Campo de Fiori in Roma

Peppers are bunched together in a bouquet for sale If you plan to go to Rome, you must stop by the Campo de Fiori before 1pm any day of the week. The Campo is hip any time of day, but during the morning, you will find their version of a Farmer’s Market. This is an […]


An Italian “Cena”

Fall is coming which means the long days of cooking are here. This weekend, we decided to have an Italian supper at our house. This meant that the meal started at 4pm on Sunday. I made a traditional Tomato Sauce, but instead of serving just that, I used it in the Lasagna I made. Boy, […]



We Sicilians call it “buzz-lee-go” but the real Italian way to say it is “ba-sil-ico” but however you say it, basil is da bomb! You can not have an Italian kitchen without basil. In fact, you really should have basil in any kind of kitchen you keep. There are many kinds of basil from purple […]


What to have on hand:EVOO

Continuing with our list of essential items to have on hand in an Italian kitchen, next up is olive oil, or as Rachael calls it, EVOO (extra virgin olive oil). This will become one of the more critical ingredients in your new Italian life as you will use it for both cooking foods and straight […]


What to have on hand:Garlic

If you are serious about becoming an Italian cook, you don’t need to be from Italy. You have to instead act as an Italian would and invite anyone and everyone you know into your kitchen for a home cooked meal, night after night. Everyone enjoys the language of food, especially when cooked from the heart […]