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Can dogs take human meds?

Our newest addition – beautiful Chloe the 3 year old lab – has been with us 2 1/2 months and is the best thing that has happened to our family in a while. My older daughter in particular has bonded with her, and our dear 13 1/2 year old lab, Biko, seems to have a new lease on life. Whereas he used to sleep the day away, now when Chloe runs to the door, he runs to the door. He sees Chloe play with toys, he plays with toys. He hasn’t picked up a toy in years.

Last week, out of the blue, Chloe started limping one evening. Not a light limp, but she couldn’t put any pressure on her front right paw, at all. We didn’t see her hurt herself – my kids were roughhousing with her but she is a hardy dog at nearly 90 pounds. She took to her crate (voluntarily) for the night and I was a wreck. I was tempted to give her some ibuprofen, knowing that our vet had previously prescribed human Benadryl when Biko had an allergic reaction.

After some Internet research and a quick call to the emergency vet clinic, I learned to never ever give your dogs ibuprofen! Even a small amount can be toxic, to any pet. When it comes to giving your pet any medication, always call your vet before you do anything. As for Chloe’s limp, it cleared up on its own in two days – she was up and running in no time.

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  1. Pet Supplies says:

    It is also important to know what foods are toxic to dogs. Chocolate, onions just to name a few. When I was a kid I had a 100 pound German Shepard mix that was fed mostly table scraps. My family had the thought that if we can eat is so can she. Now that I am an adult and in the pet industry I have learned better and understand that dogs digestive and biological systems are different than humans. A good quality food that is made for a dog’s needs is something that all owners should be aware of.

  2. marie says:

    Any suggestion for a 90 pound black lab that has started to itch so bad, that no one is able to sleep due to his constant scratching. I have changes his food and given him Allergy tablets (chlorphenitamine) to no avail….Help!!

  3. Machelle says:

    Try giving pills with fish oil. When I was a kid we had a hound that itched bady and my mom bought baby oil and a spry bottle. She poured the baby oil and water in the bottle. we spryed the dog with that mix. It releaved her itching and she stoped pulling out her fur.

  4. Ana says:

    I also have a dog that has itching. My vet said it’s allergies and recommended Benadryl. Of course, your vet needs to instruct you based on your dog’s weight, health, and age what the dosage should be. The benadryl will likely also make your dog a bit sleepy, as it does to some humans, which could be a good thing if he’s up all night scratching. Also I was given Cod Liver Oil (specifically made for dogs and cats) to use as well.

  5. Holly P. says:

    I am a certified vet tech, Cod Liver is wonderful to help your pet get some relief from dry allergic skin. However I would take the bottle to your closest human pharmacy and look in the vitamin isle to compare. In general when it say “formulated specifically for dogs & cats) that just means the dosage in one capsule is higher then the human dosage. Animals tend to take higher dosages because they metabolize thing differently then we do. Even if you have to give your fur baby two capsules instead of one, you may still be able to save some money.

    As for what foods are toxic there are multiple lists you can find on Google and put one on your refrigerator, or tape inside your pantry for a quick glance when you have a question.The biggest offenders are…

    Milk & Dark Chocolate (no worries for white chocolate)
    All Onions

    I hope all of this helps!!

  6. adriana says:

    Hi Marie,
    My brother just changed his dog´s food to no grains food, and her coat is so nice and she doesn´t have tha dry skin flaking and scratching, so maybe you could try no grains food for your dog, also for the inflammation it´s the best!

  7. adriana says:

    by the say, ny brother´s dog is a black lab!

  8. Janice says:

    I have a two year old albino pit terrier that my husband recently brought home from Mexico. He’s had him since he was four weeks old but with his work schedule did not have a lot of time for training and working with the dog. Now I have the dog and he has returned to work in Mexico. While walking the dog, no matter how fast I walk, he will walk faster and tug on the leash for at least the first fifteen minutes of the walk. I am sure this is painful for the dog, I hear him gasping for breath, but I can only go so fast and I am trying to train him to walk at my pace, not his. Also, I have a terrible time controlling him when he sees anything live, be it human or animal, even birds will send him sprinting at an insane speed, jerking me off my feet. He isn’t vicious, but quite the opposite. Thinks everyone is his friend, but when people see this huge white pit sprinting at them and a 5’2″, 56 year old woman in tow behind, I think it puts them on edge a little. I always manage to get him under control before he gets away, but he is doing major damage to the surgery I had on my neck 2 years ago. I need some suggestions on how to calm him down on his walks….Please help.

  9. Karen says:

    To Janice – My first suggestion is to enroll in a basic obedience class. This will teach you how to work with your dog, get him to heal, stay, sit and come on command. The sooner the better.

    Secondly, go to reputable pet supply store and get either a no-pull harness or a Gentle Leader head harness. Have the sales associate help you properly fit the harness. This will keep your dog from pulling, will give you great control and will keep you from getting hurt.

  10. Web says:

    Most dog allergies and skin problems are do to poor dry dog food diets.
    My nine year old Aussie mix, that I rescued at three years of age, was feed a dry food for the first year I had her. She developed skin and arthritis problems. Then I switched to raw food and it all cleared up. I am going to try ‘just 6′ however due to her developing a nasty gassy problem of late.

  11. MAITRAM says:

    Hi, rachael
    my cat bubble is over weight 20 lbs. what kind of food should I feed her so she
    could lose weight.

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