Chunky Pearl Necklace

Want to dress up costume jewelry to make it look like it cost a fortune?  Try Erica’s Pearl Necklace makeover… To create a chunky pearl statement necklace reach for 3 strands of long pearl or beaded necklaces (experiment with different colored options), wide ribbon, and a decorative brooch.  Hit up dollar stores or flea markets […]


P.S. I Made This…Faux Pottery

Want a great gift idea that you can make yourself in a snap?  Get inspired by high-end porcelain pottery and create your own.  It’s the perfect way to re-purpose empty cans, bottles, containers without dropping a small fortune on pretty porcelain.  To create, paint your desired pattern onto the can or bottle with puff paint. […]

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P.S. I made this…Ring Necklace!

Reach for a bevy of rings in your jewelry box and scour flea markets and yard sales for more fun rings.  If you’ve come up a tad short, add a few large beads, or washers from the hardware store, to fill in.  Use any rope of ribbon to string on.  Get creative with different colors […]