’ friends came over, the first thing they would do is find Doobie, who would tolerate being carried like a baby or being trapped in a home made “cat fort.”

Doobie owned our neighborhood and everyone knew him. I would daily catch mailmen, UPS men and unknown walkers stopping to pet him. My friend and neighbor called him the mayor of the street. He would roam, yet never too far, and his favorite spot was in the sun on our front porch or in our driveway. As my dad said, Doobie is waiting in the driveway of heaven. Amen.

Our family was able to bury Doobie at our cousin’s house in the country and say a few words about him; we will visit him when we can. The kids are desperate for another cat and while I would like one too, I know that cats like Doobie don’t come along very often. As I told my daughter the other day, I think we will have to let our next cat find us. Good bye old friend – see you in the driveway of heaven.

11 Responses to “Farewell old friend”

  1. He looks so sweet in that photo. Like he has these understanding eyes!

  2. Plan B Mom says:

    i know! He was sitting on my chest with his face like an inch away from mine. i miss him!

  3. HopiHouse says:

    Brings a tear to my eyes. Another cat will find you, in the meantime my sister
    always says “You don’t have 9 cats in your life, you have one cat 9 times”.
    God Bless Doobie.

  4. Rhonda says:

    I just happen to run accross this while regsitering for my free sample of puppy food. I’m so sorry you lost your kitty, he looks like a very run the household kinda guy, I have one of those myself, she is pretty sure she’s in charge :). Your story made me have a little tear. Here’s to hoping you find another Doobie or he/she finds you ….

  5. AWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwww!!!………….
    I so loved this storey about Doobie, it reminds me of a cat my mom had when we were small children. It so touched my heart. The storey teller was ver good. She should write books if she dosen’t already ! This was wonderful.
    S. Talakoub.
    blind,56,female 2dogs 1cat

  6. Sheila says:

    from sheila PS: I do hop you find another cat as wonderful as Doobie was ,although it may take awhile !

  7. hallie says:

    there is a place in heaven for Doobie. Anyone who says there is not never looked into the soul of an animals eyes. I have a min-pin and he is getting pretty darn old. He will run fas in circles and play ball, but you can see the age and it is breaking my heart.

  8. Leigh says:

    Now that is one handsome kitty. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how tragic it can be. Thank you for sharing your story of Doobie. He seems like he was one cool cat.

    I will watch out for your next post when your new cat finds you… take care

  9. christa says:

    What a sweet story:) I had a cat that lived to be 23 and had been through so much with our family… cats are the sweetest and they are so smart and so close to being human! I have two cats now and love them so much.. thanks for sharing this nice story!

  10. John says:

    I know how you must feel.. We have a cat that we have had since he was a kitten and you at times think he is almost human. We have made our minds up that if something ever happens to him no more pets we just cant deal with the loss. he gets in boxes and the smaller they are the more he wants to get in it.

  11. Cindi says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have Cobber 16, and Killer 13. They both were raised with dogs. They sit, come to a whistle, and fetch. Cobber my little angel I brought back from Australia after a 3 year living experience. My ex-husband kept telling me to dump her, “Some one will pick her up”. My answer was, “I’m dumping you”. So $3,800.00 later, and 6 months quarentine, we arrived in the US. 16 years later she is my little angel! To hear of people who actually concider a life time commitment with an animal makes me feel wonderful! Look forward to hear more from you.

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