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Lunchbox ideas for kids with food allergies

Dear Cooks:

I have a 5 year old who has very bad food allergies. Here is a list of things that my son can not have or things that is made with it: wheat, eggs, dairy, sea food, peanuts, tree-nuts. With me packing his lunch every day for school I’m fresh out of ideas. I was wondering if you had any new cool ideas/recipes so I can stop boring my 5 year old.

Thanks -

Mom of Kid with Allergies

Dear MOKW:

We have some ideas for your son’s lunch recommended from a mom whose son has allergies too. Corn flour tortillas are readily available and a great platform for wraps or quesadillas. Rice is also a great solution and you can buy bread and pasta made from rice rather than wheat. You can substitute for eggs when baking by using 1 tablespoon flax meal mixed with 3 tablespoons water for each egg.
Here are some suggestions for your son’s lunchbox:
Vegetable soup made with barley

corn flour quesadillas
corn flour pizzadillas
corn or rice mac n cheese made with goat cheese
brown or black bean burritos

pureed bean or squash soup

Roasted vegetables with rice stir fry

fruit leather strips
apple sauce
frozen blueberries or strawberries (thawed by lunch)
sunflower butter spread over gluten-free bread
craisins and raisins mixed with dry cereal
ham roll ups (guacarollies)
homemade crispy rice bars
Good luck!

4 Responses to “Lunchbox ideas for kids with food allergies”

  1. Ashley says:

    Salads are a good thing if he will eat them, you could even do fruit salads.

  2. Rechel says:

    Hi – I also have a child with food allergies. I agree packing lunch is a real challenge. My daughter can’t have peanuts, tree nuts, soy, corn, strawberries.. Soy and corn is in everything. She is sick of sun butter. I sometimes give her crackers and cheese, fruits/veggies.

  3. Shana says:

    My daughter is in 3rd grade, allergic to Dairy, Egg whites, Peanuts and most tree nuts. Some staples that have made is easy to get her to also eat her lunch, are sliced fruit separate containers if it gets soggy she won’t eat it. and there are these great mini pitas that if packed separately from the toppings or ingredients make it fun for her to assemble at lunch time. Water to drink makes it more likely she will eat the fruit than packing fruit juice. Also Pita chips are fun for dipping into veggie or fruit dip. She loves Salami and a company that makes it with no dairy is called Applegate. Whole foods can be pricy but for finding “regular” stuff with out the allergens they have been our best resource. Then to the farmers market for the produce.

  4. Joane says:

    I make alot of baked goods for my granddaughter with rice or potato flour. she is allergic to all the things you described. I use alot of soya milk or rice milk with chocolate syrup in brownies. also soya just like peanut butter for pretend peanut butter cookies. she loves all the things I make for her lunch. she is still getting the desserts that her friends have but not the allergens. health food stores have amazing products that are wheat free/nut free/glutten free. I even go to this bakery that makes special cupcakes for her in case a mom brings some to the class for a birthday. she can still be included in the festivities.

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