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The Voters Have Spoken!

More than half a million votes were casts. And the final results are in!

The 50 shelters that will compete head-to-head to see how many dogs and cats they can save have been chosen by you, the voters.

To see the full list of shelters and final votes, visit

6 Responses to “The Voters Have Spoken!”

  1. Debby Worthen says:

    I am a big fan although I don’t have a lot of time to watch the show. I work for a animal sanctuary in Lake Toxaway, NC. We are cage free and deal mostly with elderly and special needs animals. I just was hoping you would want to visit our new website and see the good work we do for our community and others in the area. We have a dog Pookie, who was burned (on purpose) in Greenville SC. We have 3 legged dogs and cats and lots of animals that have some serious diseases. We have awesome volunteers who help us out but as you can imagine money is always an issue.Our new website is “ By the way our animals are all adoptable but if for some reason they don’t get adopted, they stay at the sanctuary forever, and if they do get adopted and it doesn’t work out, we always take them back, no questions asked. Thank You!

  2. Marlene Watts says:

    I’m writing on this site because my beloved dog Mateo has been diagnosed with kidney stones. He has not urinated in two days, and his health is in great danger. The local veterinarian wants to charge an arm and a leg for treatment, funds that I do not have. If any one knows of a grant or foundation to help Mateo get the proper treatment, please email me at:

    Mateo is my best friend and I would be devastated if anything were to happen to him. Any help would be appreciated.

  3. Lisa says:

    HELLO ALL FELLOW PITBULL LOVERS!. I am reaching out to this blog because I have recently entered my doy Mya into a northjersey cutest pet contest. We are currently in second place. (A golden retriever is winning… go figure) . I have had family dogs my entire life ranging from mutts to pit lab mixes and must say when the pit bull breed entered our lives about ten years ago, I swore I would never have another breed. They are the most loving, gentle creatures when raised in the proper environment. We lost our pit lab mix to a battle with cancer and we rescued Mya shortly after. I am having a feeling that this contest is rigged as somehow votes are being taken away from us.. and the Golden just keeps climbing. Voting is until May 13th! I ask that you go register and vote for mya, because part of the grand prize is her picture in the paper and it would be sending a positive message that not all pitbulls are dangerous and terrible.( Free food for a year is also good perk to winning as well lol) Please go to
    and cast your votes daily! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Shannon says:

    Dear Ms Ray, I am writing this letter to you because I don’t know where else to turn for help and a dear friend told me about Rachael’s Rescue suggesting that I contact you and you may be able to help, or may know who I need to contact to get help. This morning I happened across a photo of the most beautiful Pit bull named SHA who was to be put to sleep this morning. I left a message on the site saying how I wished I didn’t live so far away because I would love so much to give her a home. Something about this beautiful girl just reached out and touched my heart, but I live in Oklahoma and she is in a shelter in Brooklyn. I would love to adopt her, but I have no idea how I could get her here. Going to pick her up at the shelter in Brooklyn is not even a possibility at this point. If anyone is willing to help transport her I would give her a loving forever home out in the country with 10 acres of room to run and play. My beautiful pit, Lily, died 3 weeks ago and I miss my sweet girl sooo much! SHA wouldn’t be a replacement. Knowing I helped save the life of such a beautiful girl, I feel would help the hole in my heart start to heal.
    I wish I could find some way or someone to transport her! I could go part way and meet someone even, if I could only find someone willing to help save this beautiful girl. It would mean more to me than you can possibly imagine!!! More than I can express in words! I have been sitting here looking at her pics and I am in tears because I haven’t been able to think of a way to bring her home! I have looked at the pics of animals waiting for homes several years now and I have never felt that I could, would, or should adopt any of them,until today! But when I saw her I knew in my heart that she belonged here. I feel like she is a member of my family that is stranded a long way from home and I have to find a way to get her home! I don’t know what to do! Is there anyone willing to help bring her home? She would be warm and well-fed and very loved! I can’t bear the thought that she might be killed when she has a home waiting for her! Please help me get my beautiful baby home!!!
    Ms Ray, I know you have access to many resources that I just don’t have, and many of those people would be more than willing to transport a dog for you, but would laugh me out of the building if I were to ask for their help. I’m begging you!!! Please help me save the life of this beautiful baby before it’s too late! She is listed to be put down on the 24th and they start at 6am, so she hasn’t much time!!!
    Below I am posting the link to go to her pictures and information. Once you see her you will understand why I can’t just give up on her! There has to be someone out there that is willing to help me save her life and give her a home filled with love and doggie treats and all the other wonderful things that every dog dreams of!
    Please Ms Ray, won’t you help me save the life of this precious sweetheart?

    Shannon Sanderson

  5. Shannon, I sure hope things worked out for you.
    Lisa, Good Luck!

  6. Karen Combs says:

    Shannon, did you ever get Sha? I see that she was saved, I Hope it was with you! :)

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