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How to Deal with Fruit Flies

Thanks to the overripe bowl of peaches on my counter, I recently had an infestation of fruit flies. In the past I have had one or two that I could catch in my hand and that was that, but this time there were quite a few – for a few days. They were not to be ignored. I finally dealt with them – here is the scoop on getting rid of fruit flies:

1) Find where the flies are breeding. One rotting piece of fruit or spill in a recycling bin can breed thousands of fruit flies.They will also breed in drains, the garbage disposal, recycling bins, the trash, the compost bucket, and even mops, sponges, and any other spots where water is caught or leaking. Get rid of their breeding ground.

2) Set a trap. Roll a sheet of paper into a cone and put it in a jar with a 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar (if you warm it up they will come running) at the bottom to attract the flies. Once they’re in, they won’t be able to get out. Don’t┬ábother spraying insecticide around, since eliminating the source and trapping is probably more effective and safer. There are other Internet solutions out there like vacuuming, using a hair dryer, or setting a trap with rotten fruit but the vinegar┬átrap is clean, quick and easy.

3) Keep it clean to prevent future infestations. Cut any damaged spots out of fruit and vegetables you bring into your kitchen and toss them outside, as they might be harboring eggs. Keep ripe produce in the refrigerator. Try to keep the kitchen particularly clean during late summer and early fall when it’s prime fruit season.

8 Responses to “How to Deal with Fruit Flies”

  1. EMM says:

    My favorite fruit fly “trap” is to take one or two glass tumblers and fill them about a third of the way up with red wine. Cover tightly with plastic wrap, then poke a few – maybe 5 or 6 small holes in the wrap with a fork. Enjoy the wine (that’s the fun part!) with dinner and wake up to some glasses of floating fruit flies in the morning.

  2. sea says:

    EMM-that is exactly what I do and it works like a charm! Great minds think alike.

  3. Barbara says:

    I had a problem with aphids on my roses until I sprayed with a Neem oil solution. When I had fruit flies in my kitchen hovering over my fruit I sprayed the area and the fruit and they disappeared after one spray. Completely non-toxic. I used a teaspoon of pure Neem and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle. Two problems solved!

  4. Lynda says:

    I’ve tried everything to get rid of mine. I’ve done extensive cleaning of my kitchen area and put some red wine vinegar in a jar with the paper cone. And nothing seems to kill them. I even bought some fly tape and hung it in the area where many of the flies seem to be coming from but that’s only got one or two. They’re driving me crazy, especially since I live in an efficiency studio where my kitchen is basically my bedroom area. There are less than there used to be but it still grosses me out. Any ideas?

  5. Jerry Magner says:

    Hello -
    Have you heard about the Banana Seal – it will get an airtight seal all the way across the top of any bag and eliminate food waste…and keep your kitchen clean at the same time!

  6. Trishia Jimenez says:

    I love the fly trap, very green. I had started using a product that prevents fruit flies. Its main job is keeping your fruit fresher longer. Clearly Fresh Bags. Someone gave me one to try, and I LOVE them. They really work well at not only keeping fruit fresh longer on the counter, but I also use it to keep my salad fresh in the fridge. :)
    They are my new favorite product.

  7. Simply Put says:

    Fill a jar with half cider vingar and dish soap( a sweet fruit dish soap works best) Leave it on the counter and it will attract the flies and nats.

  8. Kim Dingman says:

    I have found that the jar with apple cider vinegar and dish soap works wonders. I had a major problem with fruit flies due to keeping “Friendship Bread” fermenting in a gallon jar on my counter. It takes 30 days to go through the cycle and we all know in that amount of time tons of fruit flies can accumulate. This recipe was my lifesaver to get rid of the problem insects. :-)

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