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The Thunder Shirt Does the Trick for Calming an Anxious Dog

My friend has a wonderful, loyal dog, Beatrice who is kind of a nervous Nellie. She literally guards my friend, her owner and can be perceived as somewhat aggressive when she’s really just anxious, to any non-family member who enters the house or approaches my friend. Beatrice is a barker and bark she does when she is guarding her territory. My friend has had a training expert come to her home on a regular basis to work with her and Beatrice and she has made great strides in training – and calming – her down. One interesting training tip she learned is that Beatrice not only needs regular exercise, but she needs to feel as if she is working, so when they walk, she should carry a pack (obviously a special dog pack, not a child’s backpack). One purchase that she swears by is this Thunder Shirt for dogs. It claims to “apply a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for over 80% of dogs.”

Whatever it does, it works. We were having dinner recently and Beatrice was on edge so out came the Thunder Shirt and she definitely settled down. I imagine it’s like receiving a constant hug and I know I could use that some days. Plus it’s kind of jaunty and stylish. I think it would also be handy around the 4th of July, parties, and other chaotic events. The price is right – $39.95 at

Have you used a Thunder Shirt for your dog or cat? Share your stories here.

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  1. Awapuhinani says:

    Our cat, Peaches, hates to go to the vets. She wasn’t always like that but then she developed this phobia with the vet. She would not let the vet or the techs touch her. They had to literally put on elbow-length leather gloves just so they could treat her. She had developed a reputation at the clinic (not a good one either). The techs were very guarded around her, to say the least. And after she had her dental appointment, you could hear her throughout the hospital and beyond. I had seen the advertisements for the ‘Thunder Shirt’ and I told my husband that I was going to get one for Peaches. He is ever the skeptic, said that it would never work but I said that it was worth a try. So I bought one. On her next appointment, we put it on her, and lo and behold, the tech (who knew nothing of her history because she was new) took her temperature and listened to her heart without incident. Then the Dr. came in and she let him look at her and handle her. He was amazed because he didn’t think that the the shirt would work but it did. So now she is one cool kitty when she has to go to the clinic, thanks to the ‘Thunder Shirt’.

  2. Lorin Ricker says:

    One of our three aussie/border collies, Echo, is the only one who’s absolutely terrified of …thunder! We get a lot of t-storms along the Front Range, Colorado, and they scare him so badly that he pees and then hides in the darkest place he can find; and he looks so sad and miserable while the storm passes over us.

    My daughter, a top pet trainer at PetSmart, brought him a ThunderShirt early last summer. Echo loves it, and when he hears a distant thunderstorm brewing (of course, he hears it long before we do), he will actually go to his TShirt, bark and wag to get us to put it on him. Works like a charm, and he’s a much happier, calmer and braver doggie during storms now. Great concept and product — don’t know why it works, but it just does!

  3. Cheryl says:

    Wish these had been around when my dog Loui was still with us. He was absolutely tormented by fireworks. Poor guy. :(

  4. Luann Glenn says:

    I recently purchased a Thundershirt for my dog and it seems to help. She is terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms. I’m glad I purchased this item.

  5. Debbie says:

    I saw the Thunder shirt at Bath and Beyond and i never thought that it would work cause i have 2 dogs that barks alot or goes after peoples feet when they leave the bedroom or going out the front door and my husband is getting tired of it…So I will purchase 2 but i hope it will also clam them down and stop them barking..

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