Stuffed Artichokes, a southern Italian classic

I can’t remember a family holiday in my house that didn’t include stuffed artichokes.  I have since seen it widely served at fellow Italian friends’ homes, but I never see this in restaurants.  I think it’s because although they are fairly simple to prepare, they are super messy to eat and maybe restaurant owners are […]

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A delicious meal from a home cook

My friend’s mom, Liz, is one of the best home cooks I know.  She is Sicilian-American like I am, and she makes everything from scratch-even her own ricotta and pasta.  It’s really impressive to spend a day with her in her kitchen to see what she winds up producing, which is usually unscripted and always […]


Zeppole, a holiday tradition

Zeppole is a dessert that is traditionally made for New Year’s Eve, but it is so delicious, you can make it any time of the year!  It is a favorite of Southern Italians and you often find it on the holiday menu, but the trick is to deliver them into people’s hands while they are […]


Braised Short Ribs

My family is from Southern Italy so braising is not a technique I grew up with, but rather I stumbled upon it accidentally when I was making brasciole once.  After I browned the meat, I stuck the whole pot in the oven at a low heat and let it cook because I went to sleep!  […]

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Lobster Fra Diavolo

Ahhh, the Fra Diavolo dishes…literally translated from Italian to English to mean “from the devil” and when translated from Italian to the language of food, means extra spicy hot!  You can find all sorts of dishes cooked in this style-see Rach’s Seafood Stoup Fra Diavolo which is not quite thin enough to be a soup […]


Arancia aka Italian Rice Balls

One of the greatest inventions of Southern Italy is the rice ball, or as we Italians call it “arancia,” which literally is translated to mean “orange.”  The balls are the shape and size of a real orange and have the golden color to almost match one. The dish is real peasant food in that you […]


Risotto, a labor of love

Risotto is a dish that is fairly easy to make correctly, if you know how.  You have to understand why you take the steps a recipe tells you to take and once you get it, you can improvise and wing it a little, but there are some key things you need to know when tackling […]



What exactly is Polenta you ask? If you are Sicilian, like me, you never had it growing up, but now it is hard to avoid. It is a food commonly prepared in northern Italy and with the invention of the instant kind, it has become one of the easiest comfort foods you can make in […]


Chef Paul Di Bari makes Frittata

One of my favorite restaurants in NYC is Bar Stuzzichini.  Here Chef Paul Di Bari shares his frittata recipe with us.  Watch the video and if you are in NYC, stop by and tell them sent ya! Bar Stuzzichini – Fritatta Recipe from Wayne Arthur on Vimeo.


Pickled Eggplant

On a recent trip to Sicily, I noticed many restaurants had pickled eggplant that was cut into thin strips, shaped like French fries. However, this isn’t how I grew up with the dish at all. My father and grandmother, and come to think of it, aunts and neighbors, used to make it like this: Take […]