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Good News Pet Lovers! New Study Shows Kids Who Grow Up With Pets Are Healthier

If you have a pet, you know that they provide companionship, exercise and love. And now there’s one more reason owning a pet is good for families – a new study in the journal Pediatrics shows that kids who grow up with pets during their first year of life are healthier in some ways than kids who don’t.

The study specifically showed that kids who lived in a house with a dog during that first year had fewer respiratory tract infections, ear infections and used fewer antibiotics than pet-free households. Researchers attribute the findings to the possibility that kids with animal contacts early in life might possibly build a greater resistance to some illnesses. ┬áCats were also shown to have a positive effect on kids’ health, although not as strong as dogs. Cheers pet lovers!

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  1. celeste says:

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  2. Brendle says:

    How to keep a cat indoors.
    To keep your cat from scratching furniture use a scratching pole to replace the sofa
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  3. Mahkayla Lynn says:

    This is a really good idea to create this blog, because people naturally share with their animals. Looking at their adorable faces so precious. Pets from person to person are sometimes like children. :)

  4. Kim says:

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