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Announcing the Winners of the 2013 $100k Challenge

Each year, we team up with the ASPCA for the $100K Challenge to inspire animal shelters to go above and beyond to increase pet adoption, reunite lost pets with their families and save more animals’ lives. We’re very proud to share that over the course of this year’s three-month challenge, participants saved a total of 56,379 lives. That’s 12,050 more lives saved than last summer!

We’d like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s contest. We’re inspired by your hard work and creativity and moved to see you enacting real change!

Congratulations to The Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2013 Grand Prize winner. The Animal Foundation will take home $100,000 in grant funding for the greatest increase in lives saved. We’d also like to congratulate the following division leaders:

Division 1: Washington Animal Rescue League of Washington, D.C. with an increase of 326 lives saved over the prior year

Division 2: Texas Humane Heroes of Leander, Texas with an increase of 389 lives saved over the prior year

Division 3: HALO Animal Rescue of Phoenix, Arizona with an increase of 824 lives saved over the prior year

Division 4: Citizens for Animal Protection of Houston, Texas with an increase of 625 lives saved over the prior year

Texas humane heroes mascot

Last, but certainly not least, Canyon County Animal Shelter of Caldwell, Idaho will be awarded the $25,000 Community Engagement Award for doing the best job of engaging their community, the media and their supporters in saving more lives.

In total, $600,000 in grant funding will be awarded to shelter contestants in the competition for increases in animal lives saved, as well as a photo contest and general participation.

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4 Responses to “Announcing the Winners of the 2013 $100k Challenge”

  1. Cassandra says:

    Please check out the “GO Vegas Dog” face book page. There is a Rally for Change to ask the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas, Nv to change their outdated practices and save more lives. Last year 24,805 animals were euthanized. The kill rate presently is 61%. After the Rally of rescue groups and pet lovers asking for change, the director was on the news literally mocking all of us. The Animal Foundation just won your contest for $100,000 because they claim they did not put dogs to sleep due to space, but they put dogs down for any little reason like if the dogs seams scared, if the dog is a senior, if the dog has any skin or small medical conditions. Cats have no chance. They even admit the kill rate for cats is 83%. Please visit “Go Vegas Dog” and see how over 200000 of his followers are trying to save pets’ lives in Las Vegas. We need help! It’s very political here-Jane Greenspun Gale is well connected, and ironically has a documented bad history running shelters.

    • Cassandra says:

      I also wanted to add that many and most of the workers at the Animal Foundation really care about the animals and want them to live too.

  2. Ted Pope says:

    I knew nothing about all your Rachel Ray animal activities, but read it today. Here is a fan letter I wrote to one of your 2012 winners. Beaumont Animal Control Services in Beaumont Tx. I also adopted from BARC in Houston, another winner, with spectacular success, but that it for another story another day. This is about Sam the bluepoint Siamese and the Beaumont Shelter. I found him when I went looking for a Siamese cat to rescue from somewhere. In honor and memory of all of my wonderful kitties since age 8. Have done 11 so far since Oct 1,2013, (9 Siamese, or Siamese mix and two other cats other kinds, wonderful also). Those from BARC Houston were free except for gasoline there and back, a senior to senior transfer, me being age 74, cats being 2 yrs old and older. Others I paid for and got low costs. All were with neutering, shots, most with microchips, all healthy, clean, sweet, beautiful and selected from 100s of cats there on location. Researched them first online Petfinder and their own shelter websites. Many were not who I went for, those were gone, got others instead, not going home unless my car had 4 from Houston each time, 2 trips 3 weeks apart. I live in Bmt, est 100 miles away. Instrumental was the Southeast Tx .com online site with free ads in their classified ads for cats where there were people looking for cats. I gave them free. All cats had several people that I interview by telephone and the calls kept coming. None to inexperienced cat people or children. All the vet services and being free was important, no two ways about it. Also, they did not want a kitten. They wanted grown cats their potential already realized.
    Following is a fan letter I wrote to the Beaumont Police Animal Control Services. Hope they got it, don’t know if they did.

    This is a fan letter. I am the elderly fat little old retired school teacher lady that adopted Sam (I called him Sam Houston), you got the vet to give him a shot the day before Thanksgiving so I could take him home, it was drizzling rain etc. I went there after Sam because I saw his picture on your website, wanted to give his rescue to myself as my Christmas present to me, having everything else in the world in triplicate anyway. Spent 45 dollars for cat fee and a new rabies shot. You gave me a business card for a fix job from a vet who had donated his services. It was my intent to get him fixed up, foster him in with my other cats and then find him a good permanent home through a free ad on Southeast Here is what happened with Sam in just one month. First off, Sam was pretty quiet and low key, coming into a different situation with some other cats in residence, also being fostered. After 2 days he was mixing well with the others and me. I have a big house, several litter boxes and feeding stations. On the 4th day, I let Sam outside in back yard to learn where he lived from the outside. It was still Thanksgiving holidays and week end, businesses closed, etc. Sam did not come back inside with the others. I thought, well, Sam is a smart cat, I guess he has found himself a home. Ran a lost cat ad on for Sam. Free. A lady about 2 blocks away equivalent on another street, but still nearby, had been visited by Sam. She was looking on the ads to see if someone had advertised him as lost. Don’t know where else he may have visited during the four days he was gone. She called me, brought him back. Cats and me glad to have Sam back, discovered Sam loves turkey and also small bites of cheese. Also now will eat dry Purnina food which he turned his nose up at before. By then, Sam was holding his own at getting petted and stroked. Well, I made another vet appointment. Sam got out a second time. By then, I had crippled myself up doing work at my rent house. I am pushing 75 yrs old. Sam was gone 2 days. Guess where he went. Back visiting same lady. She brought him back again. Together, both of us with long cat experience with lots of cats over many years and much water under the bridge, using pictures on internet and comparing him with the other cats, are dead positive Sam was neutered long ago. Does not have any sign of any pom poms, empty sacs, nothing under the tail. So, I decided, crippled up, can’t walk, can’t get out of the house, etc, also, it being almost Christmas holidays, week end, etc. and Sam with no pom poms, put a good ad on (free) with some pretty stock pictures off the net of blue point Siamese that looked like Sam. Within 4 hours the calls were coming in. And emails. He was free, of course, but he was my Christmas present and I wanted a really good home setting for him, not just held up alone in a place all day, lonesome. A big cage, no matter how nice. Bottom line is this. Within 18 hours Sam went to a middle aged West Beaumont husband and wife with nearly grown children, and a older cat widow. Their male cat had died and they were all over the initial grieving but lonesome with cat hunger and ready for another cat. Lived in west Houston. Keep cats inside only. The widow cat to be Sam’s companion was about 10 years old. They were thrilled with Sam. Got him 2 days before Christmas. And the calls continued to come from others who read the ad and wanted Sam. Only thing I messed up on was I forgot to tell his new family that Sam likes cheese. It has been a fine Christmas present to me from me. I had a wonderful time with Sam. If I have any Christmas, I must make my own. Give turkeys to Some Other Place, lots of coffee to the food bank, shampoo and toothpaste to the day we leave out things for the postman to pick up for less fortunate in March or when ever it is. This is the first time I have done a rescue a cat from animal services. I expect it will not be the last time. I knew you folks down there at the Police Beaumont Animal Services would want to know one more success story. Thanks to the guys who wear the blue (symbolic for police) and all the others there. While Sam was with me, I also called him Mr. Blue in your honor. Best regards. Print this out and share it with others, please. Ted in West Beaumont near Austin Middle School area. Christmas 2013.

  3. Ted Poe says:

    I was in need of a Siamese cat, prior kitties died from old age. Started with 2 lovelies from More Than Angels in Crosby Tx. a wonderful home based network of pet lovers. Kept one, rehomed one. Then the new love of my heart fr Mongtgomery County, Conroe/Woodlands Tx. So very pleased, So next came 3 from BARC Houston, then 4 more. A super wonderful place where I got them at no cost on a senior to senior transfer. Then one from Beaumont Animal Control Services Center, a very fine facility. I Placed all of them except the two I kept on free ads by Southeast with people who wanted grown cats already fixed, with shots who were experienced cat people and had several applicants for each cat from which I chose the new cat parent. My Birthday and Christmas present to myself. About 2 months time and I got to have all that time with these fine cats. Everyone turned out good. Congratulations to these fine pet service workers in this worthy endeavor. A good time was had by all. Best regards from Ted Poe in Bmt Tx

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