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Team Rachael

Are You the Next Great American Cookbook Author?

Ever wanted to publish your own cookbook? Rachael’s giving you the opportunity!

“The Great American Cookbook” competition, hosted by the Rachael Ray Show and Rachael’s imprint, Rachael Ray Books – The Atria Publishing Group, will be giving one talented winner a book contract, culinary trip to Cancun, a suite of GE kitchen appliances and more! Four Finalists will also nab an awesome prize package. The Top 5 Finalistist will even get to come to Rachael’s studio in New York to compete!

From appetizers to desserts to everything in-between, any type of cook has an opportunity to win. But to enter, you’ll need to have an essay, book concept, three recipe examples and a video ready to submit.

Check out the Official Rules and get all the details on how to compete and enter.

Good luck, and get cooking!

44 Responses to “Are You the Next Great American Cookbook Author?”

  1. Anita Hartshorn says:

    Dear Rachael,
    I have watched your show and reproduced many of your recipes thru the years. I have always admired your beautiful smile.

    As the results of an illness I lost all but 1 of my teeth. Cooking has always been a hugh part of my life even to the point that what I ask for at Christmas is kitchen related. Since having to now wear dentures all the time I find myself giving excuses to why I can’t cook and share food with my family and friends.

    I went to a dentist to try to get the implants so I could at least have the next best thing to having my teeth back but it was totally financially impossible for me even with the small dental plan I do have.

    I was wondering if you would pay your beautiful smile forward and help me get my smile and my LOVE of cooking back again?

    Thank you,
    Anita Hartshorn

  2. Elisa OHara says:

    I already published a soft covered cookbook called Cucina a Lisa through
    Please take a look at this book. I wrote it with simple recipes in mind and recipes that my family and friends have enjoyed for years.
    Thank you so much!

  3. Annette Corrado says:

    Rachael you are and always will be an amazing person with a genuine heart and love for food!! I adore your shows because your a realist nothin fake about my Rachael!! Im going to try to enter this contest. Why cause i Rock at cooking and you inspired me.I need to do this for 4 beautiful kids. They would be so proud of “Chef Nettie” for accomplishing this in her life. I learned hands on, no Culinary degree, but worked hard in many fine restaurants and learned from top to bottom. I am 54 years old and this would complete my life…like a dream come true..

    Ok now i have to follow thru lol
    Happy New Year!!!!

  4. I have been cooking since the age 3, now I am in the 8th grade. I really like Ms. Rachael she really supports today’s youth. Please have a contest to publish teen and tweens. Thank you so much.

    LaRashia Simone Edwards
    CEO & Founder, ‘CookingWithLaRashia’

  5. Stacey Chappell says:

    You have always been someone I have admired and looked up to since you’ve been apart of the foodnetwork! I love that you take everyday recipes and put your own twist on it. I too have done this in my own way but I put the spin on ” Meat free eating”. Seven years ago I decided to try a 30 day meat free diet and I just never looked back! I have since added some fish to my diet and have really found a whole new way of eating!
    The first year I found that I ate too many starchy carbs and it wasn’t really about eating right! But have since made a whole new way of eating with healthy whole grains as carbs and many new ways of eating veggies. But my main goal was to make all the meals I used to love and my family love but without meat! ( chili, lasagna, spaghetti, tacos etc) my meat eating hubby still loves all these meals and even prefers many over the ones with meat!
    I think the world is ready for some meat free options in their everyday weekly meals and I would love to share it with the world by having my own cookbook!
    Thank you so much by giving us this opportunity to get our ideas out with the chance at publishing a cookbook.
    It really would be my dream come true!
    Thank you.
    Sincerely your Fan Stacey Chappell

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi Stacey! Thanks so much for writing in your idea, it’s a great one! Please make sure you click the link in the article here to see the official means of entry and what’s required, as your comment here won’t qualify you for that and I’d hate for you to miss the deadline! Good luck! – Jenn,

    • JanaCoyote says:

      Hi J,
      Please do pursue this. More and more people are becoming meatless. I wish you luck.

      • Stacey Chappell says:

        Also thank you for your encouraging words! I will try my best to pursue my goal this year by putting together a clean eating meat free eBook within 2014! Thanks again.

    • Stacey Chappell says:

      Sorry I guess I don’t qualify because I’m Canadaian? I didn’t realize I had to live within the US. Thank you for your time.

  6. J. Holland says:

    Good Morning Ms. Ray,

    I have had an idea for a cookbook recently which entails how a person should eat when they have this certain predominate lung disease (I am a Respiratory Therapist). Nutrition is vital for anyone; however, when one has this disease process, they need to be aware of what they need to stay away from to maintain a higher quality of life for themselves. This being said, there is an abundance of cookbooks out there for diabetes, but I have not come across one that is specifically for this issue.

    It would be wonderful to collaborate with you on this idea and the outreach would be phenomenal.

    Unfortunately, I do not have the time to put what you need together by the 14th of January in regards to this challenge. I so look forward to hearing from you if I have planted a seed of curiosity.

    Thank you kindly!


    J. Holland, RRT, RCP

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi J!
      Rachael doesn’t often get a chance to look at these submissions due to her schedule. I hope you can find the time to enter the contest! And thanks for writing in! – Jenn,

  7. Kristi says:

    Ms. Rachael Ray –

    I love your show and I love to cook. You are truly an inspiration to many. I intended on entering the contest; however, after reading all the rules, I am disqualified due to background. It is an awful mistake I made in life, and have come so far to bury the past and yet I am still haunted.

    I even recently was inducted into an International Honor Society. I regret that this contest could not be open to all as I believe I would have made it through to the end.

    I hope future contests will be a little more accommodating

  8. Rosa says:

    Can a legal permanent resident participate or only us citizens?

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi Rosa,
      From the rules, “You must be at least eighteen (18) years old (or the age of majority in your state of residence, whichever is older) and a U.S. citizen with a primary residence in one of the fifty (50) United States or Washington, D.C.” For more complete details, please read the rest via the link above. Hope this helps! – Jenn,

  9. Alessandra says:

    Hey Team Rachel!

    I am so thrilled about this contest you all have put together. I was up all night working to finalize my submission and meet the deadline tomorrow!

    Even though I work a corporate job here in the Big Apple, my passions are helping others and cooking! I will be submitting an entry specific to gluten free meals – of all sorts! My hope is to inspire or help other gluten intolerant people as they sometimes struggle with good options.

    Please be sure to review my entry and forgive the amateur filming!!

    Warm Regards,

  10. P DeLuca says:

    Good morning Rachel ( Jen :) , I am working with a caterer from Southport,Ct on a great idea of a cook book but do not want to have it published in your reply section…. email me if youd like to hear it!

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi P!
      Thanks for writing in, and I bet your idea is amazing! Unfortunately, this particular contest is already closed :( Perhaps it will run again and you can submit then! In the meantime, keep on cookin’, and have a wonderful day! – Jenn,

  11. Dawn says:

    I just finished my submission and am curious to see all the different ideas that people will submit. Will you be posting any of the ideas or mentioning them on the show or will it only be the top 5? How many entries are there so far.

  12. Shay Mutter says:

    Hey Team RR ! I may not make the deadline; that’s what I get for not watching RR often enough !!
    Thanks for the kick -in- the- pants, though ;even if I don’t enter this time, I WILL get a website back online, as a personal chef/ health coach. As an Institute of Integrative Nutrition grad (2009) I have been struggling with weight/health— I DID lose 20 lbs during the year, but ran into a wall after that!! As a boomer wi/ emotional eating as an issue, I just got STUCK. For 21/2 years. Just last summer I put together some keys,puzzle pieces, and a secret ingredient or 2 or 3, combination of which has gotten me out of Neutral gear, and into High gear. I’ve lost 31 more lbs!!!
    When I can (ASAP) MAYBE tonight, I’d like to share these with folks who relate– Wish me luck! and Again, THANKS!! Shay

  13. Shay Mutter says:

    I am reading the rules carefully; there is an item I would clear up:
    Assuming we’re AFTER May 31, 2014; and I either did or din’t win, place OR show; may I then include materials ,PROPERLY CREDITed toRR , on my own personal chef website? My guess is maybe?? as it says materials are non-exclusively owned. I am speaking of wriiien recipes not the video or appearences.

  14. Dawn says:

    Just submitted my entry. Was wondering if you notify people if they make the top 30 or just call the top 20. And how many people entered the contest. Thanks for such a great opportunity!

  15. kelly says:

    AHHHH!!!! I’m so frustrated! I just found out about this a few days ago. I already had a book in mind and the competition seemed perfect so I pushed through the weekend getting my submission and video ready even though I’m taking care of a newborn and four year old. I needed my husband to edit the video and he couldn’t do it until tonight because he’s working a new job. You can guess what happened. We were sweating, running around at the last minute from computer to computer and room to room trying to get the submission to take. We finally got it in, but we were 7 minutes too late. “There is no call for submissions at this time.” I should have known not to add extra pressure to our lives when we already had so much going on. It was just so perfect for me. I already had a cookbook in mind, my husband used to be a videographer so I knew we could get the video together quickly, etc… Good luck to the rest of you. I’m going to go stuff my face with a cupcake now. : ‘ (

  16. Karen says:

    I as usual saved the editing of my video until last minute thinking no problem because I was using my sons mac for the video although I did the contest application on my pc. I thought it would not be a problem but I was not able to down load the video because the mac sent the video in a format that would not upload to the contest application page. It is a shame because I worked so hard on it. The essays, recipes and video were all really good. Is there any way I can still submit it

  17. Jennifer L. Richardson says:

    Dear Rachel,

    I tried! A day late and a dollar short. I saw your competition the
    last minute. keyed in 3 recipes. Never made a video before but
    was pleased at my progress. Time was against me. Tried to shorten it to 3 minutes. I must say it was comical! I could not upload the video. I could not make the dead line. I tried right to the last minute. Tried to get help to upload the file. It was on webcam which I never used before. in spite of everything I learned how to create a movie. I just did not reach my goal. It is the story of my life. However I am a great cook and cook with a touch of this and a pinch of that like grandma!.

    Love You Rachel,
    Jennifer Richardson, FL.

  18. Gerry says:

    Do you support diet coffee or is it a false ad

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi Gerry!
      Thanks for writing in about this. Rachael does not endorse any products like these. Unfortunately, people try to take advantage of her name/likeness, and we work to inform her community about it to the best of our ability. Thanks! – Jenn,

  19. Mary raneri says:

    I did like ten takes of my white spaghetti when made my video. It was hilarious and fun. I redid because of time… Ingredients… Mom in film… And a strand of spaghetti hanging over the bowl. Thanks for the opportunity to do this. I had a blast!!!!!

  20. Sarah says:

    Hey Rachael Ray show:
    I can’t seem to locate the rules for the cookbook contest. I was looking for the dates for the finalists to be notified. Thanks!

  21. Deborah Huddleston says:

    What fun Rachael made my year with this cook book contest.
    I was on time. Video was fun started laughing and two takes later done.
    Had a hard time selecting what recipes of mine to send first. Thank you ! Your the best.

  22. Debbie illuminate says:

    Dear RR,

    Will the top 30 finalists be notified?



  23. Jane says:

    Please let us know if the top 30/20 finalists will be notified. Thank you!!

  24. Kate Martin says:

    Have you already notified the top 20? I’m still biting my nails and would love to know…….Thanks so much, Kate

  25. Hi There!

    Have you already notified the finalists?

    I hope you choosey choose Choosey Chews!

    Thanks :)

  26. Nicole says:


    I was wondering if the contest submissions will be put in the Accepted or Declined sections on I know the semifinalists were supposed to be notified a couple weeks ago but my entry is showing it’s still “In Progress” but haven’t heard anything yet. Can you update us all please?

    Thanks for your help in advance :)

  27. Michele says:

    I was just wondering if the finalist were picked for the contest? I’m still in the progress stage. Please let us nervous one know..
    Thank you

  28. Shirlee says:

    Mine still shows progress stage also. What is going on with the cookbook contest? Can’t seem to find any information on finalists or winners.

  29. I just found out about the cookbook contest and I would love to enter. Is it still open? I self published the book myself. I need help getting it out to the public…MARKETING! Please consider my cookbook. Where do I find the official rules?

    With gratitude.

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi Stella! I’m so sorry, but this year’s competition is over! If there’s another, hopefully you’ll be able to enter then. Thank you! – Jenn,

  30. Shirell says:

    I have been contacting the Rachael Ray Show since 2011 about my idea for a show to help aspiring authors with the chance to have their cookbooks published. I wrote a cookbook a few years ago, and I have been trying to get it published. I’m just now learning about the “The Great American Cookbook” competition. Is it too late to enter??? If so, when will you do a second competition??? I don’t want to miss the next one.

    Thanks for your reply in advance,

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi Shirell,
      Unfortunately, this year’s competition is already over. I’m not sure if there will be another, but do keep an eye out on the show to find out! Take care, Jenn,

  31. Tosin says:

    Hi Rachael
    Am a Nigerian chef and caterer who was born into the restaurant business. I know how to make different types of Nigerian food and snacks and a lot of other food, this will be an open door for people to know about Nigerian food, thanks.

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