Cherry Kefir Frozen Pops

I came up with this treat a few years ago for my first son before he got his first tooth and needed something to soothe his sore gums. This recipe is one that both kids and parents will love because it’s cold, creamy and super healthy. They are all natural, with no added sugar so, you can even serve them for breakfast on a hot summer morning. It’s like a frozen smoothie on a stick which will delight the non-breakfast lovers and picky eaters in your house.

What is Kefir?

Kefir is a creamy, cultured, probiotic drink. It’s similar to yogurt but slightly more tart. I serve Kefir to my 9 month old son on top of his oatmeal every morning. You can find Kefir in many fruit flavors but I prefer to serve the plain version to my son. Since he hasn’t gotten used to those overly sweet “fruit” flavored yogurts and Kefirs, he LOVES the tangy taste of plain version which makes a mama happy. Kefir is a great for smoothies.

Note:: If you plan on serving these treats to a young child, make sure you are with them while they are eating. As with any treat on a stick, there is always a chance of choking. You also want to be careful that your little one doesn’t bite off a big piece. Since Griffin is still an itty bitty, we share. I rub a bit of this frozen treat on his gums and I munch on the rest. He loves sharing big people food with mommy.

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  1. Dee says:

    I love using kefir in popsicles!

    I do recommend buying some kefir grains and making your own kefir though. It’s super easy and the grains will last forever if taken care of.

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