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Cute Wax Paper Hearts!

Surprise your sweetie with some cute Valentine’s decorations. All you need is some crayons, a pencil sharpener, wax paper, card stock and some craft paper (or a couple paper bags).

Tear off a piece of wax paper. Remove the label from a crayon and run it through a pencil sharpener so the shavings are distributed across the wax paper.

Use one color or mix the colors if you like.

Use two pieces of craft paper (or cut up pieces of paper bag) to protect the ironing board. Place the wax paper and crayon shavings on top and top that with another piece of wax paper. Take two more pieces of craft paper to protect the iron and melt everything together.

I have a special iron I reserve for craft projects such as this. It was the most inexpensive iron I could buy back in my college days. Sometimes the wax can still bleed through the layers of paper, and it can be difficult to clean, so keep that in mind when doing this project.

Make a heart by folding a piece of card stock in half, drawing half a heart, cutting the shape out and unfolding it. This will be your template.

On your melted wax paper and crayon shavings, trace the heart.

Cut out the hearts using all the different colors.

Use a needle and thread, or a hole punch to attach a string.

Tie the hearts to a curtain rod or tape them to a window, attach them to a present, or slip one in your sweetheart’s lunch for a nice little surprise.

3 Responses to “Cute Wax Paper Hearts!”

  1. Jeri McKendrick says:

    I wanted to say thank you! This is “the” cutest idea not only for my sweetheart, but for my tow Grand daughters. I have something cute to have them do for their mommy who is having a baby today hopefully, or within a day or two. Yes, we are having our first boy. Yippie! Baby Jackson is coming our way.
    Rachael Ray, I love watching your show, you’re so darn cute. I love your personality.

  2. Love the Valentine Heart’s idea, when my boys where young, they enjoyed making ‘stain glass windows’ using this procedure we would place the string(fishing line) between the wax papers with the shaved crayons and we would also trim the window & panes with construction paper. My oldest son, now 31 and recently married said that you could get creative & cut out letters to make them look like the candy Valentine Hearts with “Love You’, “Kiss Me”,etc. , with 1/2 the calories!

  3. Evette, we made these today! Fun project! Thanks!

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