Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets- TODAY!

Winter is the perfect time for “Spring Cleaning.” When it’s cold, sleeting, windy and you have no desire to go outside, it’s ideal for doing tasks indoors. When my friends moved into their house two and a half years ago they were busy doing renovations and planning their wedding, so they never really took the […]

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Organize! Create an Instant Broom Closet

My tiny New York City studio apartment only has one closet in the whole place, and that closet is packed with clothes, bedding and every other little item that needs to be tucked away, so there’s no room for brooms, mops and other cleaning supplies. However, there is an awkward little space in a corner […]

New Years Party Masks to spice up your Shin Dig!

Some ideas are made to be stolen. And this one is just one of those ideas. My friend Corinna Mantlo of Happy Homesteader and my pals Tony and Tiffany both used these for their Vintage Library Themed Wedding. A while back, I went to an art opening in the East Village and Corinna made these […]

A Sugar Cookie Tree!

Sugar cookies are easy to make, fun to decorate, they are GREAT to have the kids decorated, and they are just about the most versatile cookie there is. Plus, almost everybody likes them which makes them such a great gift. Of course, you could give your cookies in a fancy box, tin or jar, but […]

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The PERFECT Paper Snowflakes

Since most of us have been making paper snowflakes since we could use scissors, I thought everyone knew how to make one. However, it has come to my attention that some among us have lost this skill once adulthood sets in. For those of you who need a reminder, here’s a quick tutorial how to […]

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10 Handmade Gift Ideas for Kitchen Lovers

When I was younger, had less in the bank and more free time, I used to make my own handmade Christmas gifts. I would start at the end of September, and personalize everything. I figured I couldn’t afford to buy nice gifts for people, so I might as well make them something. It was very […]

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In Defense of the Artificial Christmas Tree

Growing up, we always had a real tree at Christmas. The whole family would visit our favorite tree vendor to pick out the best tree that was just a little taller than Dad—we used him as our ruler so we didn’t buy something too tall. We would bring it home and our place would smell […]

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Rollos De Canela for Christmas Morning!

Cinnamon rolls or Rollos De Canela, are some of my favorite things in the whole, wide,world. Maybe it’s the ooey gooeyness of the nuts and honey or the soft bready-ness of the rolls, but they are hands down my favorite baked good. A while back The Chew sent me to meet with Duni Borga, Pastry […]

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Alfajores- The Traditional Latin American Cookie

A few weeks ago I stopped by La Duni Latin Kitchen in Dallas, Texas. Duni Borga, the co-owner and pastry chef taught me how to make the traditional Latin American cookie, Alfajores! Only Duni gives it a wonderful twist, 3 different fillings, Chocolate, Homemade Nutella and of course, Dulce De Leche and a chocolate topping! […]