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9 New Ways to Use Pumpkin

When it comes to lunch box grub, pumpkin pie is the low-hanging fruit of squash-inspired eats. Because what kid — or adult — would refuse a slice of brown sugar-sweetened pumpkin pie slipped into a lunch box? Of course, most of us aren’t willing to indulge our kids — or our inner kids — with […]


Lunch is Not a Democracy!

Ready for a little parental guidance that will help you stay sane while serving time in the lunch box trenches? Remember this: Lunch isn’t a democracy. At best it is a benevolent dictatorship. Face it, lunch packing is a pain in the butt. Between the shopping and the prepping and the packing, there is little […]


Gearing up for School Lunch Duty (Part 2)

Back-to-school season is barreling down upon us. And for kids who bring their lunches, shopping for supplies includes stocking up on the gear needed to pack safe and delicious lunches. Last week, I covered the basics of getting the goods you’ll need. You can find the full details here, but the short version is: lunch […]