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10 Healthy, Homemade Pops for Kids

Over the years I’ve discovered there are very few things I can’t safely pack for my son’s lunch. Cool sushi? No problem. Hot pasta? Easy. Even chilly ice cream isn’t all that hard. I can pack anything, that is, with one exception. Frozen pops. I just haven’t found a way to pack them without also […]

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Lunchtime DIY Pizza Kit, Part 1!

You know those packaged assemble-your-own pizza lunch kits they sell at the grocer? The ones with the lousy ingredients and hefty price tag? The ones your kids want even more because you say “no”? No matter how much you dislike them for any number of totally legit reasons, chances are good your kids covet them […]

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Lunch Time? Taco Time!

Parenting has taught me many things. But mostly, I’ve learned that I can turn just about anything into a taco. Steak and ground beef? Obviously. Barbecue pulled chicken or pork? Of course. Shrimp and haddock? Yup. In fact, I’ve taco’ed just about anything that walks, crawls, or swims. And my son loves it. That’s because […]