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It Takes Heart (and Hard Work) to Win this Challenge

Woo hoo! I am thrilled to announce the results are in for the 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge.  This year’s challenge shelters saved 56,232 dogs and cats across the country! That’s an increase of 14,376 more lives saved than last year. The first place winner, City of San Antonio Animal Care Services, saved a total of 4,054 lives during the course of the challenge. Check out the entire list of winners at

What truly makes this challenge a success are the stories of dogs and cats that found their perfect families. Like Maggie, who arrived at the City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control this summer.  She was incredibly thin, pregnant and in pretty rough shape. After giving birth and weaning her pups, she was spayed and adopted by the Hickoks family during the $100K Challenge. Like many of the dogs and cats adopted during the challenge, Maggie found her new loving home. She fit in instantly with her new family. They reported that her happy and persistent nature refuses to believe that the cats will not play with her.  Her kisses are delivered frequently, at lightning speed to the kids while playing “Chase-Me-Around-The-Yard!”.  Maggie’s story reminds us why the Challenge is so important.

Congratulations to all of the winners and a giant round of applause to all the staff and volunteers at the 50 contestant shelters who worked tirelessly to help more than 56,000 animals and their new families.

Bert Troughton
Vice President

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  1. Karen says:

    Hi everyone,
    Over the years we have had many dogs. This Christmas I they gave us so much i unconditional love. Not only to our family but to my family through my home day care. They loved the children because children have unconditional love also.
    The girls passed on this pass year due to age and medical problems. I miss them terribly.
    When the economy failed, as many others, I thought I would alway have money to help others. That sad time left us with no home which lost our jobs doing home day care and took most of our money. We now live on social security, which isn’t much as our age people know. I was determined not to lose my dear boxer pals Claire and Bella.
    My many reason for writing this is to let everyone know of an organization in Massachusetts. This organization help people keep their pets at home when struck with financial difficulties. They help with everyday items, vet visits and most of all with emergency care. They helped me with emergency care which included visits, test and monthly medication. The deal directly with your vet and the money goes directly into your dogs account.
    Please let everyone know of this organization. You can reach them through the web site at .
    I know this organization is only for Massachusetts residence but I understand they are trying to spread word to those that love their pets and are having to deal with losing them.
    Please spread the word
    Love you God bless all

  2. Liz Bernard says:


    I am a Volunteer Director of Chicago Pet Rescue (CPR) and want to thank you on behalf of all the animals that you have helped. We are only two years old but last year we nearly tripled the number of animals that we helped from the year before. We are growing fast. We are a foster home based rescue and help all kinds of animals. I was happy to see you have a red-nose pitbull, we just adopted out one in November. His name is TItran. A woman came in to see if we could give him a safe haven as a family member wanted to sell him into a life of pain, misery and probably an early death, He is now living wiith a loving family. Thank you again

  3. B J Van Camp says:

    Good for all the good lives saved. I volunteer & foster for A rescue group here in Memphis (Real Good Dog Redcue) We get many ffom shelters & dogs abandoned by owners. Every one of our volunteerrs work tirelessly to find homes for these babies & I really thank you for your work in saving as many as you can.

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