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8 Reasons Kittens Should Play Football…Always

On Sunday, Feb. 2, practically everyone in the U.S. will be gathering to chow down on delicious food and watch blockbuster commercials (and hey, maybe catch some football, too).

But there’s another spectacle happening before The Big Game that’s making this year’s festivities even more purrfect: The Kitten Bowl!

Obstacle courses of “hurdles, tunnels, hoops, jumps, weave poles, lasers, lures and toys on strings” will have these sweet kittehs pouncing for hours of feline entertainment. And don’t worry – all of this year’s participants have already been adopted into new forever families, thanks to Hallmark Channel’s partnership with the North Shore Animal League.

The Kitten Bowl’s so adorable, we think they should play football all the time. Here’s why:

1. They’re skilled at playing, and making plays.

They're skilled at making plays

2. They’re dedicated teammates.

They're dedicated teammates.

3. They might be unbelievably cute…

They might be unbelievably cute...

4. …but they can still pull off a serious game face. 

...but they can still pull off a serious game face.

5. Naps are absolutely allowed on the field.

Naps are absolutely allowed on the field.

6. There’s no backing down from the competition.

Naps are absolutely allowed on the field.

7. And even from the sidelines, their head’s in the game.

And even from the sidelines, their head's in the game.

8. Did we mention they’re adorable? 

Did we mention they're adorable?

Hosted by TV personality, activist, and Rachael’s pal, Beth Stern, and emceed by John Sterling, the legendary voice of the New York Yankees, it’s going to be a beautiful afternoon.

And, Rach will be stopping by to get in on all the furry fun!

If you love kittens just as much as we do, don’t miss The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel this Sunday at 12 EST.

[All images provided as a courtesy of the Hallmark Channel. Copyright 2013 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Marc Lemoine]

7 Responses to “8 Reasons Kittens Should Play Football…Always”

  1. Love the pictures, Cats are our favorite. Have had some
    wonderful kittens/cats over the years. Will be watching more
    cats then football this Super Bowl here in Chicago. Appreciate
    all efforts to help and support animals, we are members of
    Orphanes of the Storm.

    Diane and Dennis McCormick
    Northbrook, Illinois

  2. Paula Larson says:

    Thank you, thank you for making cat food. I always buy your dog food for my Daisy.
    Thank you for donating all your proceeds to animal shelters!
    You’re awesome!!!!!
    Paula :)

  3. Paula Larson says:

    Love, love the kitty bowl. Such a cute idea and great way to get cats adopted!

    Paula :)

  4. Cat Lady says:

    I really enjoy your show. Thanks for sharing the Kitten Bowl info with us. We watched some of it (I am the major cat fan.) and really loved the playful antics! There was only one thing missing: Although adoption helps save lives, people need to be made awrey of the necessity to spay/neuter pets to prevent unwanted animals from filling up the already over-flowing shelters. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. Vicky says:

    That is the cutest group of pictures.I have had cats all my life and they are so intertaining.Harley is helping me type this in right now.He is my big kitty. Thanks for helping animals find homes.

  6. sara says:

    where did u get football for cats

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