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Welcome Chloe! Introducing a 3-year old pup to my 13-year old dog

One night last week at my son’s soccer game a friend mentioned that he knew a family who had a great dog – a 3 year old lab named Chloe – and they were looking to give her to another family because she didn’t fit into their lifestyle (The mom didn’t love dogs, their upkeep or their fur – her husband brought home the puppy without warning from a trip. Chloe spent the majority of her days gated off in a mud room.). Our friend thought of us as our dear 13-year old yellow lab, Biko, is slowing down significantly and we know his time with us is limited.

We talked to our kids and they were excited to have a dog they could play with, as Biko gets tired walking up and down the stairs. Chloe is trained and stilll young so we would have a long time with her. The decision was easy and we went to pick up Chloe the next day.

I was a little nervous about Biko, our older dog – would he feel left out? Would he think we already had a replacement for him? I think this is how he felt on day one (we are on day three) as he spent the majority of the day asserting his dominant role in the house. He basically shadowed Chloe all day, boxing her out of wherever she wanted to go. Chloe luckily had no problem letting Biko be the boss and basically rolled over all day.

While the kids are excited for our new addition, last night my sweet daughter cried herself to sleep as she thought Biko was going to die during the night. Why? Because he was asleep in his crate at an earlier time than usual – this new dog is wearing him out. We are all making extra efforts to pet Biko and give him lots of love, although I have to sneak out to walk Chloe as Biko can’t even make it down the block anymore. ┬áJust more dogs to love – welcome Chloe.

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  1. Amy Powell says:

    I completely understand the heartache you are feeling at the thought of loosing Bilko. But, I applaude your efforts and the phenomenal success youve had at introducin g Chloe into the family!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & Bravo. Great Job!!!!!!! Nicely done. I so enjoy watching your show and seeing the maqgnificent food creation s that you whip up!!!!!!!!! Keep ‘em comin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
    Amy Powell

  2. We had a similar situation at our home. One daughter agreed to foster a dog that she really did not want. When the other daughter saw him, she instantly wanted to keep him. Her existing dog was aging and somewhat lonely. To our surprise, the older dog because more like a puppy than vise-a-verse-a. Having an additional dog will not make losing the other any more easier, but hopefully it will make the grieving period much shorter. God Bless you and your loved ones. Barb

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