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Lunchtime in Los Angeles

Half the fun of discovering a new restaurant is sharing it with people you know will enjoy it. As Rachael Ray’s resident restaurant guru, here’s an inside look at what I report back to Rach about some of my favorite restaurant finds and food experiences!

From: Kappy
To: RR
Sent: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 2:46pm
Subject: My L.A. Lunches

Hey RR -
As you know, I’m usually in and out of L.A. when you’re on book tour or making an appearance on a show. But this time I was thankfully there for a week and a half, so I didn’t have to jam all of the places I wanted to go to into one or two nights. Although we were busy shooting your next season of Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off and I don’t want you to think that I had that much free time, when I did, I hopped to it. I’m splitting this posting up into a lunch-based post and a dinner one that will come next.

When I landed, I went straight to Joan’s on Third – with my luggage and all! – love that place. It’s never easy to decide what to get there, although the Chinese Chicken Salad is pretty on point. I wound up ordering a side of Golden Beets with Goat Cheese and Apples (looked too good to resist), and the Short Rib Sandwich with Pickled Red Onions and Cheese, or, a grilled cheese with short rib…however you want to look at it (pictured above). Either way, it was pretty darn good. Seriously, check out Joan’s On Third if you’ve never been.

I was also happy to make it to one of Michael Voltaggio’s places, although it was his super casual sandwich place called Ink Sack. The sandwiches are pretty small, which is cool, so you can try a couple if you so please – and you know I so pleased. I tried the Cold Fried Chicken with House-Made Ranch Cheese along with The Jose Andrés (aka The Spanish Godfather) Sandwich, which had serrano, chorizo, lomo, and Manchego. Voltaggio used to work for Jose Andrés, so he was paying homage to him with the latter.

I popped over to Fonuts because I’d heard a lot about it. Serving up ‘baked” donuts, they have a bunch of really tempting flavors, so this was not an easy decision. I’m pretty sure they change up the flavors often, but out of the more than six flavors I tried (gulp!), the standouts were Vanilla Latte and the Blueberry Earl Grey.

Upon recommendation of a friend and fabulous Chicago chef, Bill Kim, I drove over to the Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. It’s a pretty badass Latin market, but he specifically directed me to Sarita’s Pupuseria. A pupusa is essentially a thick corn tortilla, but it is filled/stuffed with different ingredients such as beans, chicken, pork, cheese, etc. I got one with beans, cheese and pork and it definitely hit the spot.

And for the grand finale? MY GOSH… I’m not really sure how I’ve never been to Roscoe’s considering that I lived in L.A and am still a regular visitor. So I finally made it a point to go to Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles this time around. Honestly, done right, a chicken and waffle will be good, but it’s crispy fried chicken and a waffle, nothing special other than being a unique combo. But let me tell you something, this chicken and waffle was something else – f’in good fried chicken and an f’in really good waffle as well…WITH…syrup and hot sauce. I was all over it and really dug it. I’m a fan.

And that’s what’s on my plate!
~ Kappy

Joan’s on Third
8350 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 655-2285

Ink Sack
8360 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90069
(323) 655-7225

8104 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 592-3075

Sarita’s Pupuseria (Grand Central Market)
317 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 626-6320

1514 North Gower Street
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 466-7453

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  1. Roscoes is a good call Kappy. Next time your in LA go to Siete Mares in Silver Lake. Fish taco tuesday rocks but you can get decent mexican food there. Also on Virgil at Fountian Ave is a baja style fish taco place that is pretty cool.
    See more reviews on Yelp at Dude Food G.

    the Dude of Food

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