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Toaster or toaster oven?

My friend’s toaster broke, and she is taking an informal poll of friends as to what she should buy next – traditional toaster or toaster oven? She discovered that people have pretty strong opinions on the subject, as people tend to have on items they use daily.

I grew up in a toaster house. Four slices only. I remember a lot time spent narrowly escaping electrocution while shoving a butter knife in one of the slots to release a too-fat bagel. When I met my husband, he was firmly in the toaster oven camp, and he was there to stay. A toaster oven, he professed, was so much more versatile than a regular toaster. Not only does it toast items of all widths with no risk of electrocution, but it bakes, reheats, broils. Who needs an oven? I was a convert. We seem to replace it every five or so years and I periodically take out and clean the crumb tray and shake out the appliance over the sink to get rid of anything left in the bottom. In addition to toasting waffles, bagels, and bread daily, I regularly save on turning on my oven and use it to reheat pizza and leftovers, warm bread, even bake potatoes.

So what do you think? Should she get a toaster or toaster oven?

17 Responses to “Toaster or toaster oven?”

  1. Paula says:

    I also grew up with a toaster. I have changed completely. A toaster oven I would
    not be without. It beats heating up the oven and the uses are unending. We have gone thru a few but hey, it beats any toaster. You have to find the right one that
    suits you. The West Bend is a good one which you can use as a pizza oven.

  2. Joanne says:

    My husband and I recently bought a Breville toaster oven and love it. It is not the one that is also a convection oven, but it does so much so well. It is easy to use, the crumb tray is easy to remove and clean and the cost was well worth it. They sell it at Bed, Bath & Beyond, so you can use a 20% off coupon if you get those in the mail or online. I highly recommend it — and it doesn’t take up that much room on the counter and uses a lot less energy than regular oven. Hope this helps.

  3. JONI CHADWELL says:

    I couldn’t LIVE without my toaster oven. I doubles as a small oven and a toaster all in one. Mine is also a convection oven. It saves e having to turn the full size oven on and waste all that electricity. Pizza bakes up so nice in it, cassaroles, fish sticks, etc. I love mine!

  4. Kristine says:

    Due to limited counter space (and I’m NOT moving my espresso machine or my Keurig :), I’m a toaster person.

  5. Peggie says:

    Are you kidding? A toaster oven — hands down. We only use ours for toasting, but for artisan breads and rolls that are thicker, bagels, nuts, baguette sandwiches, the regular toaster just couldn’t take care of the task.

  6. Ms. Marlin says:

    I was always into toasters also but I did a complete turn around. I can’t live without my toaster oven, not only can I toast but bake too and the electric bill is a lot less on your wallet.

  7. Fifi says:

    Ditto! Was raised with a toaster in the house, it did the job. Now that I have my own family (4 kids) I LOVE my toaster oven. I too replaced mine a few times, weeding them out so to speak. I finally found THE ONE! I bought a cuisinart t.o. from Costco, it does have convection. It’s especially fabulous little machine in the summer, no heating up the house. This summer I even baked a gratin in it to perfection :) I never get burned toast or untoasted waffles for the little girls. It’s a super great investment. Oh, and it’s not huge either.

  8. Mercy says:

    I prefer toaster oven. I like the idea that I can use an equipment for more than one thing in the kitchen due to space. Thank you, Mercy

  9. Paula Rose says:

    We were raised using a regular toaster which was a great invention. Now with all the modern conveniences got rid of my toaster and upgraded to a cuisinart toaster oven. We use this item more then anything else. Makes great toast(which takes a little longer then a toaster) but so much more versatile. I very rarely use my oven (hate heating up the kitchen) After many years I have recently up graded to a larger counter convection oven, that I can make two pizzas at one time. That being said the unit is larger & wider therefore does not toast bread on both sides, you do have to turn them over so as to use the top heating element. I love this unit and would not be without one.

  10. Sue Kaye says:

    Being recently widowed, I am only cooking for one. I use my toaster oven daily.
    It is much more efficient than turning on my oven. Great to bake or reheat.
    But I do feel that when it comes to toasting nothing beats the toaster.


    I have both. Toasters make better toast…hands down!! I do love my toaster oven for heating buns, etc.

  12. Marg Scibona says:

    A toaster oven definitely. For a small family it heats left-overs that might not be good in a micro-wave, and would not fit into a toaster.
    Pizza the second day is great in a toaster oven, and although I have tried to reduce the size of the oven down to a 4 slice toaster, I cannot, I will not give up my toaster oven.

  13. Tamara H. says:

    I’m a toaster oven girl, my husband is a toaster man… when we married he about had a fit that I had a toaster oven and no toaster. He demanded to have a toaster, which I declined because why do you need a toaster if you have a toaster oven? But at last in order to save our marriage we now have both :) My husband recently even got a toaster oven he could take to work, he loves reheating food in it and I do use the toaster to toast my bread but that’s just because it’s there… If I had to pick one or the other the toaster would be GONE. I wonder what my husband would pick, I bet he’s been converted to the toaster oven ;)

  14. TILLY says:

    DEFINITELY toaster oven.. I had it for a while and replaced with a toaster now I want my old toaster oven back.. it does take up more counter space but the convenience of not turning on my big oven for something simple like broiling something is a big plus!

  15. Thuan says:

    I have a toaster oven and a 2 slice toaster. It just seems like the toaster ovens takes a longer time just to toast 2 slices of bread; however, I wished the T.Oven would do a faster job so I can reduce appliances on my counter. I love them both.

  16. Pat says:

    I have a Black and Decker under the counter toaster oven, that I have had for over 30 years, still works, and I wouldn’t live without it!! Does everything I need it to do. I am surprised it has lasted this long, and I use it , A LOT!! Will never use a toaster again!!

  17. LaVon says:

    Toaster oven with toaster on top, harder to find but love mine ordered from jcpenney several yrs ago! It’s Hamilton Beach!

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