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Time to change your mattress

In the world of bed bug infestation, it’s important to take a look at your mattress and consider its lifespan and care.

  • First, when you buy one, you should buy a protective covering that you can take off and wash periodically or if something spills on it.  This should be waterproof.
  • You should rotate your mattress every 6 months so it gets even wear and tear.
  • Vacuum your mattress to clean it, don’t use soap and water unless there is a stain.
  • Here’s a sort of disgusting statistic but one that is important to know.  After 10 years, your mattress DOUBLES in weight from years of absorbing your body oils, dead skin and dead bugs!  This according to Men’s Health magazine, made me think about changing my own.  The Better Sleep Council recommends changing your mattress after 5-7 years. This makes sense as I have noticed that my mattress has areas that are deeper than others from years of sleeping on it and kids jumping on it like it’s a trampoline. When you notice this kind of sagging, it can’t be giving your body the support it needs.

A good night’s sleep is essential to mental and physical health, yet many of us do not get enough zzzs.  This is one way to ensure your sleeping environment is conducive to a long rest of shut-eye.

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  1. Helen - threeheartsrsh says:

    All of this is fine but what if you can’t afford to buy a new bed.
    Mine is 10 years old, and in good shape. I put a water/dust proof cover on and clean regularly. No one jumps on my bed.
    I take good care of what I own because I cannot afford to replace it.
    Keep a clean house, use organic insecticides, vacuum regularly, wash sheets in hot water, bathe before you get in bed. The last is essential. When I get in bed I am clean, this keeps dirt out of the bed and makes the bed environment less attractive to bugs.

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