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11 Adorable Dog Pics From the Rachael Ray Community

We’re big dog fans and we know that our community is too! So when we asked our Facebook fans to share their pups, we were delighted to see such adorable dog pics and to learn more about the dogs themselves.

Here are 11 pictures from our community. Be sure to join the conversation on Facebook to tell us more about your pets.

1. Carrie’s Boots (pictured above): “This is my Doxie, Boots! She LOVES to be pushed in a swing! I even bought an infant swing for her to swing in at home!”

2. Stephanie’s Tank and Dodge: “This is Tank and Dodge. Tank is a 7 Year old St. Bernard and Dodge is a 2 year old mix. He was rescued from a kill shelter in TN.”

Tank and Dodge dog pic

3. Gladys’s Lou: “This is my baby boy Lou. He’s 8 years old and loves going with me for rides in the car. He’s my little protector. He barks at our other dogs and cats when they get to close too me in the house only. He get upset when I can’t take him with me. But he’s so happy when I get back.”

Lou dog pic

4. Kim’s Champ & Dixie: “My Babies Champ and Dixie… They can’t do without each other.”

Champ and Dixie dog pic

5. Starr’s Max: “This is our rescue Max after his first shopping trip at Petco. LOL.”

Max petco image

6. Lisa’s Drew: ”¬†Our patriotic puppy, Drew, enjoying the sunshine!”

Drew dog image

7. Kelly’s Shylah: “This is Shylah, our female Rottweiler. Her 10th birthday is coming up. Do you have a recipe for a doggie cake?” Try these cupcakes: Pet-friendly Penny Cupcakes.

Shylah dog pic

8. Patricia’s Rufus: “This is Rufus.He is a year old and he is the love of our live. He is eating one of your soup bones.”

Rufus dog image

9. Marisol’s Boston & Jersey: “Boston and Jersey best friends forever!!! <3″

Boston and Jersey dog image

10. Julie’s Austen: “This is Austen, 6yrs old. He is always cold and loves his shirts and sweaters and sun bathing.”

Austen dog image

11. Bernadette’s Buster: “This is my Buster. He hates having his picture taken because he doesn’t like the flash. I adopted him in 2009. He had been in shelters and foster homes since 2006. His shelter name was Elton John, and he didn’t like that either. He also doesn’t like to be outdoors…at all. But his most favorite thing is me! He loves to cuddle with me and put his 95 pound self in my lap. We are the best of friends.”

Buster dog image


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  1. Rebecca Deeter says:

    Hi Rachel. Love the pet pics and all you do for animals. My husband and I love pets too. We could really use your help with a dog who needs training that nobody seems willing or able to give him. He is a German Shephard who is adorable. Please let us know if you can help us.

  2. Lori says:

    I would like to know where the dog is located that needs help. I love dogs and love training them, especially special needs ones. Go to my youtube, either under the name ewok1031 or brachs.dogtraining to watch some of my special students. I just recently started to post videos so my clients can watch the progress. I was recently working with a very large lab, german shepherd mix named Hildy. Let me know if I can help. Thank you so much.

  3. Dog Images says:

    oh soooo sweet dogy

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