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Jenn Giacoppo

5 Meat-Free New Year’s Snacks

New Year’s Eve is the ultimate snacking occasion. Since you’ll be up way past your bedtime (and dinnertime!), you’ll need to have some tasty nosh on-hand to keep the party going.

These five vegetarian appetizers pack a big punch of flavor without the meat, making them instant crowd-pleasers for veggie lovers and omnivores alike!

Benjamin Button Pizza


Pizza is the perfect late-night food. Skip traditional slices and cut this pie into bite-sized squares to make it a hearty appetizer.

Meat-Free Buffalo Wings with Ranch Dipper


So tasty, you’ll never miss the meat! Cauliflower with spicy sauce is a perfect substitution.

Cilantro-JalepeƱo Bean Dip


It might be hummus, but it has a spicy, Southwestern kick that takes this dip to a whole new level.

Cocktail Party Snack Mix

Party Mix

Who needs pre-made party mix when you can whip it up yourself?

Whole Wheat Sweet Cinnamon Chips with Creamy Honey Dip


This easy snack is an unusual alternative to traditional chips and hummus. Surprise your guests with something sweet!

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  1. My friend and I just read some of your Vegetarian Recipes.We were wondering if you could send us any veggie recipes?We liked zucchini cranberry muffins,but she says it is a lot of ingredients for what it yields.We make a lot of banana,sweet potato, zucchini,and also crisps.Our friends love them ,as do we.We share loaves,breads,muffins,etc.Your magazine has a lot of great recipes in it ! I’m writing from Windsor,Ontario,CANADA,I hope that is not a problem. Take Care and God Bless to all

  2. Linda Gallinger says:

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