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Team Rachael

Join the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge!

The 5th and final ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge is off and running, and we need your help to make it a smashing success!

What’s it About? 
The three-month competition tasks 50 shelters across the country with a simple challenge: To break their own adoption records and save more lives than they did during the same period last year. Prizes for finalists and winners range from $5,000 to $100,000, thanks to Rachael’s Rescue.

How Can You Participate?
There are a few ways to join in the fun. First off, find out if there’s a shelter in your town that’s an official challenge participant. If you’re ready to adopt a new furry family member, they may have the perfect one for you. Events are happening now through August.

Also, enter the “I Rescued My Pet” contest with an awesome photo of you and your adopted pet for a chance to win a Rachael Ray prize pack worth $400, plus lots of digital high-fives and kudos from ASPCA and Rachael Ray!

And don’t forget: Even if there isn’t a participating challenge in your area and you’d like to adopt a new pet, now is still the time!

Where Can I Get Updates?
Follow #100kChallenge and use that hashtag to spread the word on social, and don’t miss updates from the ASPCA on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch.

You can make a real difference to the 5 to 7 million pets that enter shelters every year by giving them a new home or raising awareness about the benefits of adoption. Thanks for helping us make the 2014 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge better than ever!

14 Responses to “Join the ASPCA Rachael Ray $100K Challenge!”

  1. Annamarie Dodge says:

    i have two shelter pets we adopted and two critters we rescued ourselves from the wild, that someone had turned loose…can i enter will all our furbabies?

  2. Rachel says:

    Great challenge! We want to also share our mobile game that promotes dog rescue and will be donating to the cause. Here our game and goals are mentioned in the Long Beach Register: http://bit.ly/epapLBCR
    Please help share and support as well.

  3. Rebecca Fleurant says:

    I am living in Quebec ,Canada and would like to know if we are eligible to participate in the contest and if taking into our home and adopting two great dogs ,one 11 yrs old and the other 11 months, qualifies even though they were not from a shelter but had we not taken them in , would have been put in a shelter. I admire Rachael`s great dedication to this cause and now have a much greater understanding of pets needing homes since we got these two as a case of my father`s passing away. I did not want them to go anywhere else so we literally moved 80 miles to be able to make them a part of our family. Keep up the good work. Rebecca

    • Jenn Giacoppo says:

      Hi Rebecca! Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, it’s only open to U.S. residents. So sorry for any confusion! – Jenn, RachaelRay.com

  4. We have many rescued fur babies. We have 3 rescued hoses, a cat and three rescued chihuahuas. Life is busy at our ranch because I just can’t seem to pass any abandoned animal including wild birds, chip monks or any other critter that comes our way.
    I have to say I love how these animals give you so much back when they realize they are safe and have a forever home.
    Thank you Rachel Ray for all that you do for rescued animals.
    I also rescue horses. Our rescue is called H.E.A.R.T. of Tucson. Happy Equine Acres Rescue and Therapy.
    We make our own dog and horse cookies that are human food grade to make sure that the animals receive the best care and nutrition as possible. I would love to share the recipes with you some time. Happy Trails, Kelly :)

  5. nick piazza says:

    Do you really know what is in your ‘dog food’. You say you care but your ingredients are similar to the big pet food hackers. Just do a little research on the “animal fat” ingredient…..after you do let me know what you discover….and how you could feed it to your ‘family’ and ours…???

  6. I have a rescue dog named Jaxon. His birthday is 7/4/2005. He is amazing and is my absolute best friend. He loves to walk and loves squirrels.

  7. this is a great program. I’d also ask your followers, if they don’t find the pet they want at a shelter, to please look at local and breed rescues. I tell my adopter that when they take a dog into their homes, they actually save 3 dogs…the one they took, the one who’ll be pulled from a shelter into foster care and the one who gets the opened space at the shelter! Our rescue started 7 years ago and have placed over 2000 aussies and aussie mixes. Now that is great work!

  8. I’m goin’ on 71, am a Nam vet and have been runnin’ a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal sanctuary for special needs and/or elderly animals, both domestic and exotic. We give the animals a home for the rest of their life. I have been rescuin’ animals for over 35 years now. Before that I was raisin’ 5 youngins as a single parent. Now, we seemed to have about 35 animals that think they are pets and they are. I wish I could help more animals, but my health continues to go down.

  9. joyce moyer says:

    Please post an email that I can connect with regarding this challenge and how it is affecting our animals. thank you.

  10. Misty Van Staaveren says:

    Why we have adoption fees
    This dog was a pawn in a horrible game.
    The Fresno CCSPCA is trying to win a contest. To do so they are giving away dogs for free to homes that they should not be going to. They have pulled dogs from Madera to have more available to win contest. And are still eauthanising dogs that have medical issues. This is all against the contest RULES.
    This dog was adopted for free. Suffered a broken leg then about 2 weeks later the second leg was broken. CCSPCA would not take pup back without a 60$ surender fee?
    Thankfully a ARF volunteer got involved and this pup is safe!
    How many more we’re given away and now in harms way?
    Rachel ray this is what your contest has done to our local greedy inhumane shelter.
    I’m just sick !
    This is probably a 3K surgery I’m sure arf would love any donations .

  11. Marie says:

    CCSPCA is givng away dogs as well as getting dogs from ohter towns just to give away more to win (while still killing othesr at the shelter). Fresno has a huge problem with people adopting that are not ready and want to return dogs (the puppys that grow up that they never took the time to train). I think CCSPCA charges $60 to return animals back. Fresno is poor and cheap (and you can’t fix stupid) and would rather turn them loose or put up free on craigslist. There they can end up as bait dogs. There really should have been some checks and balances to this contest, as it has made the CCSPCA to adopt to ANYONE! Please stop the madness, it has put other rescues in a really place with more pets entering the county that will most likely be given back at a later date, that CCSPCA wont take unless someone pays. They adopted for free, so why pay to take back? The same rules should have applied that the shelter currently uses, no FREE dogs allowed during contest! making them use same fees would have made them be more creative. This is a terrible contest for the homeless animals of Fresno. Although some will end up in loving homes, many will be abused, abandoned, or used in the fighting ring! The result some of these dogs will face makes me so upset.

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