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Sibling dogs – good idea?

Dear Pet Lovers:

My family really wants to get a puppy and I am actually contemplating getting two puppies at the same time so they will have a playmate. Siblings sound like a good idea – what do you think? Am I crazy?



Dear Mary:

Two puppies at the same time can be a good idea but remember – it is twice the work! Picture bringing home twin babies who are instantly mobile, don’t wear diapers, and chew. What about sibling dogs? You would think it would be a good idea but actually experts recommend against it. Why? There is a likelihood that the dogs will bond more strongly to each other than you, the owner, which can mean trouble when it comes to training. In addition, they are more likely to feed off of unwanted behaviors and bad habits from siblings.

There are of course many pros to getting two pups Рcompanionship being the biggest one. If you are firmly set on getting two pups, make sure you get them from different sources, and experts suggest getting one at a time. Also, it is often easier to add an animal of the opposite gender to a household that already contains a pet. And always, never act on impulse when adopting a pet or pets Рit is a lifelong commitment!

13 Responses to “Sibling dogs – good idea?”

  1. Kathleen Menefee says:

    Dear Mary,

    I thought the same thing 7 years ago and it is true, they were a lot of work in the beginning but they do keep each other company when no one is home. The only set back I have found is leaving one home alone when you are teaching them how to walk, or when one goes to the vet.

    My Golden Retriever/New Foundland mix are brother and sister and they have very different personalities and likes and dislikes. We all bonded very well. It seems to me, it is more important to research the type of dog that would best suit your family. Hope this info helps.

  2. mehlisue says:

    The problem with companionship is that they both will be in it together and it is double the distruction. I found it a much better way to train with one, house brake, simple commands, than add the second puppy six to one year later. The first puppy will train the second by following it around. The age difference is slight and each dog recieves it’s favored puppy status.

  3. Tonya says:

    I waited awhile before getting a new puppy after my schnauzer passed away. We found a reputable breeder and picked out a puppy. While waiting for the pup to be weaned so that we could bring him home, my husband saw a bichon/poodle puppy and we decided to get both because they had been born just days apart. It was not too long before they became more like brothers and still are today. The schnauzer has a better sense of what is harmful and will rush to insure the safety of his brother whenever he perceives that there is a problem. For us… was the best decision that we ever made! Watching them has been fun and rewarding. It might not work out for everyone but it certainly did for us.

  4. Cindi Dejnozka says:

    Having two together will be great for you and the pups. They bond and become BFFs and keep each other entertained. It is two feedings, two baths, two of everythig but also twice the love and affection from your furry friends. So worth it! I would recommend NOT buying from a pet store as those puppys come from puppy mills. I might suggest The Schnauzer Love Rescue for adoption. There are so many who need forever homes and are just as much fun to have around. We have eight soon to be nine. We foster as well as rescue and adopt. Like I said….it is so worth it!

  5. Janice says:

    My husband came home with 2 dogs (Shelties). Best day ever.Best present ever. Brother and sister. Was suppose to come home with the little girl but felt sorry for her sibling. Did I say best day ever, best present ever. Yes, the girl Melissa was the alpha dog. Love those guys! The boy’s name was Cody. Would do it all over again. Had 1 toy poodle and got 2 at once, makes 3 poochies in the house. I do work full time and they are my only “children”.

  6. Vanessa says:

    Oh I do hope you adopt. Alot of shelter have dogs that need to stay with their siblings. I had two puppies at the same time and it was very chaotic at times but fun too.

  7. Barry Mack says:

    We have had a small beagle mix from a dog rescue organization and over the past year we realized he was needy for attention and company so we went back to the rescue agency and got a female spaniel collie mix of the same age, height and weight. At first there was a little jealousy and bullying to establish dominance but now after 4 or 5 weeks I have to say they are becoming very good friends and they play together and sleep together and hang with each other as if they have been together for all time. I am satisfied that they are good company for each other and the extra care and feeding is worth the cost. They have so many similarities and dissimilarities in their character. He is enjoying his new adopted stepsister.
    It has been a positive decision to add a sibling.

  8. Sheri says:

    We had a 3 yo golden Retriever and added a puppy. Much to my suprise, he did not like the puppy at first. We never imagined that would happen because Oliver was so easy going and lovable. A few weeks later things changed and now they are best buddies. Owen is learning from big “brother” (good and bad) and we couldn’t be happier with how they love each other now!

  9. lora says:

    hi, as a pet mommy who adopted 2 chocolate lab puppy siblings, and as much as i love them, i wouldnt recommend it. the puppies are great until it comes to training, when you have 2 puppies they tend to pay more attention to each othe
    r than you. potty training is extra hard (they dont sync when they have to go). just wanted to share my experience with you.

  10. Karla says:

    As many have said twice the work, but seeing Jak and Maggy together, our brother and sister Golden Retrievers; we wouldn’t have it any other way. They keep each other company, they play well together and they are our babies. Spoiled babies!

  11. It is twice the work, but hey, once you do the work for one, the momentum is going, the 2nd one is gonna be easier ;) Haha, and in return, double the fun! Pairs or twins are always cute.

  12. Johnna says:

    I am a big dog lover, long story,but we had one dog whom we thought needed a campanion. We were told of a stray. We took her in she ended up getting pregnant before we could get her fixed. She had a litter of 3 lab mix puppies.We couldnt give any away I loved them all. Eight years later they are all diabetic who 2 needed cataract surgery,waiting to see if the last one will. All in ll I love them they are great for each other and I would do it again.

  13. Karen says:

    I have sister dogs from the same liltter and they are 12 years old. I also have their mother who will be 16 years old on July 4th! I have never regretting keeping the two puppies. The only drawback is that you will have 2 old dogs at the same time and you may lose them both in a short period of time.

    Six days ago we had to euthanize our 14 1/2 year old dog and we miss her terribly. Magic has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and one day we will see her again.

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